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Dr. B.S. Bhatia Cardiologists (Heart Care)

Dr. B.S. Bhatia Cardiologist is One of the best cardiologists in Chandigarh, offering patient-focused care for about 33 years What is his credibility? The doctor is an MBBS, MD (in general medicine) from the AIIMS, New Delhi.  Currently, he serves as a general physician and cardiologist at Magnum Multi Speciality Hospital in Chandigarh and Bhatia […]

Dr. Santosh Kumar Urologist

Dr. Santosh Kumar is a Renowned urologist in Chandigarh with experience of around 28 years. Proof of pedigree:  MBBS, M.S, M. CH (in urology), F.R.C.S, and senior urologist at the PGIMER. On the same note, he is also a professor of the urology department at PGIMER. Alongside, he has various publications in urology. Nearly there […]

Dr. Anshumaan Kapoor Urologist

Dr. Anshumaan Kapoor(Urologist) is Another of the best urologist in Chandigarh delivered medical help from 2002. Proof of pedigree:  MBBS, MS, D.N.B (in urology) from MPUH, at Nadiad. In 2003, he was the first doctor to introduce the use of lazier in urology. Moreover,  he demonstrates surgeries across different states of India. The urologist has […]

Dr. Manoj Sharma Urologist- laparoscopic Urology

Dr. Manoj Sharma is one Who chooses comprehensive and compassionate care as the aim since 2005 Proof of pedigree: MBBS, MS, and M. CH from B.J. Medical College, Ahmedabad. To add more, he is a senior consultant urologist at Mayo Super Speciality Hospital in Chandigarh. He has conducted about 400 open urological surgeries and nearly […]

Dr. Anurag Sharma

Dr. Anurag Sharma is a highly qualified and experienced Cardiologist. He has over 20 years of experience in Cardiology. Dr. Anurag has completed his MBBS degree from a reputed medical institution. He is also the Associate Director of Paras Hospitals. Dr.Anurag specializes in dealing with patients with heart failure. He is very dedicated to treating […]

Dr. Aditya Sharma

Dr. Aditya Sharma is the widely renowned Ophthalmologist practicing in Chandigarh. He is known to deliver the best services with excellent care. Dr. Aditya aims to offer the best eye care services combining his expert knowledge and latest technology. He is committed to offering the best eye care treatment for his patients. Dr. Aditya is […]

Dr. Jaslovleen Kaur

Dr. Jaslovleen Kaur is an experienced Neurologist practicing in Chandigarh. She is also a specialist in Dementia and Movement disorders. Dr. Jaslovleen is a trained Neurologist from Dayanand Medical College and Hospital, Ludhiana. She has also acquired Movement disorder and Dementia training from NHNN, London. Dr. Jaslovleen holds expertise in treating Parkinson’s, Ataxia, Dystonias, Tremor. […]

Oral Health Tips with Dr. Shruti Panjrath | HF Doctors Talks With Alka

Welcome to another episode of HF Doctor’s Talk with Alka Tiwari. Today we are excited to introduce Dr. Shruti Panjrath from Dr. Shruti Dental & Implant Centre, Zirakpur. You can consult her and take an appointment at 79068-73504 or visit Dr. Shruti Dental & Implant Centre at DSS-21 Panchkula Shopping Complex, Opposite Opera Garden Adj. […]

Dr. Shruti Panjrath

Dr. Shruti Panjrath is among the renowned dentists in Zirakpur, Chandigarh. You can expect the best results for your oral health and dental care with Dr. Shruti. She possesses clear insight into the planning, evaluation and execution of various dental problems. She specializes in providing the best treatment for gum problems, root canal, cavities, tooth […]

What Health Issues Can An Ultrasound Scan Detect?

Whenever we hear about the term ultrasound, we generally think of the ultrasound done during pregnancy for producing the unborn child’s images. Ultrasound scans have so many purposes, they can detect plenty of health issues. In comparison to other scans, they are highly safe as ultrasounds use sound waves or echoes to create images of […]

Why should you consider undergoing Fibroscan?

When a liver test is recommended? A liver test is recommended When there is a need to monitor your liver for infections like hepatitis B and hepatitis C To evaluate how your liver is responding to a certain medication or if the health of your liver is compromised due to the side effects of the […]