Dr. Sonika Arora

Dr. Sonika Arora

Worked as an associate Consultant at BLK hospital, New Delhi.

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About Dr. Sonika Arora

Dr. Sonika Arora is one of the famous and adept plastic surgeons in Mohali. She is a hardworking and meticulous person who pays close attention to detail and is proficient enough to do all kinds of plastic surgery. She is acclaimed for using an artistic approach and consistently delivering natural-looking results that boost patients’ confidence and appearance.


  • Dr. Sonika Arora is specialized in hand surgery, nerve repair, vessel repair, dialysis fistula, hernia repair, abdominoplasty, breast surgery, gynecomastia brachial plexus injury, cleft lip and palate ear, nose and eyelid reconstruction, liposuction, and laser hair removal.
  • She has extensive experience in Burn wound management, Diabetic wound management, and Cosmetic surgery maxillofacial surgery.

Doctor Experience

  • Worked as an associate Consultant at BLK hospital, New Delhi.


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  • Calcium homeostasis comparison in thermal burn patients- early tangential excision and grafting versus conservative management at Indian Journal of Plastic Surgery.

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