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Frequently asked questions


What is a nephrologist?


Nephrologists are physicians that trained in internal medicine, internists, and then pursued additional training in kidney disease. Nephrologists help take care of patients with weak or failed kidneys. They are the only physicians trained to provide dialysis for kidney failure. Nephrologists also are part of the kidney transplant team though they don’t operate. To schedule an appointment, please call 7087084555.


What is GFR?


GFR stands for Glomerular Filtration Rate. It gives an estimate of the degree of kidney function. GFR is a very important value for all patients with CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease). Change in GFR is very crucial in the management of patients with CKD and therefore all patients should know their baseline GFR and stage of kidney disease.


Is there a special diet that is good for the kidneys?


Doctors often recommend a diet low in protein to help preserve kidney function, or a low-sodium diet to help lower blood pressure. If you have weak kidneys talk to your doctor before starting any diet.


What are the kidneys and what do they do?


The kidneys are essential organs that filter the blood in order to remove waste and regulate the various chemicals in the blood. In addition, the kidneys secrete hormones that regulate blood pressure, prevent anemia, and promote bone strength.


What diseases affect the kidneys?


The most common causes of kidney disease are hypertension and diabetes. These two diseases can affect every organ in the body. If not well controlled, either of these conditions can result in kidney failure and dialysis. Other diseases that attack multiple organs including the kidney are lupus, HIV and viral hepatitis.


What are the symptoms of kidney disease?


Symptoms can include blood in the urine or urine that is foamy, fatigue, high blood pressure, weight loss, ankle swelling from retained fluid, anemia, nausea or vomiting. Kidney disease is often silent until late in the course and after severe damage has occurred.


My doctor told me I have weak kidneys, how do they know that?


Kidney function is most commonly determined by measuring the level of creatinine in the blood. The kidneys clean the blood and creatinine is a waste product made by muscles. As kidney function decreases the level of creatinine rises. One way to look at it is to think about your house and garbage collection. If you live in a city with daily garbage collection, very little trash will accumulate in your house. If the city cuts garbage collection to once a week, the amount of garbage that accumulates in your house will rise. If they cut back to once a month the level will rise even further. Kidney function is like the frequency of garbage collection and the blood level of creatinine is the amount of trash that accumulates prior to garbage day. The higher the creatinine is, the weaker the lower the kidney function.


What can I do to protect my kidneys?


Stop smoking, maintain a healthy weight, and exercise. Talk to your doctor about ways to adjust your diet. Other important aspects of kidney therapy are careful regulation of blood pressure if you have hypertension, and tight control of your blood sugar if you are diabetic. To schedule an appointment, please call 708.708.4555.

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Nephrologist in Chandigarh

Nephrologist in Chandigarh

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