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Endocrinologist in Chandigarh

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Endocrinologist in Chandigarh

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Frequently asked questions


What is an endocrinologist and what do they do?


An endocrinologist is an internal medicine physician who completes two to three years of additional medical training specializing in the actions of hormones. Hormones are chemical signals made by the body, and endocrinologist specialize in diagnosing and treating medical problems that arise from either too much or too little hormone production by the body. By talking to and examining patients, endocrinologist can often tell if there is a “chemical” cause for a patient’s symptoms. The endocrinologist then performs blood tests to confirm this abnormality.


How long do I have to wait to be seen for the first time?


We try to schedule new patients based on severity of illness as soon as their schedules allow. However, there are times when sicker or more urgent patients are seen first. Our staff tries to schedule patients as soon as possible and will try to accommodate most patient’s needs.


What should I do if I cannot make my appointment and need to reschedule?


We understand that sometimes things come up and patients need to reschedule. Please be considerate of other patients and the doctor’s time and call as soon as possible to cancel and reschedule your appointment. We often have a waiting list of patients that need to be seen, and require reasonable notice to utilize these cancellation spots effectively.


I keep hearing about osteoporosis and weak bones in women. Should I see an endocrinologist?


Absolutely. Our bones and skeletal system are very complex and constantly changing, and endocrinologists specialize both in diagnosis and treatment of bone disorders such as osteopenia (weak bones), osteoporosis (more severe weak bones), and evaluation of patients with frequent bone fractures. Most fractures--including hip fractures--are often very preventable if weak bones are diagnosed and treated BEFORE a fracture occurs.


If I often feel fatigued or have problems with weight control, can an endocrinologist help me?


Yes, there are a number of medical conditions and hormonal disorders that can cause fatigue or weight problems. Seeing an endocrinologist may identify one of these disorders, or help exclude any serious medical problems that may be causing weight gain or fatigue. Most importantly, in certain cases there are medical treatments for weight gain and fatigue.

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Endocrinologist in Chandigarh

Endocrinologist in Chandigarh

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