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Frequently asked questions


Is CT Angiography painful?


CT Angiography is generally painless. These are a fast and easy procedure. This is done in a radiology lab which takes about 30 minutes and 2 hours. Though the scan is painless, an individual may experience some discomfort. As intravenous contrast material is used so you
will feel a pin prick when the needle is inserted into the blood vessel. Contrast medium can cause slight discomfort for a few seconds in the affected area. An individual may feel warm while the contrast is injected.


How to book an appointment for CT Angiography near me?


To book an appointment with the best diagnostic laboratory, get in touch with HealthFinder. It is a marketplace that is associated with a certified lab where the best CT Angiography is performed. We are partners with the best healthcare service provider. Book a lab that is certified as well as charge reliable prices. We offer online appointment for the comfort of the patient.


Why should I use HealthFinder?

A. can help you to cut your CT Angiography Scan cost upto 40%. You need not to wait for a long time in diagnostic centres for your turn. You can book appointments online through for best CT Angiography Scan centres. Also, we provide free pick & drop and consultation.


How CT Angiography is performed?


CT Angiography is mainly performed to check for narrowed or blocked arteries. This is a type of X-Ray examination that creates detailed and elaborated images of arteries i.e. blood vessels in which blood flows. In this procedure injecting a special dye which is known as contrast medium is used. This helps in showing any abnormalities inside the blood vessels. This leaves the body in the form of urine a few hours after the procedure. After the insertion of injection, blood vessels can be viewed and X-Ray images can be taken. Before inserting the catheter, local anesthesia is administered to numb the area around the insertion. A long, thin wire with smooth tip is inserted into the artery. When the guide wire is placed, the catheter can be inserted along the wire and into the blood vessel. As it is in, the guide wire is removed. The radiologist will be able to view the blood vessel on the monitor and a series of X-ray images are taken.


What is price of CT Angiography Scan in Chandigarh?


CT Angiography scans in Chandigarh starts from Rs.15500 but with HealthFinder you may get from Rs.12999 only. Price varies with type of study - Contrast or plain, part of body, and quality/technology - 1.5T or 3.0 T CT Angiography scan. We try to cut your CT Angiography cost upto 40%.


What are the important things to tell the doctor before the scan?


It is essential to tell the doctor if you are or maybe pregnant. It is also essential to tell about the allergies and the medical conditions an individual already have which includes asthma, diabetes, or any heart, kidney, or even thyroid problem. The doctor should be informed thoroughly about the medications consumed by the patient on daily basis. HealthFinder considers the safety and precautions of every patient by creating a friendly bond with patients to make them aware of all the essential things to be told to the doctor.


Is there any risk associated with CT angiography?


As medical science is advanced, the medical practitioners or lab technicians associated with HealthFinder who perform CT Angiography in Chandigarh won’t advise you if the benefits outweigh any possible risk. This lab test is not recommended in early pregnancy. The amount of the radiation an individual is exposed to depends on the number of pictures taken during the test and for the period an individual’s body part is examined. The patient may acquire an allergic reaction from the dye. The patient may experience nausea, sneezing, vomiting, itching, hives, and dizziness. At the site of injection, one can also observe infection, bleeding, or injury.


What are the uses of angiography?


Angiography is used for:

  • Locating any internal bleeding.
  • To examine the blood vessel in other vital organs such as kidneys, liver and aorta, arms, and legs.
  • Angiography detects blood clots.
  • This also detects abnormalities such as cancerous and non-cancerous tumors, cysts, and also congenital defects.
  • The best thing about angiography is to investigate an injury to an internal organ. The main use of this lab test is to decide whether surgery is an appropriate treatment or not. This mainly helps in planning surgery.

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CT Angiography Scan in Chandigarh

CT Angiography Scan in Chandigarh

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