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Best Hair Transplant in Chandigarh

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Hair Transplant in Chandigarh

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Frequently asked questions


What is Hair Transplantation?


Rearrangement and Redistribution of existing Live Hair Roots from Donor Area to Recipient (Bald) Area is called Hair Transplantation. It is a simple, superficial Procedure in which hair from the Donor Area is excised , slivered , dissected and implanted on to the Recipient ( Bald) Area under strict aseptic conditions.


Are there any medical contraindications for Hair Transplant?


"Even diabetics and hypertensives can safely undergo this procedure provided the conditions are under control. Those who have abnormal bleeding tendencies, with prosthetic heart valves (post cardiac surgeries) are not suggested for HT.People suffering with debilitating condition like kidney or liver failure or malignancy are not suitable for HT."


Are there any side effects with HT? Is it painful?


"Absolutely no major side effects are recorded so far. Its a superficial procedure which extends up to 3 to 4 mm depth of scalp (depending on the length of grafts). At the time of Anastasia, Very minimal appreciation of pain may be experienced up to 30 to 40 seconds only. We use very fine needles (insulin syringes) with cold compresses and vibration techniques to minimize it further."


Does hair transplant really work?


"Yes, the latest advancements in the field of hair transplantation made it a gold standard in the field of Hair Restoration. The salient features of hair transplantation are:
1. Transplanted hair remains for life.
2. No maintenance therapy required for transplanted hair to grow.
3. The restored hair looks natural both in orientation and density giving a completely undetectable transplant in the hands of an able surgeon."


Will Hair Transplant Results Look Natural?


Hair transplant surgery, It look so natural that nobody will be able to find out that you’ve got the treatment. You should know that the skills and techniques of different surgeons vary and so do their results. To make sure that you get the best results from your surgery, you need to visit Harleys Hair Transplant clinic, which is renowned for its world-class services and results.


Is Hair Transplant Surgery Painful?


In the donor and recipient areas, the patients will be given local anaesthesia. Almost every patient has reported that they didn’t feel any pain or discomfort during the surgery. However, after the surgery, there might be some numbness and swelling in the treated area, also some mild discomfort. This numbness, swelling and discomfort will subside soon. You’ll be surprised to see that how less painful this surgery is.


How Many Grafts Will Be Required?


The exact number of grafts required for your treatment is determined only by the level of hair loss you’ve experienced, and how full you want your hair to be.

Best Hair Transplant in Chandigarh





Hair Transplant in Chandigarh

Hair Transplant in Chandigarh

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