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FAQs for 2D Echo


How is 2D Echo performed?


2D Echo is a quick and painless procedure. This procedure is performed as the patient is made to change in front open robe cloth. As soon as the patient lie down on the examination bed after opening the clothes from the waist up. The doctor injects a saline solution or dye into the veins. This helps in the formation of clearer pictures of the heart on the screen. Soft, sticky patches called electrodes are attached to various places on the chest to monitor the heart’s electrical activity.

Some colorless gel is applied to the chest area to conduct 2D Echo. This gel functions soar waves to reach the heart. A transducer is a handheld device that is then moved over the area on which the gel is applied in order to get clear images of the heart on the screen. The screen helps convert the echoes from the transducer into pictures of the heart. The gel is finally wiped off after the test is completed. This test is mainly performed to detect any abnormalities in the heart’s functioning. This test is performed within 15 minutes to half an hour. If the technician or cardiologist detects any heart problem, the time span may increase.


How to prepare for an 2D Echo?


The Team of HealthFinder contacts with the patient and passes all the instructions regarding the tests. The doctor may ask the patient to refrain from eating for at least a few hours before the test. Inform the doctor if you are or may be pregnant. The patient will be informed if the test is conducted in conjunction with the TMT stress test. The patient must inform the doctor if they have a pacemaker. All the important instructions will be told to the patient so that the results of the tests are clear and effective.


What will happen during and after the 2D Echo?


After 2D Echo, the patient can resume normal activities. 2D Echos usually have no side effects. If the patient is injected with a contrast medium before 2D Echo, the patient is suggested to drink plenty of fluids to help flush out of the body. If the patient experiences pain, swelling, or redness at the injection site consult a doctor. HealthFinder has a list of the diagnostic lab that perform 2D Echo in Tricity. These diagnostic labs provide better assistance to patients.


Is there any risk associated with 2D Echo?


Most patients worry that 2D Echos aren’t safe because radiation exposure can cause cell mutations which can lead to cancer. The amount of radiation an individual is exposed during 2D Echo depends on tissue or organ being examined. The sensitivity to radiation depends on age, with children being more sensitive than adults. Radiation exposure from 2D Echo is low but the benefits of this test outweigh the risks. The risk of this diagnostic 2D Echo to an unborn baby is small but the doctor would generally recommend some other test for the safety of the unborn baby. HealthFinder has partnered with diagnostic labs that have safe technology and decreases the risk of the 2D Echo test.


What are the benefits of 2D Echo?


2D Echo test has many benefits. This helps in making sure that the patient’s heart functions well and there is no abnormality. If you are looking for 2D Echo Test centre in Chandigarh get in touch with HealthFinder. We are associated with the best diagnostic labs that offer the best service and assistance to patients. The benefit of 2D Echo test is:

  • 2D Echo test helps in identifying the blood clots in the heart.
  • 2D Echo helps in spotting the presence of any fluid in the sac around the heart.
  • This helps in determining the presence of aneurysm, atherosclerosis, or blockage in the artery which can be due to fat accumulation.
  • This test is very helpful in the identification of problems with aorta which is considered as the main artery connecting the heart.
  • Q.

    Who interprets the results and how do I get them?


    As soon as the test is performed i.e. the technician has obtained images, it usually takes about 20 to 30 minutes to get the reports. The cardiologist reviews the images and information about the results. If the results are abnormal then it can be due to damage to the heart muscle, heart defect, abnormal cardiac chamber size, stiffness of heart, a valve problem, or clots in the heart.


    2D Echo Price In Chandigarh?


    An 2D Echo in Chandigarh can cost from Rs.3000. At diagnostic centres HealthFinder is associated with, an 2D Echo will cost you from Rs.2000.

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