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FAQs for Allergy test


Why choose HealthFinder for the Allergy test in Chandigarh?


HealthFinder associated officials have partnered with professionals who have the best technology and pricing. We are associated with high-quality diagnostic labs or hospitals which have fully automated labs where allergy test in Chandigarh is performed. Diagnostic services are on top which helps in determining the root cause of every problem.

With advanced technology, the equipment we have become a reliable source in the whole of Chandigarh. On the detection of any problem, our team of HealthFinder helps the patient in consulting with the best doctors around the city so as to seek reliable treatment. We put all the main mandatory things which are ensured to put the patient at the centre of care. Book your appointment online smoothly with us and get a free consultation at a huge discount.


  • Allergy tests help to find allergies to things an individual consumes, touch, or breathe in. Allergy is a hypersensitivity disorder of immune system responses. Allergic reactions occur when a person’s immune system reacts to a normally harmless substance in the environment. Allergies affect millions of people. Allergy tests help in developing an allergy treatment plan which includes allergen avoidance, medication, and allergy shots.

  • Allergy skin tests help in diagnosing condition which includes Hay fever, allergic asthma, dermatitis, food allergies, penicillin allergy, bee venom allergy. These tests help in diagnosing severe eczema or psoriasis

  • Allergy blood testing is performed if you cannot tolerate the needle scratches. individuals who are consuming medicines.

  • Food allergy testing helps in finding the true allergy of a person who is sensitive to food. Food allergy affects organs throughout the body. Symptoms of food allergies are mostly limited to digestive problems such as abdominal pain, nausea, and diarrhea.

  • Allergy tests involve exposing the individual to a small amount of particular allergen and recording the reaction.

What types of allergens are there?


Substances that cause an allergic reaction are allergens. Inhaled allergens, ingested allergens, and contact allergens. Inhaled allergens affect the body when they come in contact with the lungs or membranes of nostrils. Ingested allergens are in food items such as peanuts, soy, and seafood. Contact allergens happen when they come in contact with the skin to produce a reaction.


How allergy testing is performed?


Allergy tests involve either skin test or blood test. Before the test elimination of diet is done if the doctor thinks the patient has a food allergy. In all allergy test centre in Tricity, different procedure is followed for diagnosing the different type of allergy.

Skin tests:
This is used to identify numerous potential allergens. Skin tests help in detecting airborne, food- related, and contact allergens. This is used to evaluate environmental or seasonal allergies, stinging insect allergy. During skin testing, the suspected allergen is placed on the skin and the results are obtained 15 minutes later. Skin test for allergy is performed in two ways i.e. prick skin testing and intradermal skin testing. In prick skin testing, solutions containing suspected allergens are placed on the skin using a pricking device. Intradermal skin testing involves solutions containing suspected allergens to be placed underneath the surface of the skin using a needle. Another form of skin test is a patch test which involves using adhesive patches loaded with suspected allergens and placing on the skin. The patches are reviewed at 48 hours after the application and again after 72 hours.

Blood tests:
The blood test is also used in identifying allergies. Some patients require blood tests called specific IgE tests to complete the allergy evaluation. These are obtained in some situations where allergy skin testing does not give proper results. This is required when the patient cannot discontinue antihistamines or certain other medications. Patients with a condition called dermatographism or patients with skin rashes or lesions. Blood tests help in investigating certain other disorders of the immune system which include angioedema and other primary immunodeficiency disorder.

Food test:
This allergy test is performed for selective individuals in order to confirm a food allergy or to determine if they can tolerate food which they are avoiding. Small doses of food are given to a patient. Each dose is followed by a period of observation and assessment prior to receiving the next dosed. Due to the risk of developing an adverse reaction, food challenges are performed under physician supervision.

How to prepare for allergy testing?


Our highly trained and professional staff of HealthFinder seeks all the information about the patient and consult them and hence provide them with all the instruction which they must have. Before the test, the doctor may ask the patient about the lifestyle, family history, and many other things. Consumption of medicines before the allergy test must be stoped as it can affect the test results. In order to prepare for the allergy test, follow all the instructions. Before the test brings a list of all the medicines and the prescription and over the counter medications. They suppression allergic reaction preventing from providing accurate results. Medicines which interfere with the results include prescribed antihistamines, over the counter antihistamines, tricyclic antidepressants, certain heartburn medication, asthma medication omalizumab.


Is there any risk to the test?


The food allergy test can cause a severe allergic reaction but it must be performed under the supervision of an allergist. Skin prick test can bother the skin. If an individual observes that the skin is itchy or irritated after the test, the allergist or doctor may prescribe medicines to relieve the symptoms. A skin test can cause severe reactions. There is very little to no risk during the blood test. You may experience slight pain or bruise at the spot where the needle was inserted. Allergy tests can result in mild itching, redness, or swelling of the skin. These symptoms clear up within hours of the test.


What do the results mean?


HealthFinder is associated with the best diagnostic centres who have the best staff which guides the patient and provides reports as quickly as possible. Once the doctor has determined which allergen is causing the symptoms, our team helps the patient in consulting with the best allergist to come up with a plan of treatment for avoiding them. The doctor will suggest medications that ease the symptoms. The results of the skin prick test can be attained instantly but for a patch test, it may take up to several days. A positive skin test means that they may be allergic to a particular substance.

The team of HealthFinder connects the patient with the best healthcare service provider who acts according to a different allergy treatment plan which may include medications, immunotherapy, and changes to work or home environment or dietary changes. With these test results, it is very helpful to identify the allergens and a treatment plan to control them. Our team helps the patient in consulting with the best doctors around the city so as to seek the best treatment. Allergy test cost in Chandigarh depends on the type of test and its procedure and the diagnostic lab also. We provide services that are customer-focused in order to provide the patient with comfort and satisfaction. All the main mandatory things are ensured which puts the patients at the center of care. We are just a call away in booking your appointment online at an affordable price.

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