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FAQs for Color Doppler


Why choose HealthFinder for the Color Doppler in Chandigarh?


HealthFinder associated officials have partnered with professionals who have the best technology and pricing. We are associated with high-quality diagnostic labs or hospitals which have fully automated labs where Color Doppler in Chandigarh is performed. Diagnostic services are on top which helps in determining the root cause of every problem.

With advanced technology, the equipment we have become a reliable source in the whole of Chandigarh. On the detection of any problem, our team of HealthFinder helps the patient in consulting with the best doctors around the city so as to seek reliable treatment.

We put all the main mandatory things which are ensured to put HealthFinder is connected with the best healthcare service provider in the city who works in the direction of providing smooth and easy online appointment. HealthFinder provides a list of best Color Doppler test centre in Tricity. If you are looking for a reliable diagnostic centre for Color Doppler test consult the highly trained team of HealthFinder. We offer a huge discount and free consultation in every nearby diagnostic centre.

HealthFinder has professional staff who are highly capable and efficient. HealthFinder is well known for having amiable staff who performs the Color Doppler test in Chandigarh. We are a new name in the healthcare industry which is only associated with certified labs where all types of scans and lab tests are performed. We ensure that we provide the best services to the patients. Color Doppler test is procured and is very reliable. We ensure that the reports are released within 24 hours so that the patient doesn’t wait for too long to seek the reports and the treatment.


Doppler test is usually performed if the patient shows any symptom or sign of decreased blood flow in the arteries or vein of legs, arm, or neck. Reduced blood flow can occur due to blockage in the artery, a blood clot inside the blood vessel or any injury is caused to the blood vessel. This test is performed for the following reasons:

  • To test for deep vein thrombosis, a condition where blood clots are formed in vein deeps in the body. This is a serious problem that can be like a clot in the lungs. This is a life- threatening situation.
  • To check blood flow in veins, arteries, and heart.
  • Look for narrowed or blocked arteries.
  • To show the blood flows after treatment.
  • Checks the heart function. This is done along with ECG, which measures electrical signals in the heart.
  • Checks for the blood vessel damage and for defects in the structure of the heart.
  • To check for the narrowing of blood vessels. Narrowed arteries can cause peripheral arterial disease.
  • To monitor blood flow after surgery.
  • This also checks for normal blood flow in pregnant woman and her unborn baby.
  • To determine blood pressures within the arteries.

How is this performed?


Color Doppler test is a test that is performed to see how blood moves through the arteries and veins. This test combines traditional ultrasound with Doppler ultrasonography. This uses sound waves that are bounced off from blood vessels to create pictures. In this, the sound waves are reflected off from blood. Color Doppler ultrasound can be used as a part of a blood flow study. This is a pain-free production. During the test, the patient will lie on the bed usually on the back. The technician will rub a water-soluble gel on the handheld device called transducer which directs high- frequency sound waves into the arteries or veins.

To examine the arteries, the technician will administer the test which may place blood pressure cuffs around different body parts. The cuffs will generally be applied to the thigh, calf, ankle, or different points. These will help in comparing blood pressure in different parts of the leg or arm. The result images are created as the transducer is pressed on the skin and is moved on the arm or leg. This sends sound waves through the skin and other body tissues to blood vessels. The sound waves echo off the blood vessels and send the information to the screen and are recorded.

The screen will show graphs or pictures which depict the flow of blood through arteries and veins. The handheld device will be moved to different areas for comparison. During the procedure, the technician will look for the narrowing of blood vessels. This condition can cause skin discoloration or pain when the patient walks or rest and ulcers on foot and ankle. The whole procedure lasts for about 30 to 45 minutes.


What happens after the test?


There are no specific instructions after the Color Doppler test. The patient must resume all the normal activities unless special instruction is passed to the patient. This test may be an alternative to a more invasive procedure that involves injecting dyes into blood vessels.


How do you prepare for the test?


The team of HealthFinder speaks to the patient before a day to the test. This conversation helps the patient in knowing everything about the procedure and how the patient has to do before the procedure. The patient must wear loose-fitting clothes to the test.

The patient must also remove all the jewelry or metal objects. If this test is performed for the belly then the doctor may ask the patient to refrain from eating for at least 6 to 12 hours before the test. Patients must avoid cigarettes and other products that have nicotine for at least two hours before the test. Nicotine can cause the blood vessels to narrow and this can hamper the results. All these instructions are told by the healthcare service provider to the patient for better assistance and for attaining the best results.

All the Color Doppler test centre in Chandigarh associated with HealthFinder provides effective instructions to the patient for safe and secured testing.


Is there any risk associated with the treatment?


Color Doppler test is a risk-free and painless procedure with little preparation. Color Doppler test helps in checking for issues that could impede blood flow. This test is safe, painless, and does not involve radiation.


Who interprets the results and what does it mean?


The images obtained from the Color Doppler test will tell what the results are. The doctor will show how blood flows. If the results obtained from the results are not normal then the individual may be having blockage or clot in the artery. Abnormal results can be due to narrowed blood vessels or blood flow. Abnormal results can also be due to balloon-like bulges in the artery. Stretched and thin arteries can be depicted in the results. The results will depend on the area of the body being tested. This test may help the doctor to check for injuries to the arteries or to monitor certain treatments of vein or arteries. Normal test results indicate that there is no narrowing or blockage in the artery. Normal results show that blood pressure in the artery is normal.

HealthFinder has a team of highly professional staff who keeps total transparency with the patient so that if there is any abnormality, the patient can seek the help of consultation and seek treatment. Healthcare professionals make the use of the Color Doppler test to examine internal structures. The results of the Color Doppler test determine the health of veins and arteries. The Color Doppler test cost in Chandigarh depends on the treated area and the technique involved in the procedure. HealthFinder assists the patients with a list of highly professional diagnostic labs and centers that help the patient at a reasonable price. All the diagnostic labs are well equipped and are run by well- trained professionals. We are associated with the healthcare service provider who has well- equipped machines that show proper analysis and the problem of the patient. HealthFinder is the fastest growing and advanced platform with best in class diagnostic equipment that offers high- quality services.

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