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Frequently asked questions


How is Electroencephalogram (ECG) performed?


ECG is an outpatient procedure. Electroencephalogram measures electrical impulses in the brain with the help of several electrodes that are attached to the scalp. This is a conductor through which electric current enters or leaves the brain. This transfers information from the brain to the machine that is used for measuring and recording the data. This test is performed at highly well-equipped labs. HealthFinder has the best ECG test centre in Chandigarh on its list.
We offer you the opportunity to book the diagnostic lab which is near to you and has advanced technology. The patient will be asked to lie down on the back in the reclining chair or bed. The technician will then measure the head and mark the place where electrodes have to be placed. These spots are scrubbed or rubbed with a special cream that helps the electrodes in getting a high-quality reading. Atleast 16 to 25 electrodes are put and are attached to them to spots on the scalp. As soon as the test begins, the electrodes send electrical impulse data from the brain to the recording machine.
This machine converts electrical impulses into visual patterns which appear as a result of the test on screen. During the test, the technician may ask the patient to do certain things. They may ask the patient to lie still, close the eyes, breathe deeply, or look at flashing light or picture. This test is also evaluated for sleep disorder then Electroencephalogram is performed when the patient is asleep. In this 24 hours prolonged monitoring is required.
After the test is complete, the technician will remove all the electrodes from the scalp. During the test, the technician will pass very little electricity between the electrodes and the skin so no discomfort is experienced. 24 hour-long ECG is performed to capture seizure activity. This shows the abnormalities even if the seizure does not occur during the test.


What happens after ECG test?


As soon as the test is completed, the electrodes are removed and the gel is washed off with warm water, acetone, or witch hazel. The doctor may ask the patient to wash the hair again. If the doctor has asked to take any sedatives before the test then the patient must wait until the effect of sedatives is worn off. Patient may experience skin irritation or redness at places where electrodes are placed. After the test, the patient can resume all the medications which were strictly prohibited before the test. There is no downtime associated with this test. The patient can return back to the normal routine.


How do you prepare for the ECG test?


The team of HealthFinder connects with the patient prior a day to the test so that the patient follows all the instructions and during the test optimum results can be achieved. All the instructions must be followed minutely so that clear images can be formed on the screen. To prepare for the test follow the instructions:

  • Avoid the consumption of caffeine for atleast 8 to 12 hours before the test as it can hamper the test results.
  • Inform about the medications the patient is consuming and on the advice of the doctor, the patient can consume the medicines but it is highly advised that the patient must discontinue the use of medicines as they can interfere with the results of the test.
  • Wash your hair a night prior to the test but avoid the use of conditioners, hair creams, and other styling gels. Hair products make it harder for the sticky patches to hold the electrodes
  • to the scalp. If the patient is wearing extensions which involve the use of glue must be removed.
  • If the patient is supposed to sleep during the test, the doctor might advise you to sleep less or avoid sleep a night before the test.
  • Avoid fasting the night before or on the day of the test as low blood sugar can influence the result.


Is there any risk associated with ECG?


There is no risk associated with ECG. This test is considered totally safe and painless. This test does not cause any discomfort. The electrodes function as recording the activity of the brain. They do not produce any sensation. There is no risk of getting an electric shock. In some cases, ECG can cause a seizure in a person with a seizure disorder. This can occur due to flashing lights which are involved in the test. If the patient get seizure, the technician and the neurologist will treat it immediately.


Will you charge anything from us?


No. HealthFinder's services are entirely free to the public. You don’t have to pay anything.


What does ECG test results mean?


The results of ECG are interpreted by the highly professional neurologist who is specialized in studying the nervous system disorders. For normal results, electrical activity in the brain appears in ECG as a normal pattern of waves. Different levels of waves are recorded. The waves pattern move faster when the patient is awake than sleeping. This test shows normal results if the frequency of waves or pattern is normal. If the technician finds any abnormality during the test it can be due to epilepsy, abnormal bleeding, sleep disorder, swelling in the brain, tumor, dead tissue, migraine, or any head injury.

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ECG Scan in Chandigarh

ECG Scan in Chandigarh

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