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FAQs for FibroScan


Why choose HealthFinder for the FibroScan in Chandigarh?


HealthFinder has a clear mission of providing good health for all. Book FibroScan test centre in Tricity with HealthFinder at huge discounts, free consultations, and advanced healthcare services. Patients can avail of the benefit of advanced services by maintaining the full comfort of patients. We offer better treatment and patient care, high-quality diagnostics which are highly beneficial for patients. HealthFinder provides smooth and easy booking for the FibroScan test in Chandigarh.

We offer a comprheneisve and vast range of scans. The diagnostic labs associated with us are well equipped with a unique state of the art technology. HealthFinder assures the best services of health checkups at a reasonable price. We are one of the fastest and convenient ways to book an online appointment. We provide opportunities to patients to book scanning tests at the top medical specialty and medical centres in Chandigarh.


FibroScan is a non-invasive diagnostic ultrasound-based device that is used in measuring liver scarring or fibrosis which are caused by different main liver diseases. This is a quick test that provides a non-surgical alternative to a traditional liver biopsy which is helpful in assessing liver damage. Fibroscan is a great, non-invasive alternative to liver biopsy. This procedure does not involve any needles or other uncomfortable tools. FibroScan measures the stiffness of the liver to help determine the degree of scarring. The liver is a complicated part of the body. Fibroscan is used in addition to other medical exams such as ultrasound or MRI. The main purpose why this is recommended is following chronic liver conditions which involve:/p>

  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis
  • Alcoholic liver disease
  • Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis
  • Autoimmune hepatitis
  • Genetic disease such as hemochromatosis and Wilson’s disease
  • Liver cirrhosis
  • Fibroscan measures the amount of fibrosis which is thickening or scarring of tissues in the liver.
  • This test can be used alone or with other tests such as biopsy, blood tests, ultrasound to see how the scarring is there on the liver.
  • To estimate the existing degree of liver damage.
  • Monitor disease progression
  • Guide prognosis and the management including treatment.

How is the FibroScan test performed?


FFibroScan is a non-invasive test that is performed at the point of care. There is no pain and no sedation is required. FibroScan is a useful test for every patient who wishes to diagnose the stage liver fibrosis. FibroScan has been used not only to measure liver fibrosis but also to evaluate patients with portal hypertension. This test helps to assess the recurrence of disease following liver transplantation and to predict survival in patients with liver disease. This technology is being used to evaluate patients with breast cancer, prostate cancer, and other diseases in which fibrosis plays an important role. The procedure of FibroScan takes place very calmly.

The liver is located in the right upper abdomen under the rib cage. The technician may ask the patient to lie flat on the examination table. The technician places the FibroScan probe between the ribs on the right side of the lower chest wall. The patient may feel a gentle flick each time a vibration wave is generated by the probe. These are a series of painless pulses that are applied to the liver.

The result is recorded on the equipment and overall liver stiffness score is generated. This is then interpreted by a liver specialist to predict the likelihood of advanced fibrosis or cirrhosis. FibroScan is an outpatient procedure with no downtime associated with it. This means that the patient can return to the normal routine as soon as the test is done. No restriction is imposed on the patient post-procedure.


How do you prepare for the procedure?


Our team of HealthFinder connects with the patient before the treatment and provides them with effective instructions that help them in delivering efficient results. The patient must inform the staff and doctor about the medicines one is consuming. The patient must wear loose clothing and must lie flat on the exam bed for 10 minutes while the whole procedure takes place. Patients are asked not to consume any liquids or solids for a minimum of 3 hours before the test. The patient must refrain from eating for at least 2 hours before the test.

This increases the likelihood of obtaining reliable test results. FibroScan typically takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete but patients must plan on being in the diagnostic centre for about 30 minutes to allow for preparation. FibroScan in Chandigarh is performed by a highly qualified and trained professional which do a deep analysis of the liver. The patient must plan to arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled time. This test requires no sedation of any kind.


What is the risk associated with FibroScan?


FibroScan test is a non-invasive, simple, and painless procedure that takes about 10 minutes to complete. Patients with chronic liver disease can be assessed. This test is not recommended in patients with:

  • The patient who has fluid in the abdomen
  • Acute hepatitis
  • Heart failure
  • Severe obesity
  • Small rib spaces
  • Patients who are not able to lie flat

What patients must keep in mind while undergoing FibroScan?


The results of FibroScan plays an important role in the diagnosis of the liver problem. The following things may cause fibrosis to be overestimated i.e. the liver may have less scaring than the fibrosis results shows:

There are some factors which can interfere with the results:
  • Liver inflammation is caused by recent illness or due to alcohol consumption./li>
  • Benign or cancerous tumors in the liver./li>
  • Liver bloating related to a heart condition.

Who interprets the results?


Our healthcare provider will talk about the results to the patient. We offer a free consultation at huge discounts and reliable services. Our team explains the FibroScan results in more detail including how the healthcare service provider uses the results to determine the steatosis grade and fibrosis score. FibroScan results are provided instantly after the test. Most imaging centers use 5 point scoring system to grade the degree of liver fibrosis.

A fibrosis result is measured in KiloPascal’s ranging from 2 to 75 KPa. Between 2 and 6KPa is considered a normal liver. The average normal result range is 5.3KPa. Beyond this is typically indicates liver disease. Between 90–95% of healthy people without the liver disease have a liver scarring measurement <7.0 kPa. The interpretation of readings may vary depending on the liver disease aetiology. Interpretation of results is best performed in conjunction with other clinical methods. This is ideally done by someone who is experienced in managing chronic liver disease.

HealthFinder has a team of highly professional staff who keeps total transparency with the patient so that if there is any abnormality, the patient can seek the help of consultation and seek treatment. Healthcare professionals make the use of the FibroScan test to examine internal structures. The results of the FibroScan test determine the health of veins and arteries. The FibroScan test cost in Chandigarh depends on the treated area and the technique involved in the procedure. HealthFinder assists the patients with a list of highly professional diagnostic labs and centers that help the patient at a reasonable price. All the diagnostic labs are well equipped and are run by well- trained professionals. We are associated with the healthcare service provider who has well- equipped machines that show proper analysis and the problem of the patient. HealthFinder is the fastest growing and advanced platform with best in class diagnostic equipment that offers high- quality services.

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