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FAQs for Holter


Why choose HealthFinder for the Holter in Chandigarh?


HealthFinder is a new name in the healthcare industry that is associated with the highly professional healthcare service provider in Chandigarh whose main motive is to provide comfort to the patient and a reliable treatment upon the diagnosis of the problem. HealthFinder is a marketplace which is associated with certified labs where various types of scans and test are performed. HealthFinder has professional staff who are highly capable and efficient.

We are focused on serving all the best comforts to the patients. The team of HealthFinder ensures the accuracy of reports and results as they connect with the patient before the test so as the results are highly accurate and one can do a proper diagnosis. HealthFinder has all the diagnostic centres in its list who have well-equipped machines which help in showing proper analysis and the problem of patients. We offer the opportunity of booking an online appointment with the best Holter test centre in Chandigarh near to their location. We even provide services at huge discounts.


Holter monitoring is mainly performed to determine how the heart responds to normal activity. This monitor is used mainly in the following conditions:

    After a heart attack:
  • Diagnose heart rhythm problems that may be causing symptoms such as palpitations or syncope.
  • When starting a new heart medicine.
  • To look for other abnormalities that may affect the normal heart function.
  • Electrodes placed on the chest helps in checking the heart’s rhythm
  • Holter monitor lets the doctor inform how the heart functions on a long term basis.
  • If the patient shows signs and symptoms that the patient has occasional irregular heart rhythm
  • When the ECG is not able to detect any irregularity in heart rhythm, the Holter monitor test is performed.
  • To evaluate chest pain that can't be reproduced with exercise testing

How is the Holter test performed?


Holter Monitor is a small device that is slightly larger than a deck of a playing card. This is a painless and non-invasive procedure. This device continuously records the heart’s electrical activity for atleast 24 to 48 hours. The new model can even record up to 2 weeks. Several leads or electrodes are attached to the monitor. The leads connect to electrodes are placed on the skin of the chest with a glue-like gel. These electrodes conduct the heart’s activity through the wires and are recorded in the Holter monitor.

This small pouch is worn around the neck which holds the monitor. It is highly important to keep the monitor close to the heart during the testing phase so as to ensure that readings are accurate. The doctor can also teach you how to reattach the electrodes if they become loose or fall off. All the instructions will be provided by the doctor which will tell how to take care of the monitor and what one must avoid while wearing it.

The patient must avoid bathing, showering, and swimming while wearing a monitor. The patient can do all the normal activity during the 24 hour Holter test. The doctor may also ask you to record the activities. This helps in better determining the heart activity related to behavior and movements. This painless test is very effective. During the test, the patient must keep a record of any chest pain, rapid heartbeat, or other cardiac symptoms during the testing phase.


What happens after the Holter test?


As soon as the monitoring period is over, the patient will have to return the device to the doctor’s office along with the record of the activities performed in the whole day. The doctor will compare the data from the recorder and the activities and the symptoms of the details provided by the patient.


How to prepare for the test?


The team of HealthFinder connects with the patients before the test. HealthFinder is associated with the best Holter test centre in Tricity which has a team of highly trained and professional staff. The patient must inform the technician if she is or may be pregnant. Inform about all the medication one is consuming. The healthcare provider in the diagnostic centre will explain the procedure to the patient. The patient must refrain from fasting (not eat or drink). Based on the medical condition, the healthcare provider may request to prepare accordingly. The device will be placed during the appointment. The patient must bathe before the appointment because the most monitor cannot be removed and must be kept dry once monitoring begins.

The technician will place electrodes that can sense the heartbeat on the chest. For many men, a small amount of hair has to be shaved where electrodes are placed. The technician will then connect the electrode to the recording device with different wires. The doctor may also instruct the patient to maintain a dairy. All the instructions must be followed as this is a long process.


Is there any risk associated with the Holter monitoring test?


Holter monitor has no risk and even does not cause any pain. Holter monitors have wires that connect to electrodes which are attached to the chest. These electrodes are attached with tape or certain adhesives which can cause mild skin irritation or some allergy also. Risks associated with Holter monitoring are rare. Sometimes it can be hard to keep the electrodes stuck to the skin so extra tape is required. This can be extremely uncomfortable. There can be other risks also which depend on the specific medical condition.

There are some factors which can interfere with the results:
  • Proximity to magnets, metal detectors, and other electrical appliances such as shavers, toothbrushes. A mobile phone can also hamper the result.
  • Smoking or consumption of other forms of tobacco.
  • Certain medicines
  • Excessive sweating may cause the electrodes to loosen or can even come off.

Who interprets the results?


HealthFinder is associated with the best staff who examines and determines the diagnosis properly and provides accurate results. After the testing phase has passed, the patient must return to the doctor’s office to have the monitor removed. The doctor will analyze the results. Depending on the results of the test, the patient may need to undergo further testing. This test reveals that the medicines aren’t working or the dosage needs to be altered if the patient is already taking medications for abnormal heart rhythm.

This test is especially useful in detecting abnormal heart rhythm which is painless. This test also determines that the heart is not getting enough oxygen. The Holter monitor may reveal any underlying heart condition, new symptom, and even potential triggers. This may also help to show the problems which are caused by medication. For this test, the patient must wait for at least a week to get a proper analysis of the test. As soon as the diagnosis is done if any symptom is found that the patient must consult with a doctor and must follow the treatment plan by adjusting the dosage or by changing the medication. This monitor displays the heart trace in a graph which helps in possible diagnosis of heart conditions.

HealthFinder has a team of highly professional staff who keeps total transparency with the patient so that if there is any abnormality, the patient can seek the help of consultation and seek treatment. Healthcare professionals make the use of the Holter test to examine internal structures. The results of the Holter test determine the health of veins and arteries. The Holter test cost in Chandigarh depends on the treated area and the technique involved in the procedure. HealthFinder assists the patients with a list of highly professional diagnostic labs and centers that help the patient at a reasonable price. All the diagnostic labs are well equipped and are run by well- trained professionals. We are associated with the healthcare service provider who has well- equipped machines that show proper analysis and the problem of the patient. HealthFinder is the fastest growing and advanced platform with best in class diagnostic equipment that offers high- quality services.

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