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FAQs for HSG Test


How does the procedure work?


The woman is positioned under the fluoroscope on the table. Speculum, a metal instrument is used to dilate an orifice in the body which is inserted into the vagina to hold vaginal walls far for viewing the cervix. The cervix is then cleaned of germs or mucus. The upper apex of the cervix may be numbed due to the effect of anesthesia to provide relief from pain.

A sharp pinch or collision is done. A device called a cannula is placed into the opening of the cervix. The doctor fills the uterus with a liquid containing iodine through the cannula. This contrast will be observed as white on the image and shows the contour of the uterus as liquid travels from cannula into the uterus and also through fallopian tubes.

As it enters the tubes, it outlines the length of tubes and spills out their ends if they are open. The doctor can detect any abnormality inside the uterine cavity by seeing the X-Ray images when the fluid movement is disrupted by abnormality. This procedure is not designed to evaluate the ovaries.

Side view of the uterus can be viewed by having the woman change her position on the table. To find the HSG test price in Chandigarh get in touch with HealthFinder.


Safety tips prior to HSG test:


HealthFinder team is concerned about the health of the patient, so we inform the patient about all the healthy safety tips to be followed before HSG test. These tests include:

  • The patient must inform about the allergies or any adverse reaction to medications.
  • Bring all the list of medications you are consuming. Patients must tell the doctor if they consume any blood-thinning medications.

How to prepare for the test?


  • The test must take place on days 7-10 after the beginning of last menstrual bleeding.
  • TThe screening form must be filled so that the doctor can assess all the details.
  • T After the procedure, the patient may experience vaginal spotting and pelvic cramps for one day.


Is this procedure uncomfortable?


HSG test causes mild or moderate uterine cramping for about a few minutes. In very rare case, it is observed that some women can experience pain for several hours. This can be reduced by taking medicines used for menstrual cramps.


What happens with the results?


If the tubes of the patient are blocked, the doctor will likely recommend either surgical procedure to view the tubes or to bypass the tubes and perform IVF. The decision will be taken after proper analysis of the reports.

HealthFinder maintains total transparency and helps the patient to consult the best gynecologist. HealthFinder is a marketplace that prefers the comfort of the patient on the top. We make online booking easy and fast at a reasonable price. We provide various discounts and free consultation. We help our patients provide with online reports within 24 hours. Our main motto is to maintain the confidentiality of the patient. Our team makes a smooth ongoing process for the patients. Seek the service of the best HSG test centre in Chandigarh at a huge discount with us.

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