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FAQs for NCV Test


Why choose HealthFinder for the NCV Test in Chandigarh?


NCV Test is used to assess nerve damage and dysfunction. The procedure measures quickly electrical signals move through the peripheral nerve. This test helps the doctor in differentiating between an injury to the nerve fiber and an injury to the myelin sheath which is the protective covering surrounding the nerve. This test informs the lab technicians about the nerve disorder and a condition where nerve injury has affected the muscles. It is highly essential to make the difference clear for proper diagnosis and for determining the course of treatment.


How is this performed?


Adhesive patches called surface electrodes are majorly placed over the skin surface on the nerves at different spots. Each patch gives off very mild electrical impulse which stimulates the nerve. This activity of the nerve is recorded by other electrodes. The distance between the electrodes and the time it takes for the electrical impulse to travel between the electrodes is effectively utilized in measuring the nerve signal’s speed. EMG is the recording from the needles placed into the muscles.


Patient’s instruction


Before performing the test, HealthFinder is associated with diagnostic labs that connect with the patient in order to provide them with details regarding how to prepare for the test.

  • Patient must stop using lotion, oils, perfume, or any other product on the skin surface prior several days to the test.
  • Keep the doctor informed about the consumption of any medication or any over the counter painkillers and supplements.
  • Wear loose clothes for the test.
  • Inform the doctor if you have a pacemaker or any cardiac defibrillator.
  • No fasting is required before the test.


What to expect during the treatment?


The nerve conduction velocity test in Chandigarh is an outpatient procedure. As soon as the test begins the doctor will locate the nerves and attach a recording electrode to the skin over nerves. A second electrode is placed a short distance away. This produces a mild electric shock to stimulate the nerve. A person may need to do EMG test after this.

In this, needles are inserted into the muscles and the person will stretch the muscles to test their function. HealthFinder helps the patients by making them avail the service of the best diagnostic centre in Chandigarh. It is a marketplace which makes booking appointment easy and comfortable.

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