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FAQs for X-Ray


How is X-Ray performed?


X-Ray is performed for viewing the internal structure of the body. The X-Ray is performed in the following steps: X-rays are a form of radiation like light waves. X-rays pass through most objects easily. Once it is aimed at the target part of the body which has to be examined, the X-Ray machine produces a small burst of radiation that passes through the body recording the image on photographic film. The technician in the lab who is highly trained to perform radiology examination positions the patient on the X-Ray table and then he places the X-Ray film holder or digital recording plate. Sandbags, pillows, and other positioning devices help in maintaining the proper position. A lead apron may be placed over the pelvic area or breasts when feasible to protect from radiation. The technician may ask the patient to hold the breath for a few seconds while the X-Ray picture is taken to reduce the possibility of a blurred image. The technician will walk behind the wall or to the next room to activate the X-Ray machine. You may be repositioned for another view and the process is repeated from another angle. The technician will take two to three images from different angles. X-Ray is mainly taken for the unaffected limb or child’s growth plate for detecting the purpose. When the examination is complete, the radiologist will determine all the necessary images which are obtained from the test. X-Ray examination is usually completed within five to 10 minutes. As a result, bones appear white on X-Ray, soft tissue shows up in the shades of gray and air appears black. X-Ray images are digital images that are electronically stored. These images are used for easy accessibility to diagnoses and disease management.


How to prepare for an X-Ray?


HealthFinder aims at maintaining the safety of the patient by connecting with them a day ahead of the procedure in order to provide them a safer experience. Before X-Ray the healthcare team members reach out to the patient to ask if the woman is or may be pregnant. Women must inform the healthcare provider if she has any IUD inserted. The patient must remove all the jewelry. Metal objects must be removed as they can cause unclear images. During the procedure, the patient will be asked to wear a hospital gown. Different types of X-rays require different preparations. Before some types of X-Rays, the technician will give provide a liquid called contrast medium. The medium used helps in outlining a specific area of the body on the X-Ray image. The patient may experience discomfort from the cool temperature in the examination room.


What will happen during and after the X-Ray?


After X-Ray, the patient can resume normal activities. X-rays usually have no side effects. If the patient is injected with a contrast medium before X-ray, the patient is suggested to drink plenty of fluids to help flush out of the body. If the patient experiences pain, swelling, or redness at the injection site consult a doctor. HealthFinder has a list of the diagnostic lab that perform X-Ray in Tricity. These diagnostic labs provide better assistance to patients.


Is there any risk associated with X-Ray?


Most patients worry that X-rays aren’t safe because radiation exposure can cause cell mutations which can lead to cancer. The amount of radiation an individual is exposed during X-Ray depends on tissue or organ being examined. The sensitivity to radiation depends on age, with children being more sensitive than adults. Radiation exposure from X-Ray is low but the benefits of this test outweigh the risks. The risk of this diagnostic X-Ray to an unborn baby is small but the doctor would generally recommend some other test for the safety of the unborn baby. HealthFinder has partnered with diagnostic labs that have safe technology and decreases the risk of the X-Ray test.


What are the benefits of X-Ray?


HealthFinder is the fastest and convenient way to book an online appointment in the X-Ray near me in Chandigarh. The main benefits of X-Ray include:

  • X-Rays are the fastest and easiest way which helps in viewing the bone injuries.
  • X-Rays equipment is inexpensive and is very convenient for both patient and doctor.
  • X-Ray imaging is fast and easy and is particularly useful in emergency diagnosis and for treatment.
  • No radiation is retained in the body of the individual during the X-Ray examination.
  • This imaging test has no side effects.
  • Q.

    Who interprets the results and how do I get them?


    The radiologist is specially trained to supervise and interpret the result of the examination. They will analyze the images and send a detailed report to the doctors. The radiologist will typically view and interprets the results and sends a report to the doctor. HealthFinder focuses on maintaining the confidentiality of the patient by providing efficient results and we also provide online reports for easy accessibility and for keeping online records. The radiologist who is associated with HealthFinder views interprets the results and explains the whole report to the patient in order to tell them about the treatment and if there is any abnormality, we provide the patient with a free consultation.


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    An X-Ray in Chandigarh can cost from Rs.2000. At diagnostic centres HealthFinder is associated with, an X-Ray will cost you from Rs.1000.

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