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FAQs for UltraSound


How is UltraSound performed?


Ultrasound is performed for viewing the internal structure of the body. The ultrasound is performed in the following steps:

  • The patient must lie on the table by exposing the area which has to be tested.
  • The technician or doctor will apply a special gel on the skin over the exposed area.
  • Then the staff will move a wand-like device called a transducer over the area. The device transfers sound waves into the body. The waves echo as they hit the organ or bone.
  • The waves are recorded and turned into images on the monitor. These waves form pictures that can be interpreted by a doctor.
  • The technician may ask the patient to change positions for better access to the pictures.
  • After this, the gel will be cleaned off the skin. There is no downtime associated with this test.
  • In some cases, pregnancy ultrasound may be done by inserting the transducer into the vagina.
  • Q.

    How to prepare for an ultrasound?


    Our team is highly professional and we get in touch with the patient for preparing them for the ultrasound test. HealthFinder is well known for maintaining the comfort of the patient as the top priority. For ultrasound, the patient must wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes. The patient will be asked to remove all the jewelry and metal objects in the area to be examined. The preparation depends on the type of examination. For some scans, the doctor may instruct not to eat or drink for as many as 8 to 12 hours before the appointment. For some scans, the doctor may ask the patient to drink up to 6 to 8 glasses of water two hours prior the test and avoid going to the washroom so that the bladder is full and the images of scans are clear.


    What will happen during and after the ultrasound?


    Ultrasounds are painless, quick, and easily tolerated. Mild discomfort may occur when the transducer is inserted into the vagina. The most ultrasound takes about 30 minutes but some extensive exams may take up to an hour. After the ultrasound, the patient can resume normal activities as there is no downtime associated with this test.


    Is there any risk associated with ultrasound?


    Diagnostic ultrasound has no harmful effects on the patient. If you live in Lucknow and are searching for ultrasound test nearby, HealthFinder can help you in finding the reliable diagnostic centre which considers the safety of the patient as the foremost step in performing the procedure. We provide huge discounts on every online booking.


    Who interprets the results?


    A radiologist who is trained in supervising and interpreting the tests will analyze the images. The doctor will check the reports for any abnormalities. If the problem is diagnosed in this test, then the doctor can begin the treatment immediately. For the pregnancy ultrasound, if the results are normal then it means that the baby is growing normally and the baby is surrounded by the right amount of amniotic fluid. The results of the diagnostic ultrasound will clearly show the body part analyzed in the images.


    UltraSound Price In Lucknow?


    An UltraSound in Lucknow can cost from Rs.2000. At diagnostic centres HealthFinder is associated with, an Ultrasound will cost you from Rs.1000.

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