5 Best Dieticians in Chandigarh Promoting Dietary Health & Wellness

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5 Best Dieticians in Chandigarh Promoting Dietary Health & Wellness

Prevention is always better than cure.But anyway, you can prevent and heal your health disorders with a proper diet! Complex health conditions like Jaundice, or kidney stones, or maybe Vertigo will shred and shrink when you intake nutrition through a balanced diet.

What is a balanced diet, do you know?

In the basics, it is a diet comprising 60%-70% carbohydrates calories, 10-12% calories of proteins, and 20-25% calories coming from fat.

So, the 5 best dieticians in Chandigarh are coming ahead to educate people about nutrition, life, and fitness. The need of the hour! The necessity to maintain a healthy living in the human community.

And corollary makes the ecological world a broader realm for all. A realm that constitutes every life on earth!
A realm, where animals are barking, birds are chirping, and greeneries are all around. You discover the dropping apples from the tree and enjoy taking a bite of it beside a water body.

An ecological world, where everyone is dependent on each other.

How does the dietician promote nutritional values and dietary Health?


Now, several questions are likely to pop up in your mind. Sit back! And learn and answer those questions! We are here to take you to the end of problem-solving.

To answer,
The main program involves eating at the right time and the right quantity!
However, while the dieticians in Chandigarh are keen to promote Dietary Health and Wellness, going beyond the main program, we get to learn more significance of dietary Health and Wellness.

A dietician gives practical advice on lifestyle and fitness. They undertake a body composition analysis to determine the unique requirement of your body. No doubt, a crucial need to avoid allergies or health intolerances.

Well, the role of exercise in Health and Wellness also falls under the outline of a balance and check. Your dietician will underscore the requirement for you. Wondering why and how so?

They understand what nutrition do sportsmen need. They are experienced in observing what children or pregnant women require to stay healthy. And they are the ones to provide diet therapy toppling artificial supplements with real food from the kitchen to help in weight loss or gain.


On the other hand, when your taste buds crave a flavor, we certainly cannot restrict ourselves from eating spicy and junk food. Now, you can get a personalized diet design that satisfies the taste buds and simultaneously helps intake nutrition in an appropriate amount. Isn’t that what any one of us will like to come across for a better living? I probably will! What about you?

If so,
You have to know how a proper diet helps in healing chronic health conditions.
For this purpose, we are here to serve. We will take you to the deep of your knowledge and encourage analyzing which healthcare service suits you the best. Therefore, kindly do not hesitate to read and know.

Introspecting what values do a healthy diet hold:

In this fast and busy world, none can afford to relax in bed for a long time, leaving aside the regular activities and enjoy life. Every minute is making a difference today. Within such a backdrop, immunity is a salient factor to pay hid to. Indeed, immunity has a vital stake in our investing of physical and mental energy for day-to-day works. A healthy diet can boost your immunity, alongside supporting your bones and muscles to be strong. Thereupon, developing and enhancing your brain for making a difference in the world.

Then, how about getting a diet that holds such credit to our living and wellness?
The World Health Organization states that unhealthy dietary practices and lack of physical activities are paving for a global risk on health. In response to it, in the last 15 years, they came up with various overviews of healthy diet and nutrition. Eventually, helping curb unhealthy weight gain or problems of malnutrition.

They call upon all the people of the globe to focus on a diet that shall have a balance between energy intake and energy expenditure. Thus, outlining preventive measures like:

  • Setting the bar for salt intake to 5g per day to wipe out any sort of issues like hypertension or heart disease. By 2025, the WHO member states aim to reduce the salt intake amount to 30%.
  • Sketching the limit for free sugar intake to less than 10% of the total energy intake.
  • Drawing the line for fat intake to less than 30% of the total calorie intake.
  • Encouraging fruits and vegetables in the daily meals, at least 400g per day.

That’s how a preferable diet, a healthy diet looks like!
A healthy diet is also a friend in need for pregnant women. Yes, it ensures that the baby gets a healthy and positive start. And you, free from the tension of birth defects. During the time of pregnancy, a healthy meal, to hold credit, tends to get 300 calories more.
A diet that must also include 2.4 liters of water per day!

Henceforth, avoiding dehydration and constipation during the period and even after that. A life-long benefitting habit, perhaps!
Knock! Knock! There’s something that you are probably worried about now. Got you! Are you a coffee fan? And, thinking of whether it will be taken away from your life? Or, can you still count on it within a healthy diet?

The answer is yes! You can drink coffee but intelligently. How? Simply by having it in the right amount and without exceeding it. The bar of the caffeinated drink is better to halt at 200 milliliters, as suggested by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

By now, you are certainly aware of the importance of a healthy diet. But you don’t know how to learn about them, adapt to them, and have a healthy living. It is where the dieticians in Chandigarh come into the role, with their specialization and year-long experiences.

Why not run a check-through upon the list of their expertise and how they can exactly help you in a better living? A glance through their achievements and vision within the sphere of healthcare services.

Listing the 5 best dieticians in Chandigarh enhancing healthy living

Dr. Shreya Goyal


One of the finest dieticians in Chandigarh, appreciating and contributing to healthy living for over 10 years…

What is her credibility?

By qualification, Shreya Goyal is a Graduate and Post Graduate in Nutrition and Dietetics. Then, she pursued a PG. Diploma in Physiotherapy and Nutrition. Previously,

  • She worked as a clinical dietitian in Fortis Hospital.
  • Also, in the scheme of mid-day meals by the Chandigarh Administration, serving as a Student Counselor and Dietitian adds to her credit.

Today, she serves at many Diet clinics at Panchkula, Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Amritsar, and so forth. Besides, she offers healthcare services at Shreya Family Diet Clinic.

Yeah, trying to heal patients with natural power!

That’s her vision!

For this reason, she also participates in various health programs for different radio stations. And have published dietary articles in Times of India, Hindustan Times, and Indian Express. On the same note, many popular magazines like India today and Femina features her dietary advice.

In fact, she received the “Ek Asha” Award from the NGO named Aashray for giving dietary guidance to the people of the city.

What is her specialization?

The dietician is specialized in providing diet plans for complex health conditions like Gallstones, Kidney Stones, Jaundice, Lipedema, Vertigo, Arthritis, Q Fever, etc. So, if you are looking forward to consulting with a dietician who can help curb serious health issues with a routine of your dietary practices and lifestyle changes, she is the one!

She calls eating intelligently to be art! Art to heal all kinds of health disorders, including depression, Insomnia, Thyroid, Menopause, PCOD, and Constipation. Additionally, her expertise lay in binding together the proper amount of nutrition in food intake for diabetes cure.
Well, she shall also sketch out your gym diet plan and exercise routine for daily life.

How to communicate?

The first option, you can call at 7307303835
Or, you may email her at [email protected]
For looking up to her on the web, go to
For a face-to-face consultation, reach out to SCO 411-12, Sector 35 C, Chandigarh- 160035

Dr. Pallavi Jassal


Such a dietician who aims to help with optimum nutrition for more than 18 years…

What is her credibility?

The dietician completed her MSc in Food and Nutrition. Subsequently, she went ahead with Post Graduate Diploma in Naturopathy and Yoga. Precisely, her start for serving the city with health goals! Later on, she served at:
Christian Medical College, Ludhiana
Mediwell Heart Institute, Chandigarh

In recent days, she offers healthcare services at her own clinic, namely, Live Life More Clinic.
She is always keen to chart out “What not to eat but what to eat” for her patients. That is particularly why she gives optimum nutrition for a particular lifestyle. More immunity! More brain development!

For the pursuit of growing health awareness, she presented 1800+ health talk shows within the country and beyond. Even today, she presents weekly Health talks on Live Life More Health Show, on 107.2 MHz, Air FM. Book your time for Thursday at 10.05 AM!

What is her specialization?

Are you searching for a dietary plan for chronic pain treatments? Or diet therapy for hormonal imbalances? Spot on! Dietician Pallavi Jassal can serve the purpose! It is because she is expertise in this domain.

Besides, She has specialization in giving dietary schedules for skin disease treatment and male and female reproductive health care. Therefore, if you are interested in getting dietary advice and a chart for losing weight after pregnancy or want to derive anti-aging wellness, she can help! She practices weight loss diet counseling and skin radiance technique for the aforementioned cure.

How to communicate?

Either, you can mail her at [email protected]
Or call at 9878443111.

You may check her out online at
For a walk-in consultation, visit House No. 3258, Sector 46, Chandigarh- 160047

Dr. Lavleen Kaur


The dietician having a holistic approach towards the use of food as a medicine for the last 11years…

What is her credibility?

Dietician Lavleen qualified in MSc in Foods, Nutrition, and Wellness Studies. Then, she completed her Med from Punjab University, Chandigarh. After that, she invested efforts in back-to-back internships at:
PGIMER, Chandigarh
Inscol Hospital, Chandigarh, Sector 34.
Currently, she renders her health care services at Diet Insight Clinic, Chandigarh.
Here, she has her focused policy! The policy of outlining a diet with nutrition, not just some calorie counts. The doctor does not believe in the ‘strict in its terms’ philosophies or staying unrealistically think. Innovative recipes, working as a medicine!
And concerning acknowledgment? Tricity acknowledges her credits to the core! Back to back in 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2019 says it all.

a. In 2015, she was honored with the title of Best Dietitian in Tricity at the Global Lifestyle Awards.
b. In 2016, she bragged the International Healthcare Award held in New Delhi as the Most Promising Youngest Dietitian in North India.
c. Following, in 2017, she got the best-in-class innovative award from the Global Achievers Forum, Chandigarh.
d. And in 2019, again an international hit! In the International Excellence Award, Malaysia, she became the Best Dietitian in Chandigarh.

What is her specialization?

By specialization, she renders healthcare in three major sectors.
First, as a renal dietician! So, people with disorders in the kidney can avail of her treatment. So now you can get a diet plan of kidney-friendly food. In case of other urinary problems as well, her expertise gives a sigh of relief.
Next, she serves as a Child nutritionist. Undoubtedly, Paediatric care is becoming more and more vital with the upcoming third wave of the COVID 19  virus since it may fall heavy on the children. Here where her role gets more intense. Your baby ought to get the proper nutrition at the right time!

Last but not least, the dietician also enhances sporting activities. That’s right, she is a sports nutritionist, giving dietary plans for individuals engaged in different activities like hiking, tennis playing, boxing, and more.
For any of the three you want to take a guide from, she is there to aid!

How to communicate?

For mail, type [email protected]
If you urge to call, dial 0172-455-9278
When you want to go through her specialization and profile on the web, straightaway click here https://dietitian,
While you want a direct consultation, book our ride to SCO 1130-31, First Floor, Sector 22 B, Chandigarh- 160022

Dr. Neena Luthra


The dietician paying equal attention to a healthy diet for physical and mental conditioning of our body for 22years long and continuing…

What is her credibility?

Dietician Neena completed her MSc in Food and Nutrition. Followed this, she pursued a PG Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics. Then, a start of a greater experience! She served as a dietitian in the Government Medical College and Hospital, Chandigarh, during 2009 or so. At present, she provides dietary plans at Nutrisolution- The Diet Clinique.

She endeavors to assess the nutritional status of the patients, thus providing therapeutic diet schedules. She deeply invests her research in understanding the role of dietary Health in the mental conditioning of humans.

For helping the differently-abled children to make a difference!

In this regard, she has a published paper on Dietary Habits and Nutritional Status in Mentally Retarded Children and Adolescents. This paper gains recognition in the Journal of the Indian Association of Child and Adolescent Mental Health.
On the same note, she holds membership in the

a. Indian Dietetics Association
b. Indian Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition

What is her specialization?

Do you know what nutritional counseling is? Identifying various health needs and modifying eating habits accordingly. That’s nutritional counseling. You can get to learn about making healthy food choices as well as behavioral modifications like lifestyle and fitness.

Certainly, by using these plans, both physical and mental health can be brought back in form.
Moreover, the dietician specializes in weight loss and gain programs. Through this program, she assists in advising on how to stay fit with healthy food as the basis. She will chart out what calories you need and in what amount, or what the recipe is that can take you through.

Finally, when you look into the mirror, dazzling back in your body shape, you don’t necessarily have to be dependent on artificial capsules. Your diet can work it out alone! With complimentary exercises!

How to communicate?

First, mail at [email protected]
If not, you may call her at 9814341144
If you want a direct consultation, book an online or offline consultation with us. Or go to Nutrisolution Diet Clinic, House No. 1582, Sector 18 D, Chandigarh-160018

Dr.Priyanka Mittal


The dietician in Chandigarh holding credit in the diet solution field and nutrition for nearly 10years or more…

What is her credibility?

The dietician pursued her MSc and MPhil degree in Food and Nutrition. And worked in the Cancer Department of Apollo Hospital.

Now, She serves at her own clinic, known as the Priyanka’s Diet Clinic. Even, she participates in Dietary Health awareness programs, as a diabetic educator along with Dr. Ashok Kumar at
Sir Ganga Ram Hospital,
Delhi Diabetes Research Centre
While the young dietician takes the side of natural food and recipes, artificial foods and supplements fall short of demands. That is the diet solution to staying healthy and fit for long. Yes, the artificial calories you intake can only deteriorate your health conditioning in the long run. The only hack to boost your energy and keep yourself healthy, hydrated, and, on the legs to go!
She is a member of the Indian Dietetics Association. Perhaps, it gives her a larger space for nurturing her remedies with natural tasty recipes. Nutrition? In there! In the right amount!

What is her specialization?

When you are worried about your close one’s health who has indulged in alcohol, cigarettes, or other kinds of intoxicants, Dietician Priyanka Mittal can help. For this reason, she offers detox diet counseling so that healthy food can grow as an alternative to intoxication.

At the same time, she also offers hypertension diet counseling, supplying dietary advice to the individual with high or low blood pressure. Are you looking for someone like that? Then, you have come to the right place. The dietician can heal your blood pressure issues with nutritious meal drafts.

Likewise, she also specializes in drawing out the dietary plans for patients with obesity or cholesterol.

How to communicate?

For call, type 9779217001
You can even mail at [email protected]
On web? Search
In case you want to visit her in her clinic, reach at SCO 2463, 2nd Floor, J.W. Marriott Hotel lane, near Dr. Ashok Sharma’s Cornea Centre, Sector 22 C, Chandigarh- 160022

Ending Remark:
Talking about a healthy diet really cannot end so fast. There is a lot more to discover and discuss together. Alas! For now, that’s the end. The end that came with problem-solving. The 5 best dieticians in Chandigarh to promote dietary health and wellness. If you want to book an appointment or online consultation for any of the five, depending on your need, of course, feel free to connect with us.

Strengthening healthcare services within the human community in Tricity and even beyond is our mission in action!

FAQs on dieticians in Chandigarh:

Q.1 what are the frequently asked questions by dieticians?

Ans. Dieticians have a list of questions to encounter you with at your first consultation. Some of them are:

How much water do you drink daily?
Do you drink milk?
Do you have the habit of drinking coffee quite a lot?
Do you eat vegetables?


Are you into smoking and drinking hard liquors?
And myriads of more to encounter.

Q.2 What questions can you ask your dietician and consequently get a response?

Ans. Usually, you can ask any questions that pop up in your mind concerning a healthy diet. For instance,

What is the importance of Vitamin D in our body?
What can be a proper fluid diet?
How can you intake more proteins in your meal?
What is the perfect time for eating a meal?


How can fiber be added to an old man’s diet?

Plausibly, there are multiple more questions that you may raise.

Q.3. What tests do Dieticians do?

Ans. All Dieticians will want to analyze your health conditions and needs. For that, they ask several health-related questions. And if necessary, asks for a blood test or urinalysis.

Best Dieticians in Chandigarh
  • Dr. Shreya Goyal
  • Dr. Pallavi Jassal
  • Dr. Lavleen Kaur
  • Dr. Neena Luthra
  • Dr. Priyanka Mittal


You can prevent and heal your health disorders with a proper diet! Complex health conditions like Jaundice, or kidney stones, or maybe Vertigo will shred and shrink when you intake nutrition through a balanced diet.

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