PSMA PET Scan- Is this a way to determine Prostate Cancer?

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PSMA PET Scan- Is this a way to determine Prostate Cancer?

One such disease that gives us chills is cancer. While this disease is curable, going through the hardship of such a disease is intolerable. Likewise, a similar problem that is triggering men is Prostate Cancer. 

The good news is that Prostate Cancer is treatable. However, this type of cancer may reoccur after the treatment. It becomes difficult to detect such cancer after the treatment due to its size. Thus, your doctor will suggest a “PSMA PET Scan”. This test will help to detect the small tumour easily. Moreover, it can easily spot advanced level cancers. Such cancer is difficult to diagnose in other tests such as bone and CT scans. 

Prostate Cancer

In this article, we will discuss every detail related to “PSMA PET Scan”. This will clear all your doubts that are often left unanswered. For more information related to “PSMA PET Scan” continue reading the following section:

What exactly is “PSMA PET Scan”?

It is one of the sensitive and crucial scans to detect the small prostate tumour. This technique has gained a lot of importance in Australia. And now the whole world is adopting a “PSMA PET Scan” to determine prostate tumours. 

The scan helps determine high-risk prostate tumours and also recurring prostate tumours. 

With radioactive dye- the “PSMA PET Scan” is used to highlight the specific part of the person’s body. The scan checks the PSMA protein present in the body. This is responsible for the presence of cancer cells. 

Prostate Cancer

The other name of this scan is “gallium-68 PSMA PET-CT”. This scan is done in two procedures- one is the PET scan and the other is a CT scan with an X-ray component. 

The result of both the scan is combined then the area of prostate cancer or tumour is detected. However, the PSMA PET scan cost is a bit on the higher side. Even though the scan is expensive it is worth the price, as health should be the priority. 

Working process of “PSMA PET”

The PET (“positron emission tomography”) looks for the radioactive compound in the body. This helps your doctor to detect the cancer element in your body.

In the first step, a radioactive tracer drug is injected into the person’s body. The patient may feel the prick but it is completely normal. The tracer is slowly absorbed inside the body. A minimum time of one hour is required to absorb everything completely.


Once this procedure is complete, the patient will be directed towards the PET scan. The duration of the scan time is nearly about 30 minutes. After the scan is done, you can carry on with your daily routine. There are no specific restrictions. However, some patients may feel dizziness, nausea or diarrhoea. The doctor will advise you to drink plenty of water to keep unwanted symptoms at bay.

Difference between “PSMA PET scan” and other scans

As we already discussed how effective is “PSMA PET scan”, let’s deeply investigate that in the following section:

  • The very basic step involves injecting radioactive tracer drug
  • “PSMA PET” is FDA approved 
  • It facilitates the detection of minute prostate tumours, thus helps better care and treatment
  • Helps in pinpointing migrated tumours in the entire pelvis area and also the other parts of the body
  • “PSMA PET” scan is more effective than the fluciclovine PET in regards to the reoccurrence of the tumour

Overall PSMA PET is more effective than any other type of scan. Moreover, it is FDA approved. So you can trust this completely. Get your check-up done from your family doctor or type PSMA PET scan near me to get your check-up done. 

Who can undergo a “PSMA PET Scan”?

The “PSMA PET scan” is recommended for men suffering from prostate cancer. It will help people with the prostate tumour in the following ways:

  • Helps after the treatment of prostate cancer
  • Useful for “metastatic prostate cancer” 
  • Useful for people with a high risk of prostate cancer ( helps in imaging the minute tumour)

With the PSMA PET scan procedure, it is possible to detect the prostate tumour at the early stage. Moreover, it is useful to detect the reoccurrence of prostate tumours after the treatment. There are cases where it is proved that a “PSMA PET Scan” is more powerful in detecting small tumours than any other scan.

“PSMA PET Scan” helps in better treatment

The right treatment at a proper time is necessary for patients diagnosed with prostate cancer. Here is how a “PSMA PET” scan can help in better treatment:

Decide treatment strategy:

 The scan pinpoints the minute tumour- it helps to start treatment early with a proper treatment strategy. In other scans, the minute tumour is not detected. Hence, it delays treatment and puts your life at risk.

Special treatment:

There are cases when only a “PSMA PET Scan” is recommended to treat a particular ailment. This scan is specially used to target high-risk areas. Thus, it facilitates special treatment which other scans may not offer.

Effective before and after treatment:

As we already discussed it can detect a minor tumour. Thus, it is effective before treatment to diagnose the tumour. Likewise, it is effective after the treatment to check the spread of the tumour. And also to check the effectiveness of the therapy. 

This is how a “PSMA PET Scan” can help in better treatment. Treating cancer at an early stage is important. The “PSMA PET Scan” allows all possible ways to start treatment early and get well soon!

Preparation for “PSMA PET scan”

The quintessential process of this scan is prior preparation. Let’s figure that out in the following section:

  • Fasting is necessary for at least 2 hours before the scan
  • Avoid wearing any jewellery
  • Wear comfortable clothes

The bottom line now is, are you sure about the effectiveness of “PSMA PET Scan“?   Move ahead with the process without any doubt. Talk to your doctor freely and find the best method to treat Prostate cancer. After all, your health is the utmost wealth!

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