EECP Treatment In Chandigarh

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EECP Treatment In Chandigarh

No Pain, No Stunt, No Bypass, No Hospitalization, and Non-Invasive EECP is the best alternative treatment for heart patients.

In this video, Dr. Sanjeev Vats – EECP Expert from Chandigarh talks about the benefits of EECP treatment in Chandigarh.

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Benefits of EECP/ECP Treatment:

👉  Creates new blood vessels (Collaterals)
👉  Increase Cardiac Output
👉  Decreases angina (Chest Pain)
👉  Reduce the use of medication
👉  Enhances blood circulation:
👉  Improves organ function
👉  Improves quality of life:

Who Can Get EECP/ECP Treatment:

👉  Patients with severe chest pain
👉  Patients who suffer from Coronary Arteries Diseases
👉  Patients with chest pain despite medication and Surgeries
👉  Patients not eligible for heart surgeries
👉  Patients with blocks in the heart, nerve disorders
👉  chronic kidney failure, diabetes, and hypertension

Features of EECP/ECP Treatment

👉  No Pain
👉  No-Risk
👉  No Hospitalization
👉  No Surgery / No Stents
👉  No Side Effects
👉  Less Medicine
👉  Less Expense

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