Why should you consider undergoing Fibroscan?

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Why should you consider undergoing Fibroscan?

When a liver test is recommended?

A liver test is recommended When there is a need to monitor your liver for infections like hepatitis B and hepatitis C. To evaluate how your liver is responding to a certain medication or if the health of your liver is compromised due to the side effects of the medication

  • If you were diagnosed with liver disease and need to monitor it.
  • If the patient has been observed with a liver disorder.
  • If the patient is a regular alcoholic and has been experiencing discomfort due to their liver.
  • If a patient has gallbladder disease.

Those days are gone when performing a liver biopsy was the only way to monitor or diagnose liver problems. Thanks to the advancement in medical science and technology, today it is possible to diagnose liver diseases with the help of a non-invasive and pain-free technique called Fibroscan. A fibroscan is a relatively new and advanced technique to monitor and evaluate any unusual changes in the liver. This new liver test has many benefits.

Some of the benefits are mentioned below-

Reduces the need for biopsy

Fibroscan is an advanced procedure that monitors the progression, regression, or stagnation of a patient’s liver disease and provides accurate results of the condition of the liver. It also helps your doctor understand if the treatment provided was a success or not. In some cases, a fibroscan may also remove the need to perform a liver biopsy.

Quick and pain-free

Fibroscan is a quick and pain-free test that takes no more than 5-10 minutes to perform. It examines your entire liver health in minutes and provides quick and accurate results. To get the test done, you don’t need any sedation or hospitalization. You can walk home with the results in your hand immediately after the test is conducted.

Accurate diagnosis

You get accurate results with Fibroscan. Whether you are experiencing any symptoms of a liver disorder or have chronic viral hepatitis infection, a Fibroscan can be done to check the condition of your liver within minutes. Since it is a technologically advanced test, you can certainly rely on its assessment.

If you are looking for a Fibroscan in Chandigarh, make sure you choose the latest diagnostic center that provides Fibroscan at competitive rates.

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