Yoga for Epilepsy – Yoga Poses For Epilepsy

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Yoga for Epilepsy – Yoga Poses For Epilepsy

Perlustration of Yoga

The group of people who perform yoga on a routine basis shows that yoga treatment is much better than medication therapy.

Yoga can be evolved as an add-on to medication therapy. Yoga cannot be used as one and only one method in the treatment of yoga.

“Sahaja” yoga, breathing technique(pranayama) prove favorable effect in treating epileptic seizures.

  • According to a survey conducted by the WHO (world health organization), currently, approximately 50 million people are suffering from epilepsy(a neurological condition) all over the world. So it is overly important to make awareness among people about epilepsy to reduce no. of cases of epilepsy.
  • If the condition is untreated, it can lead to depression, feeling of incompleteness, thoughts of suicide, sadness, loss of hope.

The body, mind, and soul

The ancient Indian practice and physical discipline of yoga re-establish the positive flow of energy.

Practicing selective yoga on regular basis improves circulation, concentration gives a feeling of “mindfulness”.It efficiently reduces epileptic attacks.

  “Sahaja” yoga has a positive impact on an epileptic person.

With regular Yoga practice a simple form of meditation, reduced seizure, and EEG shows no spike during examination done by the technician.


Is there a cure for epilepsy?

There is no everlasting cure for Epilepsy. Only early and proper treatment of epilepsy can make a person’s life smooth.

The seizure which is not in control and whose frequency and intensity prolonged can often lead to brain damage and sometimes death.


Catanenial Epilepsy(CE)


A seizure triggers when an abnormal electrical activity in the brain happens. It is a central nervous system(CNS) disorder.

Catamenial Epilepsy is also known as a menstrual seizure. It is related to women’s menstrual cycle and imbalance of hormone levels in the Brain. Catamenial epilepsy is not a common condition.

Women with catamenial Epilepsy often have a seizure

  • Just before or during periods.
  •  ovulation, the time when an eggs move from the ovary and can be fertilized.


Explanation of catamenial Epilepsy

Menstrually related hormones, name estrogen, and progesterone and their fluctuation bring on Seizures.

Estrogen trigger seizure, whereas progesterone protects against seizure.

During the menstrual cycle, the level of serum of estrogen and progesterone fluctuates just before and during menstruation.

Deficiency of Progesterone and excess of estrogen brings on the pattern of seizure.


Warning signs of Catamenial Epilepsy

Symptoms of partial seizure caused to be (CE), including

  • jerk like movement
  • tingling sensation
  • dizziness
  • repetition of certain activity or movement
  • confusion
  • staring


Symptoms Of Generalised seizure caused By catamenial epilepsy include:


  • convulsions
  • crying out or making a noise
  • jerking movement
  • loss of consciousness
  • difficulty in breathing
  • confusion 
  • loss of bladder control
  • biting the tongue



This records electrical activity in the brain. EEG waves show different types of seizures with patterns.


  • MRI(magnetic resonance imaging)and CT(COMPUTED TOMOGRAPHY) these scans record images of the Brain and show where seizures are happening in the brain.


Catamenial epilepsy is a central nervous system disorder characterized by fluctuation in hormones namely estrogen and progesterone. So therapy will also move around these two hormones. Therapy includes:

  • Drugs to adjust hormone levels in the body.
  • Anti-seizure drugs
  • Birth control pills
  • natural progesterone
  • Clomiphene
  • surgery(in extreme condition, removal of ovaries to treat catamenial epilepsy disorder)

Succinct words

Catamenial epilepsy is a specific form of epilepsy, in which women with fluctuated levels of hormones exhibit a broad spectrum of symptoms. There is no specific treatment for catamenial epilepsy. Proper care is the cure for this epilepsy.

Support…something that speaks volumes and shouldn’t cost a penny.


Healing epilepsy Naturally


Non-medicinal treatment of epilepsy evolves music therapy, self-control method, acupuncture, chiropractic, ketogenic diet.

Alternative ways of curing epilepsy naturally, include massage with aromatic oils like jasmine and lavender, these essential oils calm the nerve stimulation and calm the mind and body. 

Most of the patients with epilepsy adopt medicinal therapy with alternative therapies.



The ketogenic diet always counts as a valuable option, when it comes to the treatment of epileptic seizures in childhood epilepsy.

It improves the quality of life in children by improving their attention and turning their stressful life into a positive outlook.

  • Ketogenic is the typical “classical” diet called the “long-chain triglycerides” diet.
  • the ketogenic diet reduces or prevents seizures in many children, whose seizures could not be controlled with medications.
  • the ketogenic diet is helpful in those with pyruvate dehydrogenase deficiency.
  • The main objective of the ketogenic diet is to provide only and only ketone as a diet.


Yoga and Epilepsy

In Ayurveda, Epilepsy is called “apasmara” –meaning loss of consciousness.

 The ancient Indian writings, Vedas describes four types of epilepsy and nine disorders, which cause epileptic seizures in children.

Proper practice of yoga, make a positive flow of energy in the mind and body and further maintain the balance.


Deep Breathing and pranayam

Practicing yoga asanas increases the stamina of the body, improves blood circulations, respiration, improves concentration which minimizes the chances of having a seizure and improves the quality of life.

   The group of people who practice yoga in their routine shows a decrease in the frequency of seizure scores.


Dhyana or Meditation

Stress is the main cause of epileptic seizures.

     Meditation or dhyana calms the mind, controls negative thoughts, maintains blood circulation and blood pressure.

Meditation improves blood circulation in the body and reduces stress hormones.

The researchers conducted a study in Europe and North America. In the study, a group of patients with epilepsy who practiced “Sahaja” yoga for 6 months, experienced an 86% decrease in their frequency of seizure.


Concise words

Reiki Provides great help to epileptic patients, who also suffer from anxiety, depression, mood disorders.

  it is often suggested to start reiki in the feet first and work up rather than following old ways.

Starting from root chakra (earth star) often gives the best result.

Meditation and reiki provide great improvement in mood disorders and other mental health disorders.

Meditation is a vital way to purify and quiet the mind, thus rejuvenating the body.

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