10 Yoga Poses To Defeat Diabetes

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10 Yoga Poses To Defeat Diabetes

Diabetes is now a common disease found in every household. At least one person in the family is tackling this slow poison disease. Diabetes can be a “genetic predisposition” or a result of poor diet and an unhealthy lifestyle.  

Are you or any of your family members tackling diabetes? If yes, then include yoga in your daily routine and vanish diabetes from its roots. However, eliminating high diabetes is not easy. With special yoga for diabetes, you can control it. We present you top 10 yoga poses for you to help combat diabetes. So, let’s discover that in the subsequent section!


Dhanurasana: Be a warrior



In search of yoga for diabetes type 1 and type 2?  Well, then Dhanurasana is your pose. Dhanurasana is also known as the bow pose. So, you can fight diabetes like a warrior with this bow pose.  This pose strengthens your abdomen organs and regulates the working of the intestines, pancreas and liver. Thus, it is beneficial for people to control diabetes. 

Moreover, the pose massages your abdomen area. This pose is a solution for constipation, digestion problem, stomach cramps and also to cure back pain.


Paschimottanasana: Erase diabetes with the forward bend




Paschimottanasana is a popular forward bend pose in a sitting position. It is also a part of Hatha yoga. In this pose, your abdomen gets a good massage along with pelvic organs. One of the best poses for diabetic patients is to control blood sugar. 

Paschimottanasana also drains out toxins from your body and combats spikes in sugar levels. In the beginning level, you may find this pose a bit tough. However, regular practice can bring flexibility to your body.  This pose also brings peace to your mind and is good for your mental health. 


Bhujangasana: Pose like a Cobra


Bhujangasana is a solution to high blood sugar rise. Yes, diabetes can be cured by Bhujangasana. Try this pose and see a drastic improvement in your blood sugar levels. 

It helps in digestion and is a solution for all abdomen related problems. Such problems cause a rise in blood sugar levels. Thus, by practising Bhujangasana, put a full stop to such problems. 

Bhujangasana also help to tone your body and reduce belly fat. Moreover, it is also a cure for asthma, lung and heart diseases. The benefits of Bhujangasana are innumerable. Adopt this pose in your daily routine and watch the difference. 


Mandukasana: Froggy pose but no croaking


Yoga pose Mandukasana

Mandukasana is a frog-like pose to heal diabetes. This pose is especially for diabetes patients. If your blood sugar level is just a little above the borderline – Mandukasana can cure the problem completely. Moreover, if you practice this pose daily, you will never encounter diabetes-related problems.

 High diabetes patients should practise Mandukasana to control blood sugar levels.  Other than controlling diabetes, Mandukasana keeps your heart healthy and relieves you from depression. It also helps to fight cancer and other health-related issues. 


Mayurasana: Be a Peacock

Yoga Poses

Pose like a Peacock in Mayurasana and get rid of diabetes. If you have a family history of diabetes, then practising Mayurasana can eliminate your chances of diagnosing diabetes. 

Moreover, it is a good pose to strengthen your arms, elbows, legs and back. Mayurasana improves your posture and functioning of kidneys, liver and pancreas. 


Viparita Karani: Let your legs go high


Yoga Poses

Viparita Karani is an excellent yoga for BP and sugar. This pose will stimulate your organs, liver and pancreas. With your legs up in a 90-degree pose, it is beneficial to combat blood pressure and diabetes.

Viparita Karani is also good to reduce menstrual cramps, varicose veins and strengthen your legs and feet. 


Pawanmuktasana: The way to a healthy life


Yoga Pose

To lead a healthy life, you need to get rid of gastric problems. Pawanmuktasana is also known as “Wind-Relieving” posture. It is a one-stop solution to all your gastric and stomach related problems. 

It releases unwanted gas from your stomach and keeps constipation at bay. Thus, it stimulates your entire body by keeping a check on your diabetes level. Pawanmuktasana is also practised for weight loss and to tone buttocks. 

Halasana: The inverted pose


Yoga Pose

Halasana may look difficult but once you practise the pose-the benefits are countless. It prevents the sudden rise of blood sugar levels. This pose is a true blessing for people with diabetes and thyroid.  

It also improves your flexibility and reduces migraine problems. One of the best yoga poses to deal with several illnesses.


Gomukhasana: Let your hands twist

Yoga poses for Diebetic

Gomukhasana controls diabetes by easing digestion. It improves the pancreas and kidney functioning, which is the main problem in diabetic patients. It improves your overall body functioning and keeps your body toned.

Gomukhasana is also practised to cure sexual ailments and to get glowing skin. The sexual ailment is usually seen in people with diabetes, regular practise of this pose can cure the sexual ailment. Moreover, if you have stiff shoulders, Gomukhasana can bring elasticity to your body. So, cure diabetes and all problems related to diabetes with Gomukhasana. 


Shalabhasana: Get steady like a Locust


Yoga Poses

Well, this asana is also called the locust pose. Balance and grip are essential with this pose. However, steadily you will learn the art to balance your body. This pose is all about balancing your body on your stomach. Since the focus is on the stomach here, it helps to stimulate the internal organs. 

This pose is the best yoga therapy for diabetes. Shalabhasana focuses on the stomach area stimulating abdominal organs. Thus, it is beneficial for treating diabetes. You can also practise Shalabhasana to cure acidity and digestion problems.


Bottom Line:

Yoga for diabetes is an ample example of fitness along with rejuvenating your mind and soul. However, along with practising yoga follow a Mediterranean diet for optimum results. 

Follow the above yoga poses and practise them under trained guidance. Just remember to go slow and do not force your body. You will gain flexibility with time. 

Set on a yoga journey and endeavour to combat diabetes!

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