Causes & Control of High Uric Acid: Unfolding the Whats, Whys, & Hows!

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Causes & Control of High Uric Acid: Unfolding the Whats, Whys, & Hows!

Causes & Control of High Uric Acid: Unfolding the Whats, Whys, & Hows! 

Hi everyone,


We are here with our article on – How to control your uric acid precisely when it goes high! This piece shall, however, remain incomplete if not denoted with the causes, signs & symptoms, consequences & risks! Perhaps, without understanding these, the control methods stand baseless. But, do not worry, as we shall give you a complete insight into the whats, whys, & hows that pop up in your mind when you hear about high uric acid.

Alas! Fearfully popular among our word of mouth, High Uric Acid! This a condition that we all know is harmful to the human body, so we ought to bother when such a thing happens and try looking for an immediate solution. However, we never try to look back and see how it actually occurred. That is when we can control high uric acid & enjoy a healthy life! Each one of us, with our friends & family!

So, let us quickly unveil the history and all that we did not know before!

Overview on: What is Uric Acid & What happens when the level rises up?

Dr. Foroozan Khezri states that uric acid is nothing but a waste product of our body, produced by our body & eliminated from our body in the form of urine. The production of uric acid takes place while breaking down the water-soluble purine compounds in the liver.

The uric acid is then lay carried by the blood to the kidneys, and on passing through the kidney, it leaves as urine!

In scientific terms, it is a heterocyclic compound that comprises carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, & oxygen – C5H4N4O3!


Sometimes, the production of this compound increases due to multiple factors that we shall discuss below. When such a condition arises & they intend to stay in your body instead of exiting, crystals of uric acid may occur.

No doubt, controlling uric acid is not that difficult, but what makes it more fearsome is you will not be able to identify a high uric acid profile in your daily life. Yes, no symptoms usually appear in the case of high uric acid unless your body turns vulnerable to its setbacks. But, you certainly know that high uric is common, and it appears in about 1 out of 5 people!

High uric acid lay diagnosed incidentally while assessing the reason for persistent & intensive joint pain or redness. Yes, about one-third of the patients undergoing the diagnosis are likely to have arthritis! It means you can see symptoms when the uric acid level has reached its peak, causing complications in your normal health condition.

The situation can turn worse when the toxins get mixed with the bloodstream because of it!


I hope you do not want to take any chances! On this note, let me tell you, it is unusual to have a low level of uric acid in your body, but you can always work on eliminating it out of your body!

Interesting note on the Uric acid level of females & males!


The uric acid level would vary according to your sex!

If you are a male, your uric acid level shall be counted as low when it is below the mark of 2.5 milligrams per decilitre.


If you are a female, 1.5 milligrams per decilitre is the mark of your low uric acid profile!

Likewise, for males, the normal uric acid level ranges from 2.5 to 7 milligrams per decilitre, and for females, the normal uric acid level covers 1.5 to 6 mg/dl.

High uric acid shall appear in the picture when the level crosses the mark and goes above 7 mg/dl & 6 mg/dl in males & females, respectively!

Such a difference in the uric acid profile for the females & males is due to the variation of serum urate concentration in them. While, for the former, the concentration is low because of the high renal clearance rate through the vagina, resulting as an outcome of high plasma estrogen level, the latter holds a high serum urate concentration!

Hence, it also puts forward that men are more likely to have an increased rate of uric acid-related co-morbidities than women! For instance, Gout, i.e., a condition of arthritis (as discussed below).

Discover the Signs of High Uric Acid in your body!

Typically, you won’t get to see a symptom as high uric acid is totally asymptomatic unless leading to another complication. It means you shall find no alerts with your naked eyes. But if you see so, there must be something risky!


Tell me,

Which of these signs did you find with your naked eyes?

  1. Did you see a persistent muscle weakness that keeps you away from your daily chores?
  2. Did you witness a few episodes of sudden & chronic pain in a particular joint or yours? The pain also brings forth stiffness in the affected areas or maybe different joints!
  3. Do you suffer from recurrent muscle aches & tenderness?
  4. Did you come across any swelling near certain joints? I mean, did you find any of your joints swollen from the inside?
  5. Does your skin stay dry these days, so dry that not even some cream or oil massage can compensate; so dry that no beautician can heal it? An alarm of internal problem, mostly of high uric acid!
  6. Do your muscle pain & stiffness get accompanied by severe constipation? Thy be constipation remaining uncured even with medicinal treatments!
  7. Are you a victim of prolonged fatigue for days & nights, and do you feel like not leaving your bed at all?
  8. Do you have difficulties moving your joints and encounter redness in those areas? At the same time, do you have sudden & severe pain while running, swimming, dancing, or walking?
  9. Can you see your skin turned discolored around your joints?
  10. Did you have severe back pain alongside frequent urination at night for the last few days?
  11. Do you feel like vomiting all the time? Nausea that wraps you up throughout!
  12. Does your urine seems cloudy, or does it smell odd & contain blood?
  13. Did you struggle with sudden discomfort & pain while urinating? Did such an incident repeat itself for a consecutive period?
  14. Do you suffer from severe abdominal pain? A pain, that increases when you move from one side to another while lying in the bed!
  15. Are you suffering from a sudden loss of appetite after an abnormal weight loss?
  16. Are you a man having larger breasts than normal?
  17. Do you have red palms & the redness is unusual?
  18. Are you a victim of long-lasting itching in your skin?
  19. Did your eyes or skin turn yellowish in color?
  20. Are you a person suffering from a metabolic problem like high blood pressure?
  21. Do you feel increasingly hungry & thirsty these days?
  22. Do you struggle with severe headaches & vision problems, somewhat blurry?
  23. Did you encounter numerous infections in the last few months and are the sores yet left to heal?
  24. Do you frequently come across heartburn & chest pain? Does this pain gets accompanied by shortness of breath?
  25. Do you find discomfort in moving your jaws, neck, back, shoulders,  or arms?
  26. Do you feel light-headed or dizzy most of the time? Does it hamper your work schedule, creating mental confusion & lack of concentration?

All of these signs denote that you have a high uric acid level that led you to a complex health problem now, and you need to consult your doctor for the diagnosis & treatment immediately!


If you already have high uric acid and overlooked any of these red alerts in the near past, it is always better to revisit & discuss with your doctor!

What factors contribute to the rise of the uric acid level in your body?

Before going to your appointment with the doctor, how about understanding what leads to the rise of the uric acid level in the body?

It shall help you to be prepared for the questions to ask her!  It shall help you relate to what she says!


The main factors or causes of high uric acid are as follows!


Genetics is one of the plausible factors, even though rare, to raise the level of uric acid in your body!

Ask your family member whether any of them have or had a history of high uric acid profile or uric acid-related diseases in the past; ask even about the people who have died. It is because the inheritance of certain genes, especially the ones associated with high serum uric acid levels, can make you vulnerable to an asymptomatic high uric acid profile, just like it did to any or all of your ancestors!

Underactive Thyroid

The physically challenging state of an underactive thyroid is sometimes also called hypothyroidism. It is where the thyroid hormone deficiency can significantly increase the serum urate level in your body, as it also influences & enhances the speed & force of your heartbeat & blood circulation!

Even though an overactive thyroid is considered a stimulant of high uric acid, the circumstances are usually low!

It is because an underactive thyroid is likely to decrease the Glomerular filtration rate, i.e.,  the measurements of how well your kidney can filter blood & remove waste, making room for the uric acid to reside within the body. However, in the case of an overactive thyroid, the Glomerular filtration rate is likely to increase, letting the waste products go out!


Being overweight can be a significant factor in causing an increase in your uric acid level within the body! Perhaps, the higher your body mass index, the higher your uric acid level!

Do you know why?

Obesity is a metabolic syndrome where the fat you intake cannot be broken down into soluble compounds, allowing it to build up right inside your body! When that happens, it is obvious that the level of cholesterol production would go high. In the meantime, the body fat sits so hard that it is very difficult for the uric acid to exit our body due to the limited passage & force.

In fact, even if you are not overweight or obese but have an immense amount of belly fat, your uric acid profile is certain to be high!

Renal insufficiency

By now, you already know that a lower glomerular filtration rate is associated with an increase in uric acid level, and already talked about it in the previous segment!

So, this Glomerular filtration rate shall automatically deteriorate when you have a kidney or renal dysfunction and insufficiency. Particularly, during a Chronic Kidney Disease! Alas! At this time, your kidneys fail to add an extensive amount of uric acid to the urine & subsequently end up adding it to the bloodstream!

Tumor Lysis Syndrome

Medical studies note that when your cancer cells in the body, if any, break down quickly, the uric acid level is likely to go high & faster than your kidney can release them all, similar to the rise of potassium & phosphorus levels!

Such a condition invokes Tumor Lysis Syndrome!

Are you wondering what Tumor Lysis Syndrome is?

Well, it is nothing but a group of metabolic abnormalities that arise as a response to chemotherapy, & other cancer treatments. It may occur mostly when you are a leukemia patient or are suffering from lymphomas. Although it may also take place on its own, such a situation is rare to find!

At this time, you shall have a high level of calcium, potassium, phosphate, & uric acid in your blood!


Do you know that after adjusting with factors like age, sex, & genetics, psoriasis is one of the strongest predictors or causes of high uric acid?

Psoriasis is a condition where you get affected by skin rashes, with itchy & scaly patches near your elbows, knees, trunk, & scalp. It is a common disease, staying for a long term, and that too without a cure!

During this condition, your serum urate level is plausible to go above the bars. However, the main root of how psoriasis stimulates the rise of uric acid levels is yet to be discovered!

What is wrong with your lifestyle habits in it?

Sometimes, none of the above stimulators seem to appear or bother you, nor are they certain to exist! Then, how can you have a high uric acid level?

Is that what you are wondering?

Well, that can certainly happen because of some lifestyle habits of yours.


Here, you have to understand that there is something wrong with your daily life, be it in your diet or your medication intake, be it some environmental factors in your occupational field or unhealthy social living!

Now, you can find out how they may be problematic!

Dietary habits

When your daily diet includes more delicious & crunchy sea foods like lobster, salmon, shrimp, or sardines,

When your diet throughout the day covers some plate full of juicy red meats, or when you are more engrossed in eating organ meat like that of chicken or mutton liver,


When you have a large amount of food & drinks containing fructose-corn syrup, such as soda or sugary soft drinks, apple juices, Coca-Cola, Mountain Dew, and all that; Caramel, Dry Figs, & Candies,

Ice creams & packed sweets, fast foods & processed ones; Sausages, Salamis, Bacons, croissants,

White bread pasta, & pizzas, and all that is your favorite,

It does not simultaneously not indicate that your internal functions shall consider them their favorites!

Instead, they intensify the production of uric acid to such a height that your kidney fails to cast it out, thereupon remaining in the blood and further creating complications.

Do you know why?

It is because the purine compound, we discussed before, is highly existing in all of these foods & drinks.

Medication intakes

Certain medications that you intake may be the cause of a high uric acid profile in your body!

Yes, the different kinds of diuretics you intake, the water-soluble tablets or water pills cause high uric acid! The ones commonly used to treat high blood pressure or heart failure! They prevent your kidney from eliminating the uric acid as urine.


The Aspirin containing pain-killers you consume to wipe out headaches, backaches, toothaches, and so forth are equally responsible for increasing the level of uric acid. Undoubtedly, you must be buying them over the counter, at on & off episodes, without consulting your doctor.

Both of these medications, and many others, can cause a surplus in the production of uric acid and there again, prevent it from leaving the body.

Social lifestyle

Your social lifestyle may also be a major factor behind your high uric acid level. Do you know why?


It is not because you have alcohol but because you have an immense amount of alcohol! Many doctors today recommend a glass of wine or hard liquor once or twice a month is healthy. But, when that limit increase to 3 or 4 and every day you wake up sloshed, with hangovers & headache, you are likely to pressurize the production of uric acid.

Not just alcohol,

The aristocratic non-alcoholic beers you intake these days, sometimes as compensation for an alcohol or sometimes just out of the blue, are also active participants in the extensive production of uric acid & limiting them from being removed!

Occupational Hazard

Occupational or employment Hazards are common to industrial urban areas and metropolis! Amongst industrial workers, especially those exposed to harmful chemicals or those working in farms in the exposure to pesticides, the uric acid level may rise!

It is because elements like pesticides on regular use may create oxidative damage to the body, thereby increasing the production of uric acid & not letting it pass out!

You need to avoid such exposure!

Why do you need to lower your uric acid level?

High uric acid is prone to the development of multiple health complications. Perhaps, it is one of the most popular in co-morbidities!  Do you want to know what the condition is that can high level of uric acid may lead to? Explore right below!


This condition is, indeed, conditioned by the other metabolic problem, high uric acid. Hypertension is also called High Blood Pressure, and it may get the triggering force & speed to rush straightaway with the increase in serum urate level!

Kidney Disease

High uric acid can lead to chronic kidney Disease, kidney stones, and damage.

Yes, kidney stones occur from an excessive crystal-forming substance in the urine, the ones of calcium, oxalate, and uric acid. These substances cannot get flushed out by the simple dilution process. Henceforth, they pile up in your kidneys!

Similarly, it can also create kidney infections!

Heart Disease

While the uric acid increase in the blood to an excessive amount, it is evident to bring down endothelial dysfunction.


Well, high uric acid can impair the production of nitric oxide! Thereafter, bringing the setbacks of heart attack or heart failure.

High uric acid is also known to contribute to vascular damage by the immense pressure it creates and can likewise cause arterial fibrillation!

Gout problem

Gout is a type of arthritis, or in other words, a problem in the joints, and the main cause of such a condition is high uric acid. When the excess uric acid culminates crystals in the joints, the area is likely to swell up and cause pain. That is what Gout is! Painful inflammatory arthritis, occurring to only one joint at a time!

Type 2 Diabetes

High uric acid often tends to interrupt your blood glucose level by creating oxidative stress through the production of induced ROS and thereafter, reduces insulin sensitivity. That is when you have type 2 diabetes!

Besides, Gout & type 2 Diabetes is interconnected, as suggestive of the 2014 Study in the Annals of Rheumatic disease!

Fatty liver Disease

The elevation of serum uric acid reflects the production of ROS & subsequently, oxidative stress. Not just that, it also creates metabolic syndrome & insulin resistance inside your body! All three are the most probable risk factors for fatty liver disease.

Bone, Tissue, or Joint Damage

While the accumulation of crystals inside your body is on if left untreated for a long, causes permanent damage to your bones, tissues, joints, and so forth. That’s right! When crystals form near your joints, tendons, bones, or tissues, your doctor needs to remove the fluid from that area and eliminate permanent damage.

Diagnosis & Treatment Facilities of High Uric Acid Levels in the Human Body

No wonder, any of us want to solve this problem at our earliest and avoid all possible risk factors & complications in the near future!

But that is not easy!

We need medical aid for it, and so does your doctor. That is why several diagnostic processes & treatment methods lay developed in the field of medical science! You must be keen to know what they are. Let us unveil!

Different types of diagnostic methods today can screen high uric acid in your body, and they are –


It is the process in which high-frequency sound waves emerge from a wand-like instrument called a transducer, when moved over your abdomen or another area of examination or insert the same into your vagina, rectum, or mouth, sends electric signals to the computer screen, scanning your internal structures & functions! Perhaps, such a process holds a high capability to detect high uric acid levels.


The process of using ionizing radiation successfully detects the crystal formations in your body. Joint X-rays are popular in this regard! The electromagnetic radiation, when passing through the body, leaves a shadow therein!

Duel-Energy CT scan

The technique of using computed tomography, with nothing but a rotated X-Ray machine, taking internal pictures of your body from multiple angles in order to create a cross-section of image and a detailed output, – can accurately determine your high uric acid level!

Blood test & Joint Fluid test –

Both of these pathological types of machinery work effectively to diagnose uric acid levels in your body! Some people who have a bit high uric acid but no such crystal formations can also find their profile through this test!

Once you & your doctor are aware of it and plan to cut it in the roots, various options take the stage! It means the medication you intake is more dependent on your & your doctor. Some of them belonging to the list are –

1. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like indomethacin or celecoxib, the prescriptive ones, 

2. Colchicine, 

3. Corticosteroids, 

4. Allopurinol, 

5. Probenecid, and myriad more!

Such medications are given when the situation is intense.

A little bit high in the graph can rely on natural healing, but only if you are eager to take up some natural health regulation initiatives!

Control Methods of High Uric Acid: Expert Tips!

Medical experts & professionals have, time & again, researched and laid out the best possible regulation process for the uric acid level in your body. We are going to take heed of a few!


  1. Dietary Changes –

Preventing & controlling the condition of high uric acid requires some dietary modifications in your life. Are you up for it?

Then, you have to avoid all the purine-rich foods & drinks and rather have more of – 1) Chickpeas, 2) Lentils, 3) Nuts, 4) Brown Rice, 5) Oats, 6) Spinach, 7) Broccoli, 8) Pears, all that incorporates a large amount of fiber.

Foods rich in vitamin c shall also serve well! For instance, you can include tomatoes, oranges, strawberries, grapefruits, kiwi, red & green peppers, etc.

Avoiding excess alcohol is a must, and so is, on the other hand, drinking a lot of water!

Stress Management

You need to cope with stress & anxiety as that can pose a threat herein! A Long meditation session early morning, followed by a few minutes of yoga practice, is the best possible solution for stress management.

Do you want to try it? Then go for it!

You can also choose to go for a long drive session or a long walk in the evening, listening to music & enjoying the winds. That is also a good stress management technique.  You can paint something, read books, make hand craft, and keep time for yourself.

But, do not go for ice creams, or munchies, as they may turn the table upside down.

Insulin Management

Yes, you can take oral short-acting insulin before having a meal in order to compensate for the carbohydrates loads. Herein, injections, inhalers, and pumps are the three tools of insulin management, and this process of taking insulin doses is called insulin therapy. Such therapy is offered to diabetes patients mostly.

During this time, make sure to check your blood sugar often!


Be certain of how & where to inject it. When you are unsure, feel free to hire a medical professional for it!

Weight Management

Weight management is a vital control method for uric acid. You desperately need to off-go the extra fats in your body and stay fit all the time.

For that,

You need to exercise daily.

Going to the gym would not be necessary if you do free exercise daily, especially cardio! You can just try out some sit-ups & stretching at home or go jogging & try out jumping!

You can choose pilates & dancing as well!

At the same time,

You have to remember that you require only optimal sleep! Not odd & long ones!

Checking Persistent Hydration & Eliminating Toxins

Hydration is an important factor in lowering your uric acid level, and thereupon, helping eliminate the toxins from the body successfully!

And how can you stay hydrated?

Simply by drinking a lot of water, at least 32 ounces a day, and by bathing regularly, if possible twice a day. You need to keep your body & brain fresh, calm, & activated!

And not,

Dehydrated, tired, and inactive!

  1. Choice of Natural Supplements over Medications –

As you know, some medications may streamline the production of uric acid abnormally to such a state that your kidneys fail to push them out, resulting in the formation of crystals.

It is mandatory for you to limit them now!

You can always go for alternatives!

Try natural supplements to reduce pain or blood pressure.

Try some green tea!

Try some cherries, rosemary oil, ginger, turmeric, or omega-3 fatty acids!

Of course, in consultation with your doctor!

Sum Up:

That’s all for today! We wrap up our article herein and look forward to your further queries and questions regarding how to control uric acid or even otherwise! We can soon come back again with the next article.

Till then, stay tuned with, and stay healthy!

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