How to Get Rid of Pain on Top of Foot When Walking: Tips and Tricks!

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How to Get Rid of Pain on Top of Foot When Walking: Tips and Tricks!

Pain on top of foot is a hidden troublemaker sneaking in uninvited to ruin our day! From overuse, annoying strains, and excessive body weight to nerve glitches and gout, there are various reasons why these pesky culprits show up!

You cannot walk properly.

You can barely stand.

You start to have severe pain on the outside of the foot when walking, even a bit.

But fear not; here I bring you some natural remedies on – How to get rid of pain on top of your foot! Feel free to learn and embrace them at times of need!

Take Rest: Because Even Heroes Need Power Naps!

Yes. Rest is the greatest remedy for all kinds of body pain, be it on top of your foot, knee, hip, arms, shoulder, or head. We all need rest, even the heroes of Indian cinema! In other words, you need to avoid all activities that trigger the pain, even if walking for some time, if that’s so!

While your foot and legs lay at rest, the muscles, tendons, cartilage, and blood vessels get time to function on their own and heal.

Apply Ice Packs, and Give Your Pain A Cold Shoulder!

Next, what you must do is – Give the top of your foot a chilled sensation with ice packs! While some doctors recommend applying it at least three times a day; for about fifteen to twenty minutes each, some ask you to use ice several times a day; for about five to fifteen minutes. You can estimate the timeframe accordingly, as it suits you, or talk to your family doctor once!

Indeed, ice is one of the salient remedies to numb body pain and reduce inflammation, especially those arising from sprains and minor injuries.

Take The Pressure Off: Via Compression!

Then you may opt to wear a compression bandage or an elastic ankle brace for some time daily. You can also use arch support or orthotics so that your foot stays stable while standing or walking. Compressions like this can certainly help take the pressure off and reduce pain on top of the foot when walking.

Similarly, foot massage with hands or maybe foot rollers; is another compression technique that helps improve circulation and soreness, thereby numbing foot pain.

Elevate Your Foot: To Reach New Heights of Relief!

Remember that elevation of the affected area (where you feel the pain) above your heart level can help improve blood flow and deliver enough oxygen and nutrients to your body cells, herein that of your foot, subsequently allowing them to recover faster.

You can keep your foot elevated while lying on your bed or couch, maybe by adjusting it with a couple of soft pillows or cushions. Isn’t that comforting in itself?

Change Your Shoes, and Step Up The Game!

Alas! Your shoes can often invoke more pain on the top of your foot when walking! Sometimes, it’s an outcome of wearing a shoe longer than its life span. Sometimes, it’s just the wrong shoe style or a misfit shoe size. High heels, tight and narrow shoes, and sneakers with which you have traveled over 400 to 500  miles are what I am talking about here!

Thus, if you want to reduce foot pain, it’s high time you switch to wearing well-fitted shoes that has good arches for support and good cushioning to alleviate the pressure on top of the foot.

With Gentle Exercises, Flex, Bend, and Defy Gravity!

Undoubtedly, gentle stretching of your feet and calf muscles, flexing the toes and keeping them pointed out for a while, and moving the ankles round and round, clockwise and again anti-clockwise, can help reduce your pain on the outside of your foot when walking. You can stretch as much as you can!

Exercises like these for about twenty to thirty minutes a day can help promote blood flow to your foot muscles, reduce tension on them, and allow them to heal quicker.

Burn Some Fat: If You’re Overweight!

If you are overweight and you have pain on top of the foot when walking, you ought to try losing some belly fat, and those in the thigh, as soon as possible. Why so? Well, the pain you experience results from the extensive pressure your body weight puts on your foot when it’s not normal, as per your height ratio.

There are various effective ways to burn body fats, from regular exercise, swimming, and cycling to having a diet without carbs and unhealthy fats. You can take your dietician’s recommendation on what to eat and what not to eat!

Soak Away The Woes: With A Blissful Foot Bath!

Hasn’t anyone ever told you before that; a cozy warm foot bath can wipe out pain on top of the foot? That’s true, and that is what you must take up if and when you want to recover faster and return to your daily lifestyle. All you would need for this are a bucket full of warm water and baking soda or Epsom salts!

Trust me; this is likely to soothe your sore muscles and minimize swelling in your foot, if any, and the corollary act as a relief ticket for your foot pain.

Have Pain Medications: The Last Way Out!

Last but not least, comes into the picture, the only-left solution on how to get rid of pain on top of foot – Oral medications! No doubt, over-the-counter non-steroidal anti-inflammatory pain relievers can help you here. But, it is always better to consult a doctor before in-taking a medication or drug, as it may have multiple side effects.

However, while pain medications are concerned, topical ones are beneficial too! By this, I mean; you can apply medicated pain-relieving lotions on your affected foot. They constitute menthol, turpentine, or eucalyptus to numb your pain and offer a soothing sensation.

Final Thoughts:

When foot pain strikes from the top, walking woes can make you stop.

Rest, ice, and stretch; give relief a try, then kick discomfort straight to the sky!

Embrace comfy shoes, keep pain at bay, and let your happy feet have their say!

But, If the pain doesn’t seem to disappear, don’t fret, my dear, have no fear!

Seek expert help. Let them lend an ear. They’ll find the cause and give you the care!

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