How To Repair Damaged Nerves Naturally?

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How To Repair Damaged Nerves Naturally?

If you ever have damaged nerves, you expect your doctor to give you medication to heal your nerve. But, they may also suggest a few lifestyle modifications that can repair the damaged nerves naturally. Do you want to know what they are?

This blog on how to repair damaged nerves naturally can tell you all – From dietary modifications, day-to-day health and hygiene, and the old acupuncture technique to physical therapies you need to pursue, be it exercises or meditation!


Modification In The Dietary Habits

Yes. Modifying your dietary habits can help ease nerve pain and heal damaged nerves. While most peripheral neuropathy occurs from vitamin or other nutritional deficiencies in your body, adding food that includes more vitamins B and D, potassium, protein, fiber, etc., can help! Likewise, opting for a low-inflammatory diet can keep your blood circulation healthy, and so as your nerves!

Wondering; what kind of food in your diet can be beneficial?


Avocado is full of healthy fats and high in potassium. It can help your body to absorb anti-oxidants efficiently! Hence, having avocado in your daily diet can help normalize your nerve functioning.


Sweet Potato

Sweet potato is a root vegetable; abundant in vitamins A and C. It offers anti-oxidant protection for your cells. Besides, it encompasses natural anti-inflammatory compounds. So, having them in your meal can reduce nerve inflammation. Meanwhile, their fiber content can keep your blood sugar normal!

How To Repair Damaged Nerves Naturally?


Quinoa is an edible seed-producing plant that can offer you a high potassium intake, which, in turn, helps your nerve channel messages effectively. You can say it is a superfood that contains many nutrients, from iron, protein, vitamins, and fiber to magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, folate, and so forth!

How To Repair Damaged Nerves Naturally?


A kind of summer squash, Zucchini, can be a great incorporation into your diet if your doctor proposes more potassium and magnesium intake to promote excessive nerve transmission and simultaneously calm down excited nerves.

How To Repair Damaged Nerves Naturally?

Green Leafy Vegetables

Perhaps, the more broccoli, asparagus, kale, spinach, cabbage, and lettuce are on your plate, the more you can keep your strict doctor away! And this is also true for nerve health. These green leafy vegetables contain high vitamins and minerals crucial to repair your damaged nerves naturally and improve regeneration.

How To Repair Damaged Nerves Naturally?


If you can have one fruit a day, be it cherries, watermelon, orange, red grapes, or peaches, you may secure a repair for your damaged nerve due to inflammation. These fruits have loads of anti-oxidants that can reduce nerve inflammation.

If you want to prevent inflammation in the very first place, have more cranberries and blueberries. They are loaded with anti-inflammatory compounds (or resveratrol).

How To Repair Damaged Nerves Naturally?

Lion’s Mane Mushroom

Also called white jelly fungus or hedgehog mushroom, lion’s mane mushroom has vital medical uses. Experts say that these mushrooms if taken twice a day, can repair damaged nerves! It can reduce inflammation contributing to nerve damage. Moreover, it can help boost new nerve growth.

How To Repair Damaged Nerves Naturally?

Salmon & Tuna

Keeping a fish in your everyday meal, especially; those rich in vitamin B6 and omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon, tuna, black cod, or sardines, can help prevent and treat nerve damage, if any! The omega-3 acid creates myelin or a protective coating for your nerve cells, thereby refraining damage.

How To Repair Damaged Nerves Naturally?


The commonly-found ingredient in every household, ginger, is essential for your nerve health. Medical experts recommend ginger in your diet to reduce nerve pain and damage due to the presence of anti-inflammatory compounds and gingerol.

How To Repair Damaged Nerves Naturally?

A Lot of Water

Undoubtedly, drinking a lot of water can help your nerve conditions normal. This is because enough water in your body can keep nutrients inflow and allow nerve cells to absorb the anti-oxidants. Experts suggest drinking glasses of water every day!

How To Repair Damaged Nerves Naturally?

Simple Exercises

Daily exercise is always beneficial to the human body! Whether you have high blood sugar, stress, or excessive fats in the body, exercise can keep you away from diseases.

How To Repair Damaged Nerves Naturally?

In the case of nerve health, simple exercises like walking, cycling, or climbing stairs can ensure proper blood circulation so that enough oxygen can reach your nerve cells. As a result, nerve damage can be prevented, reduced, slowed down, and healed naturally.

In fact, a daily short walk of around 15 minutes can strengthen your nerves and boosts regeneration, say the medical experts.


When it comes to the question of how to repair damaged nerves naturally, many doctors recommend meditation too!

Many meditation techniques can lower stress and enhance your coping ability when you have abnormal nerve conditions. Yes. They are non-invasive mind-body approaches that can hereby reduce your nerve pain.

How To Repair Damaged Nerves Naturally?

Warm Bath

A warm bath can kill multiple germs. We all are aware of it! It can keep you away from infections and, therefore, from the nerve damage that leads to! Taking a warm bath can also boost blood circulation throughout your body and ensure your nerve cells get sufficient oxygen.

Such a condition can, in turn, help you fetch relief from the nerve pain and awaken them from numbness.

Topical Creams & Essential Oils

Doctors often recommend some creams and oils to apply on your affected area of nerve damage, of course, from outside the skin, and give it a rest!

Herein, topical creams containing cayenne pepper can serve great! And so does dilute essential oils like olive oil. The oil or cream massage daily can help reduce your nerve pain and provide strength to your damaged nerves caused by injuries.

Quit Smoking & Drinking

Smoking and drinking can never be beneficial for your body. Like many diseases it triggers, abnormal nerve conditions are also one of them.

While smoking affects your blood circulation, drinking lower your metabolism rate, altogether making your nerve cells prone to damage!

So, you need to quit them if you want your damaged nerves to heal!



Acupuncture is one of the traditional Asian techniques used to treat myriads of conditions and relieve pain. It stimulates the pressure point in your body and promotes natural healing. This means – If you have nerve damage, acupuncture can trigger your nervous system to release chemicals that alter the pain experience.

The process may involve needle insertion into the skin at a particular point to improve blood circulation.

Bottom Line:


Were you able to note down how to repair damaged nerves naturally, which your doctor would inevitably suggest if you ever get affected by an abnormal nerve condition?

If so, it’s your part to play! Try to prevent nerve damage through these lifestyle modifications now! If already in the stage to combat, start right away! It’s always better late than never. Keep yourself healthy, and keep giving strength to your nerves.

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