How To Sit Comfortably With A Fractured Pelvis?

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How To Sit Comfortably With A Fractured Pelvis?

How To Sit Comfortably With A Fractured Pelvis? A pelvic fracture can be painful and intolerable. It may be uneasy for you to do the simpler things, like sitting comfortably or sneezing. With a fractured pelvis, you might find it difficult to walk, sit or move freely. Difficulty in mobility causes the most discomfort for all patients, elderly or otherwise. So, you must take care of yourself or have someone tend to you during your recovery period.

A pelvic fracture can happen to you at any age. Older adults are more likely to have mild pelvic fractures because they are more prone to bone-weakening diseases like osteoporosis. Most severe pelvic fractures occur in patients between 15 and 28 years. Men are more likely than women to get a pelvic fracture before age 35, and women are more likely after age 35.

How To Sit Comfortably With A Fractured Pelvis?

Even though pelvic fractures aren’t too common, they might show up. A question that most patients often ask is how to sit comfortably with a fractured pelvis. No worries! You’ll find the answers to the questions you’re looking for in this blog concerning your fractured pelvis!

What Is A Pelvis?

Let us first get you familiar with the pelvic region of your body in case you have to diagnose a fracture by yourself at home.

There are mainly three bones that make your pelvis. They are:

  1. The huge triangle-shaped bone below your spine or the sacrum.
  2. The tailbone or the coccyx.
  3. The hip bones.

How Many Types of Pelvic Fractures Are There?

  1. Closed Fracture: This is when the fracture doesn’t break the skin around your bone.
  2. Open Fracture: It is when the fracture breaks open your skin around the pelvis.
  3. Complete Fracture: It happens when your bone breaks into two pieces.
  4. Displaced Fracture: This fracture occurs when the fracture fails to go into your bone.
  5. Stress Fracture: It is when you get just a crack.

What Are the Symptoms of A Pelvic Fracture?

Any type of fracture in your pelvis, be it mild or severe, can cause discomfort while sitting and standing. The symptoms generally depend on the severity of your fracture. The most common symptoms are:

  1. You might face pain in your lower back, hip, or groin area.
  2. You might experience sharp pain when you walk or move.
  3. You might have numbness in your legs.
  4. Also, there might be pain in your stomach.
  5. Additionally, you might have discomfort while urinating.
  6. You might have difficulty walking or standing.

When Should You See Your Doctor If You Have a Fractured Pelvis?

Now, it’s difficult to diagnose a fractured pelvis by yourself. The fastest and most accurate option is to see a doctor. The doctor will then give you one or more tests to confirm if you have a fracture in your pelvis. Thus, the most common tests are:

  1. X – rays
  2. CT Scans
  3. MRI Scans
  4. Bone Scans

Can Pelvic Fracture Cure by Itself?

Without medical attention, such as surgery, mild and stable pelvic fractures usually recover on their own! To ensure the natural healing of a slight pelvic fracture, you must avoid putting too much pressure on your legs and pelvis and get lots of rest. Even if you think you have a minor pelvic fracture, you must visit your doctor as soon as possible!

How To Sit Comfortably With A Fractured Pelvis?

How Can You Cure a Fractured Pelvis at Home?

While a severely fractured pelvis requires surgery, mild and stable fractures don’t. So, the most common treatments at home are:

  1. Take as much rest as possible, and do not put unnecessary pressure on the pain region.
  2. Your doctor might ask you to use crutches or a walker, or a wheelchair in the meantime so that your legs get a little relief from the pressure.
  3. Your doctor might suggest medicine to treat your pain. To lessen your risk of developing blood clots in the veins of; your legs and pelvis, your doctor may also prescribe any blood thinner medicine or anticoagulant.

How Can You Sit Comfortably with A Fractured Pelvis?

You might wonder how to sit comfortably with a fractured pelvis. Many options can make it a little easy for you to go on with your life with this injury.

  1. Gently lower yourself into the chair. Use your arms to support your upper body while sitting down. As you slowly lower yourself into the chair, grab its arms with both hands. This will stabilize you while you sit and help protect your pelvis. Although this might be uncomfortable, it will minimize your pain.
  2. Spend as little time as possible sitting still. Putting strain on your pelvis will only worsen the pain when you stand up again and is terrible for your recovery.
  3. For 10 to 20 minutes at a time, ice the region. Your pelvic area will feel less swollen and uncomfortable after using ice. You can place an ice pack or cold compress against your pelvis after wrapping the ice in a towel.
  4. You can also use a fluffy pillow between your leg and pelvic region. This will give you extra support while sitting.
  5. Moreover, you can try taking pain medicines as prescribed by your doctor from time to time; to lower the severe pain.
  6. It’s crucial to maintain your range of motion and muscle tone. So, as your pelvis heals,  you can learn some stretches and exercises from a physical therapist. It will help your pelvis heal and stay that way.

How Long Will It Take for Your Fractured Pelvis to Heal?

Now that your question regarding how to sit comfortably with a fractured pelvis has been answered, you might wonder how long it will take to heal. Typically, it takes 8 to 12 weeks for it to heal. If you have additional wounds or health issues related to the incident that caused your pelvic fracture, it could take longer for more serious pelvic fractures to heal.


People who have fractured their pelvis may begin walking immediately away since the trauma has numbed the pain. But once you can feel the pain, it will be sharp, shooting, and painful. Use cushions and steer clear of sitting at a length if you have a fractured pelvis and wish to sit comfortably. The best approach to recovering from it is to relax. It is also crucial to seek expert assistance and follow the treatment plans.

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