How To Sleep With A Chemo Port?

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How To Sleep With A Chemo Port?

Hi everyone! Here I am, back with another blog post or rather a survivor’s account on how to sleep with a chemo port. The survivor’s name is Maria, a courageous 41-years warrior from Nagpur who faced the challenges of breast cancer head-on.

Perhaps, living with cancer is a daunting journey, and unless you go through it, you can’t really relate to their struggle.

You cannot really understand the amount of determination and resources a cancer survivor requires to overcome the numerous obstacles popping up; every now and then!

One such obstacle is certainly to snore peacefully with a chemo port attached and ensure a well-deserved rest amidst cancer treatment.

Sorry, I may not relate to this, but I do aim to show you the hacks of restful nights with chemo port if you are; the one witnessing and suffering from it.

And what’s better than unveiling a survivor’s own account and advice?

Maria told me; she faced immense discomfort while sleeping with the chemo port for the initial days and even went sleepless. She talked to me about several strategies she discovered throughout her chemotherapy journey to topple this problem.

Maria Created A Peaceful Sleeping Environment

She said, “To begin with, I intended to give my bedroom a vibe of tranquil heaven. For this, I used to dim the lights, play soothing music, keep the bed neat and clean, tip-top, set the room temperature cool, and place aesthetic scented candles on the table-top near my bed every day before going to sleep.”

That’s how she ensured a sleep environment that was serene and comforting.

No doubt, transitioning from a busy day to a peaceful night begins with setting the right ambiance! Many patients with surgeries, acute depression, or otherwise emphasize the success of this mindful sleeping hack, and so do healthcare experts.

Maria Made The Perfect Clothing Considerations

When it comes to the question of how to sleep with a chemo port, the choice of clothing and their fabrics undoubtedly stands crucial. You need loose-fitting clothes. It is because tight clothes sticking to your skin may cause friction and irritation near the site of the chemo port.

Yes. Comfortable sleepwear is key to sleeping comfortably with a chemo port! 

As Maria said, “I always find solace in soft, breathable fabrics like cotton. So, going otherwise, that too, when having a chemo port, was never an option. But, I do have a lot of tight-fitted dresses that I even wear at home; therefore, during this time, I purchased more loose-fitting ones that I wore at night before going to bed. They gave the chemo port ample room and me, tight sleep!”

Maria Got Hold Of The Optimal Sleeping Positions

“As my doctor recommended, I used to slightly elevate my upper body with an extra pillow or two, sometimes, and sleep on the back,” exclaimed Maria. And then went on saying, “This position gave me comfort, and since there wasn’t any pressure on the port, there was no scope of strain at the port site.”

She said that she has a habit of sleeping on her stomach with her face down, and such an episode changed her sleeping habits.

Indeed, finding the optimal way to sleep with a chemo port serves many. Medical experts often say that making side-sleep, typically on the opposite of your port site, a go-to position is also a suitable choice. But, you ought to be careful of your movements.

Maria Enhanced Her Sleep Hygiene

Next, Maria disclosed how she explored and learned new sleep hygiene techniques that helped her fetch better sleep while she had the chemo port attached to her chest.

She was very particular about maintaining it because she believed and still does that sleep hygiene can make her fall asleep faster.

Maria revealed, “I tend to look for hygiene hacks, especially from the time; I was diagnosed with cancer. During my chemo sessions, I used to take a light bath and avoid all gadgets and screens at least one hour before sleep. I made sure not to consume alcohol or caffeine within two hours of bedtime.”

Maria Embraced Various Relaxation Techniques

Furthermore, Maria told me how she used to collect ideas about relaxing before sleeping with a chemo port.

Many of her friends suggested that she should try having and applying herbal products like lavender or chamomile tea. She did so for one or two days and found relief.

Maria even said, “Apart from the relaxation exercises my family doctor recommended, I also tried several hours of meditation before bedtime. I remember feeling extremely anxious on the very; first day of sleeping with a chemo port. After up-taking meditation practices, maybe with a  slight music in the background, I got rid of stress and enjoyed deep sleep.”

Maria Bought Supportive Mattress, Pillows & Cushions

“It might sound funny to you, but I also had to buy proper pillows, cushions, and mattresses to make myself utmost comfortable while sleeping with that port. I ordered a wedge pillow to keep my back elevated while sleeping. Then, my husband got me three cute port pillows designed exclusively for cancer patients. I had no idea they existed unless I saw them.” remarked Maria.

I asked her about what type of mattress she bought. It was typically a hybrid one made with memory foam.

In researching the product on the web, I saw It offers a stark balance between firmness and softness and is suited to all body shapes.

Summing Up:

In conclusion, my fighters, I know; you cannot always get away with challenges when it comes to sleeping with a chemo port, but fear not! With the right strategies, as Maria took up for herself, you can conquer the restful nights; for sure!


Snuggle up with cushions and pillows, embrace side-sleeping and straight on your back like a pro, create a cozy sanctuary for your rest, meditate, exercise, find new sleep aids, and do whatever helps you relieve your stress and let you dream sweet!

Empower lives beyond cancer; discover more lifestyle hacks at

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