Let’s list the reasons for prostate problems!

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Let’s list the reasons for prostate problems!

Let’s list the reasons for prostate problems!

The semen-making gland in males is what medical science calls a prostate & it resides just below the bladder & in front of the rectum. Besides, your prostate covers the urine & semen-carrying urethra!


It may grow in size with age, and that is precisely where health problems take the stage!


The prostate gland is somewhat the shape & the size of a walnut, but as you grow older, your prostate tends to grow larger. Sometimes, it can further swell up & get enlarged. Sometimes, it may even help cancerous cells to grow & take their monstrous form.

I suppose such a condition is something you certainly want to avoid, and for that purpose, you have to fill up your knowledge gaps with an in-detail study on your prostate health. Why worry when we are already here to guide you through it?

This article shall list the various reasons for prostate problems, alongside unfolding the different prostate problems in themselves, their warning signs, and ways to overcome them. So, are you ready?

Have a seat, grab a cup of coffee, and keep reading with me!

What are the different kinds of prostate problems?

First & foremost, let me tell you that most of us make the common mistake of considering prostate cancer as the only prostate problem. Of course, it is the most dangerous threat to your prostate health. However, it is not the only one.

There are two major prostate problems that are not cancers, but they do exist! And,

They are as follows!

Prostatitis or Prostate Inflammation

It is the condition in which your prostate glands get inflamed or swollen because of some bacterial infections. But, sometimes bacterial infection may not be the cause, and that is where the stimulating factor remains unclear to us. Medical research is on in this regard, and we are soon to discover more!

Prostatitis is a condition that affects almost 50 percent of males, usually at an older age, when the bars go above 50 years, unlike an enlarged prostate or prostate cancer. Yet again, it can develop in males of all ages.

Typically, there exist four different types of prostatitis, namely –

Acute bacterial prostatitis

It is the type of prostate inflammation that occurs from the bacteria making its way from the kidneys, bladder, & urinary tract.

Such a type can emerge quickly & it covers almost 10 percent of the total prostatitis cases. Acute bacterial prostatitis is more often community-acquired, but it may also pop up after some transurethral manipulation techniques like cystoscopy or urethral catheterization.

  1. If you do not drink enough water or fluids daily,
  2. If you have multiple sexual partners,
  3. If you have unprotected anal intercourse,
  4. If you have pelvic injuries from a horse or bike riding session,
  5. If you are under psychological stress,

Beware! Such circumstances are likely to make you more vulnerable to acute bacterial prostatitis.

They are some severe conditions & seek emergency medical care!

Chronic bacterial prostatitis

It is the type of prostate inflammation or tenderness where the bacterial infection may take a long lingering time, even up to several months. This condition is plausible to appear right after acute bacterial prostatitis, mostly in older men like the former.

When you have this type of prostate problem & you receive the cure, there remains the probability for even a percent of the bacterial infection to further thrive & escalate! Even though the curable rate today stands at around 82 percent, management of prostatitis is all you have. It is because the relapse rate is as high s 50 percent!

Relax! It is relatively rare when compared to acute bacterial prostatitis and takes place in only 5 percent of the patients suffering from different prostate problems.

All you need to check is –

Whether you have had a urinary tract infection for a long, Whether you had an E.coli after witnessing testicle infections, Whether you have a narrow urethra, and so forth!

These conditions are what shall bring down the risk of chronic bacterial prostatitis!

Chronic prostatitis

This type of prostatitis is also called chronic pelvic pain syndrome and is perhaps the most common type! Do you know that it is sometimes called chronic nonbacterial prostatitis? It is because unlike the previous two, no bacterial infections exist in this condition, and the cause is unknown.

Yet, references to some triggering points lay mentioned by medical professionals, including that stress, nerve damage, or other physical injuries.

In fact, chemicals present in the urine may play a major role!


So can parasites & viruses! Pelvic floor muscle problems or sexual abuse!

On this note, it stands essential to understand that the causes may vary from one individual to another.

During this time, widespread inflammation takes place that may even be life-threatening. A 2016 study reveals that such a condition comprises almost 90 percent of chronic prostate cases.

It brings forth long-term pain & urinary symptoms that we shall discuss in the segment on warning signs. A common condition, indeed! With an estimated lifetime prevalence of about 1.8 to 8.2 percent!

Asymptomatic prostatitis

Last but not least, this type of prostatitis, as its name already suggests, tends to occur without any symptoms. Your doctor may find it while diagnosing other issues. And,

You are at risk of having infertility because of it!

Asymptomatic prostatitis can occur from both bacterial infections or other causes. Typically, men who have an enlarged prostate or benign prostatic hyperplasia are at threat of this disease! It is a prolonged inflammation that makes room for the growth of cancerous cells. This is because such a type of prostatitis can raise the level of Prostatic Specific Antigen (PSA), which stands as the most crucial cancer tumor marker in your body.

Do you know it has got many names? Yes, that is true. Doctors may, time and again, refer to this condition as subclinical prostatitis, histological prostatitis, or type IV prostatitis.


This multi-named prostatitis holds a prevalence of about 19 percent, more among a healthy young man like you who has no clue about it happening.


If you are a healthy young man, smoking too much these days out of your work pressure, you need to be careful now! Smoking is injurious to your health and herein, your prostate health!

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or Enlarged Prostate

Being one of the most common conditions happening out of aging, benign prostatic hyperplasia or enlarged prostate appears in nearly 1 out of 3 men!

Studies say that nearly 90 percent of men in their 70s & 80s are prone to have an enlarged prostate! Seems like it is an inevitable consequence of aging in men!

A prostate grows in two different phases as a man grows in age. First is the time of early puberty, when your prostate is likely to double in size, and the second is from 25 years or so. The latter continues for life, and it is this phase that makes man vulnerable to benign prostatic hyperplasia.


As you can already understand, benign stands for non-cancer, and hyperplasia means abnormal cell growth. Thus, you can say that benign prostatic hyperplasia is nothing but abnormal noncancerous cell growth in your prostate gland!

Even though it may incorporate similar symptoms of prostate cancer, it has got no link with cancer, and nor does it lead to the state of prostate cancer. However, it can impose extensive pressure on your urethra, thereby, affecting your urination process.

Doctors sometimes call it prostate gland enlargement, which may lead to bladders or kidney problems. Yet again, it is not such a serious threat as prostatitis or prostate cancer. It may drive urinary tract infections, urinary retention, and so forth. So, you must not assume to live healthy with it. You need proper treatment.

Now that you know the two prostate problems that do not fall under the category of cancer problems, you need to underscore & learn the third and the most dangerous problem!

What is it?

Prostate cancer

Yes, this is the most dangerous prostate problem that one can have, and perhaps it is the most common type of cancer in males! Survey records state that in the UK, about 45000 prostate cancer cases lay diagnosed each year.

Just like the other prostate problem, aging can be a major factor herein, particularly for those above 65 years!

This does not mean that early prostate cancer does not show up. Well, it does, but the rate is much low! Besides, even if you have prostate cancer at an early age, it is not likely to leave any signs or symptoms.

Not just age, family history & ethnic group can also play a role in the development of prostate cancer. Usually, black men are more prone to prostate cancer than whites. But, in terms of ethnic groups, Asian men hold the least threat from it!

The cell changes or the initial process of cancerous cell growth may start 10 or 20 years before you suffer from its dreadful consequences.


Prostate cancer is a slow but deadly one! It holds the ability to spread even to the lymph nodes of your pelvis, bones, and finally, throughout the body slowly over the years. No wonder, it is the second leading cause of cancer death in the USA, following lung cancer.


Advancements in medical science have contributed to ways to detect and treat prostate cancer at an early stage. Records show that around 80 to 85 percent of all prostate cancer patients represent the first or second stage. That is why while it happens in 1 out of 3 men, 1 out of 41 patients die because of it!

The life expectancy for the local & regional stages, i.e., the first & second stages, is 99 percent, respectively, while for the third or distant state, the rate of survival is only 31 percent.

Explore: What are the reasons for the arrival of prostate problems?

Of course, by now, you already know that there are different types of factors contributing to the rise of prostate problems. The reasons sometimes may be similar for the different prostate problems. However, they ought to come under specificity all the time.



We shall discuss the reasons for prostate problems under each specific condition! Let’s begin!

For an enlarged prostate or benign prostatic hyperplasia, the reasons are as follows!

Hormonal changes

Well, it stands crucial to note that the main cause of benign prostatic hyperplasia is the hormonal changes in your body!


Thy is an imbalance in the hormone from your testis called testosterone!


When the amount of testosterone production in men declines, they are certain to have an enlarged prostate!

To be more precise,

The decrease in dihydrotestosterone, or in short, DHT, which works locally as a potent androgen!

Yet again,

There are other factors that may not be the root cause, but of course, an influencer, a contributor!


That’s right!

Age can be an important factor in the growth of benign prostatic hyperplasia! When you cross the bar of 40, you must be careful about the arrival of this condition. You are vulnerable to it!

Family history

If you have a family history of prostate enlargement, meaning your father or forefather has or had this prostate problem, you are at risk!

So, it is better you start asking out among your family members.


Always Remember that certain genes have a lot to play when underlying our body!


Being overweight is not just harmful to your outward look but also to your body from the inside.

When you are obese or overweight and do not intend at all to do some physical exercises or activities on a regular basis, you fall into the trap of many health disorders, including an enlarged prostate.

Are you up for it?

High blood pressure

It is true!

Blood pressure is not only an important marker to keep your cardiovascular & nervous system on point but also your reproductive system.

This is because high blood pressure can influence the PSA level, thereby triggering the rise of benign prostatic hyperplasia.


Diabetes is itself a disease!

Hence, it is needless to think that diabetes cannot create a problem in the reproductive organs. Well, it does!

The blood glucose concentration is associated with the rise of an enlarged prostate, and men with diabetes are twice more likely to have this condition than the ones who do not!

Erectile dysfunction

According to the National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive, and Kidney Diseases, erectile dysfunction can be a probable factor behind the emergence of benign prostatic hyperplasia.

It is the condition in which you fail to get an erection to have sexual intercourse at any time!

Certain dietary habits


All food you enjoy having is not good for your health. Not even your reproductive health! Do you know what they are?

Food containing high calcium intake, like yogurt & cheese, salmon & sardines, beans & lentils, Almonds, and so forth!

Food that entails a high amount of sugar, like soft drinks, apple juices, packed sweets, etc.!

Food that is too spicy,

Red meats, egg & poultry, skinless turkey or chicken!


For the condition of acute bacterial prostatitis, here comes the leading cause – Bacteria!

The bacteria causing UTIs

Yes, all bacteria that affect your urinary tract by causing infections are similarly responsible for the inflammation of your prostate!


The species are –

  1. Proteus
  2. Klebsiella
  3. Escherichia coli

The bacteria causing STDs

Not all, but some bacteria that inhibits sexually transmitted diseases within you can also be a cause of prostate inflammation or prostatitis.

They are –

  1. Gonorrhea
  2. Chlamydia


Other catalysts of prostate inflammation do exist! Do you know what they are?

Certain health conditions, diseases, & damages

  1. Did you ever have urethritis, or in other words, the inflammation of the urethra? Or, did you have an inflamed epididymis, the condition called epididymitis?
  2. Were you a victim of scrotum or rectum injury in the past?
  3. Were you a sufferer of bladder stones or an enlarged bladder?
  4. Do you have an inability to push back your penis foreskin?

If not, you can relax! But, if so, you need to have a diagnosis & checkup. It is because all these four conditions can make you suffer from prostatitis!

Certain medical techniques & therapies

Before up-taking a treatment, make sure you discuss with your doctor about the further complication. Are you wondering why I say so?

It is because some latest medical techniques can create complications like prostatitis. Some of them are as given below.

  1. Cystoscopy
  2. Urinary catheterization


For chronic bacterial prostatitis, the bacterial role stands the same.

  1. The bacteria causing UTIs & STDs –

You heard it right! Acute bacterial prostatitis and chronic bacterial prostatitis hold the same reasons!

The bacteria which cause UTI & STDs can cause chronic bacterial prostatitis, namely, the Proteus, Klebsiella, Escherichia coli, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, etc. But there are some different factors that may create an upsurge!

  1. Condition of an enlarged prostate
  2.  Testicle infections
  3.  Narrow urethra or urethral stricture

After that,

For chronic prostatitis or chronic pelvic pain syndrome, the main cause is yet to decipher. But the most probable ones enlisted by the medical experts are given down the line!

  1. Constipation or irritable bowel syndrome –

When your stool is too hard to pass, it creates immense pressure in the lower colon & further leads to enormous pelvic pain. But, alas, even after so much effort the stool can’t exit your body, leaving strain on your prostate.

That’s when your prostate may have tenderness or turn swollen or inflamed!

  1. Enlarged spleen –

You must be knowing that the spleen is an organ that resides right below your left rib cage! Coming without symptoms, an enlarged spleen is a condition to arise out of infections, liver disease, or cancer!


It further leads to chronic prostatitis! Especially when the spleen has some viruses or infections!

  1. Intestine Inflammation –

Well, inflammation is indeed contagious! So, inflammation in your intestine may contribute to inflammation elsewhere. Typically, in your prostate glands!


It is because intestine inflammation gets linked with the inflammatory-rich protumorigenic prostatic phenotype!

There are also a few more health conditions that may be a factor behind the inflammation of your prostatitis. They are –

4. Interstitial cystitis

5. Abnormalities in Endocrine hormone

6. Bladder syndrome

7. Pelvic floor dysfunction

8. Neurogenic inflammation

9. Surgical trauma

10. Orthopedic injuries

And many more!

In fact, your lifestyle may also act as the one behind the game! Typically when you –

11. Have multiple sexual partners, have aggressive sexual intercourse,

12. Have a sedentary lifestyle with too much horse riding or cycling,

13. Exercise excessively & undergo a change in your exercise routine!


For asymptomatic prostatitis, the causes are somewhat versatile. Do you know how? Continue reading more!

  1. Old age –

Just like for all other prostate problems, Old age is a crucial marker taking you to asymptomatic prostatitis! Especially to those above 70 years or so!

Stay alert! As you already know, they shall give you no hints!

  1. Excessive alcohol consumption –

Tell me,

Are you an alcoholic? By this, I do not mean whether or not you drink alcohol, but whether to drink bottles & bottles of alcohol a day and every day!

If you are, you are more plausibly at risk of developing prostate inflammation, and that too, the asymptomatic one!

  1. Excessive tobacco consumption –

Likewise, if you consume packets & packets of cigarettes, prostate inflammation or tenderness gets ready to start its action, deteriorating your health!

Remember 15 packets of cigarettes a year is the marker. That’s where the red line starts!

  1. Sexually transmitted diseases –

Although sexually transmitted diseases, or rather the bacteria causing STDs are the factors working behind the emergence of acute or chronic bacterial prostatitis, they can also be a major factor for a subclinical one!

All they would do is leave no sign of destruction!

  1. Recurrent UTI –

This is nothing but reinfection of your urinary tract by the same pathogen! Perhaps, that is why the term recurrent adds up!

This may contaminate your prostate ducts and push you toward prostatitis. Over that, keeping no symptoms!

Above all,

For prostate cancer, the exact cause is unknown to medical science even today. But certain factors can boost the growth of cancerous cells in your prostate gland!

  1. Genetics –

Genes play a huge role in the growth & spread of cancers! And so for prostate cancer!

Some genes that you inherit from your father, forefather, & ancestry –

  1. Tumor-suppressing genes like BRCA1 & BRCA2,
  2. DNA-repairing genes like RAD51D, PALB2, CHEK2, ATM,
  3. DNA mismatch repairing genes such as PMS2, MSH2, MSH6, and MLH1,

Along with many others can trigger the growth of prostate cancer in men!

  1. Environmental factors –

Moreover, there come some environmental hazards to stimulate the growth of cancer!


Excess Radiation can cause cancer. Even the ones used in X-rays or CT-scan, if the dosage exceeds by chance!

Exposure to agricultural chemicals can also do the same! For instance, if you more often use herbicides & pesticides, it can turn into a deadly threat for you!

Exposure to extensive smoke and pollution can be another factor. And so can areas of water contamination!

Please Note: Here go the Warning signs for prostate problems!

Here again,

You have to go by the specific problem!

The warning signs of an enlarged prostate or benign prostatic hyperplasia are –

  1. Slow urine stream, or maybe a weak one,
  2. Urine leakage while sleeping,
  3. Urge to urinate even when you have an empty bladder,
  4. A sensation of a full bladder,
  5. The urine starts & stops several times while passing, and
  6. Difficulty to pass urine.

The warning signs of prostatitis or prostate inflammations are –

  1. Trouble in passing the urine,
  2. Sudden pain or discomfort while you urinate,
  3. Strong & frequent urge to urinate,
  4. Painful ejaculation,
  5. Loss of sexual urges,
  6. Rectal pain, or maybe a sudden pressure near your rectum,
  7. Lower back pain or pain near your lower belly,
  8. Pain near the scrotum and groin,
  9. Body ache,
  10. Rectal or genital throbbing,
  11. High fever & chills, and
  12. Bowel movements-caused urethral discharge all of a sudden.

The warning signs of prostate cancer are –

  1. Frequent urination,
  2. Difficulty urinating,
  3. Pain or burning sensation while urinating,
  4. Painful ejaculation,
  5. Blood in the semen or urine,
  6. Interrupted urine stream, and
  7. Persistent pain in the hips, pelvis, & back.

Ways to overcome the possibilities of prostate problems: Experts Tips!

Experts suggest multiples way of ruling out the possibility of prostate problems. Do you wish to take a glance at it?


Do not hesitate to continue!

  1. Improvement in the Diet –

No doubt, you have to adopt an anti-inflammatory diet! The one that contains more fresh fruits & vegetables, whole grain bread, and not white bread, cooked tomatoes, freshwater fish, berries, and green tea!

You have no choice but to avoid all kinds of red meat, processed foods, hot dogs & sausages, slices of bacon, and so on! You have to avoid dairy products like milk, ghee, cheese, and butter!

You have to go for fruits like oranges, apples, grapefruits, etc. The ones containing more vitamin C!


Finally, have plenty of water daily!

  2.Weight Management –

Maintaining a healthy body mass index shall reduce many of your health problems, including the prostate ones!

So, that is what you need to do!

Gear up and go for a long walk, jogging, or swimming! You can also try out dancing and weightlifting.

If not,

Go for the trendy pilates sessions of 2022!

 3.Sexual Activeness –


To keep your prostate gland normal & working, you need to be sexually active!

This, of course, does not mean you can go for sexual intercourse without consent and by force, nor does it mean you have sex with multiple people in order to stay sexually active.

In fact, it does not even ask you to be aggressive in bed!

All it calls for is healthy sex once in a while per week or two!

 4.Using Natural Supplements –

You can also try out some natural supplements to curb the rise of prostate problems!

To name a few would be,

  1. Saw palmetto, a kind of herbal supplement used for treating benign prostatic hyperplasia,
  2. Rye grass pollen, again a herbal supplement reducing prostate inflammation and BPH,
  3. Lycopene, a pigment existing in different fruits & vegetables like papaya, apricots, olives, carrots, guava, red bell peppers, etc.,
  4. Hibiscus Tea,
  5. Cranberry juice,
  6. Omega-3 tablets, and others!

You have to decide now!

Either you quit or limit your rate of smoking & drinking, or you prepare yourself to suffer from prostate problems and related complications!

Which one would you choose?

 5. Stress Management –

While stress is a crucial game changer for all health conditions, you need to learn to manage it!



You can opt for meditation sessions regularly!

You can do yoga and keep yourself energetic!

You can sketch or paint, or make crafts & clay work, and all that you are passionate about doing! You can read books. You can hear music!


Do not go for midnight binges!

Last Words:

Are you there?

Thank you for holding your patience for a long. It is time for us to bid goodbye, and so do we! If you have any more queries or doubts, feel free to ping us at We shall get back to you as soon as possible!

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