Reasons why you need a Head CT scan?

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Reasons why you need a Head CT scan?

What is a Head CT SCAN?

Diagnostic equipment that is made use of for creating detailed pictures of all features inside the head like a skull, ventricles, eye sockets, and paranasal sinuses is known as a head CT scan. A head CT scan is popular by many names such as brain scan, skull scan, sinus scan, and cranial scan.

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This process does not need the involvement of any surgery and is non-invasive. You need to investigate different symptoms that involve the nervous system before you turn to an invasive process. 

When will you need a head CT scan?

Blow on head 

If you have a blow to your head, then it is a serious situation. The injury may not be critical but a concussion may occur along with bleeding or skull cracks. CT scan will take pictures for creating images of your brain. It will show whether there is any fracture or bleeding. It will create a clear image of the tissues of your brain.

The images created by a head CT scan are more minute than any regular X-rays. They will aid in diagnosing many conditions such as:

  • Any bone abnormalities if present in your skull
  • Abnormality of blood vessels
  • Brain tissue atrophy
  • Bleeding in the brain
  • Swelling or infection
  • Brain Tumours
  • Stroke
  • A build-up of fluid in the skull
  • Injuries to face, skull, or head

If an individual faced any injury or have any of the below mentioned symptoms with no such cause then he must opt for a head CT scan:

  • Severe or chronic headache
  • Fainting
  • Persistent dizziness
  • If any seizures recently occurred
  • Loss of vision and hearing
  • Sudden changes in behaviour and thinking
  • Weakness of muscle or sudden tingling sensation and numbness
  • Difficulty to speak and swallow

Although less common, a head CT can also be used to:

Head CT scan is also used in:

  • Evaluating soft tissue and damage of bones after any facial trauma
  • Diagnosing issues related to your skull’s temporal bone causing hearing issues
  • Identifying sinus inflammation
  • Assessing aneurysms
  • Guiding the needle in case of biopsy of a brain
  • Planning for any surgical reconstruction

If you are facing any symptoms related to the brain like personality changes or any affected movement, a head CT scan must be done immediately to ensure that any abnormality in the brain is not the primary cause.

Head CT scans will give clear soft-tissue images along with those of bones. If you are suffering from any soft tissue damage to your bones, the injury will get diagnosed accurately and then you will be provided a better plan for recovery based on the images of your head CT scan.

MRI and head CT scans are almost similar. Although under many situations, MRI is not suitable a head CT scan is a viable option. The former takes a lot of time for completing. If you suffer from a condition or any injury preventing you from lying down still for that time period, a head CT scan will be producing a more detailed image within a short time. Also if have any type of medical implant, you cannot opt for MRI and should go for head CT scans,

Few vital reasons to get a Head CT scan done

Ct head for pain

Patients who are injured, after a car accident, need to get a Head CT scan for finding and treating any internal injury fast. This will aid in detecting internal injury as CT scans are not only highly effective but also extremely fast. Thus with the proper diagnosis, a patient’s life will be saved.

You may have suffered from a dull trauma injury or your symptoms suggest that you are suffering from some disease related to tissue, then it is suggested that you do not waste your time getting an appointment with your doctor and waiting for his recommendations. Instead, go for a head CT scan to get diagnosed fast and start treating any issues in your brain if present.

There are many reasons for going for a head CT scan. CT scans will provide detailed images of muscles, bones, organs, soft tissues, brain, nerves, and blood vessels. They are a useful and diverse tool in many diagnostic situations.

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A head CT scan will be useful in assessing any damage after you had an accident or suffered from head trauma. Any abnormality in your brains like skull defects or tumors can also be detected. It is a safe procedure but it is fine to act a bit apprehensive about it. If performed by experienced and skilled specialists, these scans will be an easy and short process that will aid in carrying out the treatment plan an individual will be receiving for any condition he may have.

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We offer head CT scans by prioritizing safety and offering great service to make the entire process very comfortable for our clients. To get more information about our services, contact us now.  

Prevention is better than cure they say and it’s when it comes to head one need to be really cautious and get a CT scan done immediately if you notice any change or face any symptoms stated above. Any medical condition that is detected at an earlier stage is easy to cure always so as a precautionary measure get an HD CT scan done if you are noticing any abnormalities, do not ignore the warning signs.

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