Why Does Pre-Workout Make You Itch? 

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Why Does Pre-Workout Make You Itch? 

Pre-Workout: If you are a health and workout freak and you go through pre-workout skin itches, you are not the only one; I would say! Many of us out here acknowledge and understand that daily gyming is not enough to reach our fitness goals! Sometimes, the experts recommend pre-workout healthy supplements to enhance energy and help you extend your session for some more time.

These supplements contain beta-alanine responsible for causing your skin itches! How? You must be wondering now!

Well, that’s precisely why I am here with this blog on why does pre-workout make you itch?

Reason Why Pre-Workout Makes You Itch: What Does Beta-Alanine Do?

A Non-essential amino acid, it is; beta-alanine! The one synthesized by our body! This protein block can help you perform high-intensity exercises by evoking carnosine synthesis in skeletal muscle tissues and regulating the pH levels in your muscles.

Perhaps, workout veterans know how it helps combat muscle fatigue during high-intensity exercises, such as sprinting or weightlifting, and promote building lean body mass! However, as & when the beta-alanine dose intervenes in your body, it triggers your neurons to create a fire in your brain and flare up a tingling sensation or an itchy one. It is what we call, in one term, paresthesia!

It’s a natural and common reaction but comes with different thresholds for different people! The level of itching differs in terms of the dosage you take. So, consult your trainer and/or a qualified sports nutritionist if this pre-workout itchy skin gets extremely bothersome to you.

Your pre-workout skin itches due to beta-alanine typically starts in the neck, then to your shoulders and arms. Sometimes, you may even experience an itchy tongue. But mostly, the skin itches occur in your upper body, not your groin, legs, or feet.

How Long Does a Pre-Workout Itchy Skin Last: What Do Experts Say?

First and foremost, to be clear, pre-workout itchy skin or paresthesia is a temporary side effect of beta-alanine supplements. In other words, it’s short-lived! But the exact duration varies from one person to another.

Yet, most people say it lasts for about thirty minutes from the time of supplement consumption, some also say it exits within fifteen minutes, and some say an hour. In fact, there is a popular argument that the skin itches go less acute after you start your workout session and slowly fade beyond oblivion by the time you yield an extensive performance result.

Thus, it;’s essential for you to understand what’s your threshold and whether you are sensitive to beta-alanine so that you can take respective solutions to alleviate your pre-workout skin itches!

How To Eliminate Pre-Workout Itches on Your Skin: Significant Tips!

Myriads of techniques exist to reduce the occurrence and severity of your pre-workout skin itches due to beta-alanine consumption. A few of them are as follows!

Lower The Supplement Dosage

A dosage of beta-alanine supplements exceeding two to five grams can cause intense pre-workout skin itches. So, the first way to reduce this itching sensation is to lower the dosage by consulting with a healthcare professional. Most of the time, this does work!

Keep Yourself Hydrated

The second significant hack to minimize your pre-workout skin itches is staying hydrated all the time, especially before your workout sessions. Doctors suggest drinking around eight to ten glasses of water daily to keep your body hydrated. Indeed, it helps dilute the supplement in your system faster!

Make Sure To Have A Balanced Diet

Your diet can also play a role in reducing the skin itches before your workout. But only when you have a balanced one that includes all essential nutrients requisite to your body, from vitamins and minerals to fibers and anti-oxidants. Incorporating lean proteins, complex carbs, cruciferous vegetables, leafy greens, and whole grains in the right amount can aid!

Introduce the Supplement To Your Body Gradually

If you are just on the initial days of your pre-workout supplement intake, kindly hold your horses! Introducing the beta-alanine supplement to your body gradually, with one gram to two a day, and then three if needed, can help fight the pre-workout skin itches you lay vulnerable to! You need to give time to your body to adapt.

Be Precise About The Time of Consumption

Medical Experts suggest taking beta-alanine supplements twenty to thirty minutes ahead of your workout schedule and being on time, persistently! This can aid; initiate the itching or tingling sensation, take it to the peak, and submerge while you start the workout.

Opt For Alternative Pre-Workout Supplements

Last but not least, you always have the option to drop out of having beta-alanine supplements and instead go for several other valuable ingredients. For instance, you can opt for supplements containing L-Citrulline, L-theanine, or more electrolytes. Your alternative can also be dairy supplements or basic poultry as well!

Key Takeaway:

Now that you know why pre-workout makes your itch, you should be more cautious regarding how and when to use it. You shouldn’t overwhelm yourself with excessive amounts of these pre-workout supplements, as that can bring more discomfort.

Besides, you have to be clear about your goal and let your body tune with it. You need to research and find the right pre-workout for you. Look for the best-possible organic ingredients.

But for grasping a better decision, know that an expert eye can never fail! Your healthcare professionals, I mean!

For more insights on various pre-workout supplements and their impact on your health, delve into our site,

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