5 Best Dermatologists in Chandigarh

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5 Best Dermatologists in Chandigarh

To all the people residing in Chandigarh can go for best dermatologists in Chandigarh,

Tell me, what sort of skin problems is getting on your nerves. Is it the continuous itching that’s bothering you? Or, is it the redness on your skin that is turning unbearable?

Do you have blackheads, whiteheads, or pimples? Undoubtedly, they are a hitch to your appearance. On top of that, the permanent scars that they may leave become intolerable!

Well, none of us can deny that aesthetics matter a lot. That is exactly why wrinkles, dry skin, or pigmentations fall heavy on us. Likewise, we feel equally disgusted while facing tremendous hair fall.     

Situations get worse when there are blisters in the body. The pain that it brings along eats up all your energy to do regular activities. Not just that, it will barely allow you to enjoy a comfortable sleep.

What do you think is more intense than these problems? I will tell you! If your skin swells up, that is a much bigger problem.  Precisely, it’s a chronic skin condition that requires medical attention. 

Next can be a more dangerous skin problem. Wondering what it is?  When you see your skin changing color, size, texture, or shape, and if it bleeds, that’s an alert! It may be a sign of skin cancer.  

Whatsoever is the skin problem, such unbearable conditions call for immediate attention, especially for life-threatening ones. But, the question is, does immediate attention suffice it all? Not really! You need to consult the best dermatologist in Chandigarh.

What do Stats say?

In 2012, studies had shown that there was a high prevalence of dermatological conditions in Northern India, particularly in the mountainous regions. Alas! Despite it, 64.7% of the patients affected with dermatological problems did not consult with any health practitioner. 

Later, in 2017, the use of dermatoscopy got relevant in clinical practices. As per the survey reports of the National Center for Biotechnology Information, nearly 54.7% of dermatologists used this device routinely. However, such application was limited to the diagnosis of hair disorders or skin inflammation. 


With time and the advancement of medical science in India, dermatologists started to combine modern technology with clinical acumen.  As a result, they are providing a vast range of treatments for dermatological conditions. In 2019, a survey revealed that the increase of life expectancy has in turn increased the desire to look young and aesthetic. As stated in the journal of cosmetic dermatology, 40% of patients have consulted dermatologists for anti-aging treatments. In this regard, 70% of dermatologists said that majority of the patients were above 30 years. 

Today, dermatologists are even trained in treating leprosy.  A study in 2020 shows that 78% of dermatologists encounter patients with leprosy. Here, while 93.4% have access to skin biopsy tools, 81% have access to the tools of skin smear.    

Dermatologists for Skin Care

What will the dermatologist do?

Perhaps, the best dermatologist in Chandigarh is likely to diagnose the root cause of your skin problem and/or other conditions involving your hairs or nails. Initially, the doctor may ask for biopsies (a diagnosis process involving tissue removal from your body).  Then, he/she shall apply various techniques that suit the specific medical need like:

1. Laser therapy to remove blemishes, scars, wrinkles, sun spots, moles, or unwanted hair in your body.

Laser theraphy Dermatologists for Skin Care

2. Chemical peels that eliminate damaged skins.

3. Cosmetic injections, another technique of wiping out wrinkles or age spots.

4. Cryotherapy, involving a unique form of treatment through controlled exposure of the patient to a very cold atmosphere. This technique is particularly used in healing skin tumors or warts (a small bump on your skin). 

5. The procedure of sclerotherapy, that involves injecting chemicals into your damaged veins. Such a procedure is usually applicable to chronic conditions like swollen or twisted veins on the legs (know as varicose veins). Thus, it eventually helps reduce the risk of skin sores or blood clots.  

Dermatologists in Chandigarh

6. Dermabrasion, reducing fine lines or patches on the skin, and equally removing whiteheads, blackheads, or pimples.

7. Mohs surgery, the crucial treatment for skin cancer. In this process, the dermatologist removes thin layers of tissue surrounding the malignant tumors until there is no sign of cancerous cells left further. 

8. Tumescent Liposuction that helps in getting rid of unwanted fat from your body. 

 You may get to know that your immune system is not in good form. Or, you may learn that your blood vessels are expanding too quickly, mainly in case of chronic conditions. Even you may have to deal with the truth that too many spicy foods or alcohol intake are the reason for your skin disease. But, whatsoever be the cause, treatment is the only way to get back your normal health condition or aesthetic look (that you do not want to give up on).  

That is the reason for me to catch up with you today!

Fetch the list of the 5 best dermatologists in Chandigarh!

 We will learn about the 5 best dermatologists in Chandigarh who can diagnose, prevent, and treat different skin problems with clinical acumen and new techniques. I am here to assist you in checking their credibility, specialization, and communication details. 

Kindly see-through for more…

Dr. Geeta Garg,

The friendly and approachable dermatologist in Chandigarh, treating skin diseases since 1999…

What is her credibility?

In the first place, she is an MBBS and MD (in dermatology). From 2002-2014, she was the registrar and assistant professor at the Government Medical College and Hospital, Chandigarh. Now, she is the skin expert at Dr. Geeta Garg’s Skin Clinic. Besides, she also serves at Nimbus Child Clinic, Sector 70. 

She received a fellowship at the International Medical Sciences Academy. And she holds memberships at:

  • Cosmetology Society of India
  • Cosmetic Dermatology Society of India
  • Indian Society of Paediatric Dermatology
  • Indian  Association of Dermatologists, Venereologists, & Leprologists 

What is her specialization?

To begin with, she specializes in pediatric dermatology. So, if your child has rashes on the cheeks and those rashes leak fluids, do not hesitate to consult the doctor. She will even treat your baby while there is a prominent birthmark that can threaten eyesight. On the other hand, she specializes in treating leprosy or other skin infections through the most suitable therapy. Simultaneously, she holds her specialization in glow treatment and hair disorders. 

The techniques she uses are chemical peeling, dermabrasion, etc.  She may even inject Botox or Fillers to remove any spots, patches, wrinkles, or blemishes and rejuvenate your skin. For diagnosis, she follows the process of skin biopsy. 

Additionally, she practices laser hair reduction, mole removal, and mesotherapy (for eliminating extra fat). Concerning hair disorders, she applies the PRP technique, consequently reversing hair loss and restoring your hair growth.

How to reach out to her?

You can email her at [email protected]

Or, call at 9779266147

Even you may follow her at

When you want a face-to-face visit, go to SCO 159, Sector 37C, Chandigarh-160036

Dr. Suruchi Garg,

The best dermatologist in Chandigarh, providing skin treatments with out-of-the-box ideas for more than 22 years…

What is her credibility?

The doctor is an MBBS and MD (in dermatology) from the premier hospital in India, PGIMER. Also, she worked as a dermatologist and consultant at Fortis Hospital, Mohali. In recent days, she serves as the chief dermatologist at Aura Skin Institute, being the founder and director. 

Well, she was the one to introduce multiple latest techniques of laser treatments in Chandigarh. At the same time, she had advanced certified training from countries like Europe and the USA. Wait! That’s not all. She even trained over 100 doctors in Interventional dermatology in Laser, aesthetics, and regenerative medicine.

 Moreover, she is a member of the Indian Association of Dermatologists, Venereologists, & leprologists. She received myriad awards. The two most prestigious ones are:

  • The Global Healthcare Excellence Award in 2013, and
  • The Global Achievers Award in 2014. 

What is her specialization?

Instead of artificial techniques, she mostly prefers treating skin diseases through regenerative medicines and the right nutrition. However, she specializes in hair transplantation and PRP treatments. If you have stretch marks, pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, or want a non¬-surgical face¬-lift, she is the right person for you!

At the same time, she also deals with surgical treatments for vitiligo (the condition when your skin gets discolored) and birthmarks. Even if you or any of your close ones face a complex dermatological disorder, she can be your call. 

One of the latest techniques she uses is multi-application lasers, which rank highest for efficacy and safety. So, when you wish to get back your aesthetic look, you do not require paying off your safety as compensation. 

How to reach out to her?

You can see her at

Or, call at 01722748888/9914213388

For a walk-in consultation, go to SCO-44, 45, 1st floor, Madhya Marg, Sector 9-D, Chandigarh- 160009

Dr. Ashima Goel,

The radiant dermatologist and dermato-surgeon offering relief since 2003…

What is her credibility?

The doctor has pursued her MBBS and MD from the Government Medical College at Patiala in Punjab. Previously, she worked at the Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research in Chandigarh as a Senior Resident.  In the current times, she serves at the Parisa Skin Cosmetic and Laser Centre.

She acquired numerous fellowship and travel grants to attend medical conferences. Some of them to list are:

  • Galderma PG Grant
  • Mayawati Fellowship for Phototherapy and Dermato-Surgery
  • She attended the World Congress of Dermatology in Argentina and X Dermatology Symposium in Prague, Czech Republic. 
  • She even received an invitation as a guest speaker at Dubai Derma held in UAE.

On the same note, she is a member of different societies of medical scholarly merits. A few of them are:

  • International Society of Dermatology
  • Indian Medical Association
  • Association of Cutaneous  Surgeons of India

What is her specialization?

When you have night itches, scars from pimples or whiteheads, or thick, red, and silvery scales on your skin stemming from a damaged immune system (called psoriasis), Dr. Ashima Goel can offer help. So can she if you have fungal infections or swollen skin.

 She is the best dermatologist in Chandigarh to treat chronic skin conditions like Rosacea. This particular skin disease is a condition where the nose, cheeks, or chin become red, further extending to the ears and chest, and can affect the eyes too. 

On the other note, the doctor also specializes in cosmetic treatments like removing dark circles, dark underarms, double chin reduction, dandruff removal, and so forth. The technique she uses is mostly laser therapy. But, depending on the need, she also performs other practices. Hence, if you are looking for laser therapy, recall the expert! 

Acne is a chronic, inflammatory skin condition that is characterized by the formation of blackheads, whiteheads, papules, pustules, and cysts. Acne causes emotional stress and scars the skin. The breakouts of acne cause acne scars. Different treatments and procedures are performed by Dr. Ashima Goel. She is the best dermatologist who provides exclusive and customized treatments.


How to reach out to her?

If you wish to mail, the address is [email protected]

Or, you can call at 9417169888/9780981403

When you want a non-virtual consultation, visit Parisa Skin Cosmetic and Laser Centre, SCO 76, 1st Floor, Sector 15D, Chandigarh-160015 (near Gopal Sweets)

Dr. Harmandeep Sidhu,

The young and another best dermatologist in Chandigarh, helping dermatological patients since 2005…   

What is her credibility?

Like any other doctor, she is also an MBBS and MD. Today, she serves at the Athena Skin and Laser Clinic in Chandigarh. She holds a membership at the Indian Association of Dermatologists, Venereologists, & leprologists. Along with that, she is also a member of the Punjab Medical Council and Chandigarh Dermatology Society.

A doctor like her is certain to derive many awards. Do your urge to know some of them? Read below:

  • She won the CUTICON Award of Appreciation in 2008,
  • She even bragged the Peace through Service Award of Honour in 2012.

What is her specialization?

When appearance is your sole concern, yet you are not ready to sacrifice your safety, Dr. Harmandeep Sidhu can aid.  Therefore, you can get back your skin glow and remove wrinkles with ease. The doctor performs distinct processes like diamond skin polishing, non-surgical facelift, photo-facial, micro-needling, etc. And when you urge to shed off unwanted hair, the doctor will help you with the laser hair removal procedure. 

Yet again, she can cure fungal or bacterial infections and remove birthmarks that can threaten eyesight.  

How to reach out to her?

For email, type address [email protected]

Or, connect on the web at

You may call at 0172-508-4614/9872818831

In case you want to get an in-person consultation, go to SCF 31,1ST Floor, Sector 7 C, Chandigarh, 160019 

Dr. Maleeka Sachdev,

The dermatologist is renowned for sensitiveness and confidentiality with an experience of over 20 years…

What is her credibility?

No doubt, the doctor has the degree of MBBS and MD (from PGIMER). She is the managing director and the senior consultant at the Sachdev Skin, Cosmetology, and Laser Clinic in Chandigarh.  

Concerning awards and recognition, in 2010, the doctor derived the Bharatiya Chikitshak Ratna Award. Similarly, she got featured in the Indian Express newspaper as an ideal of independent women entrepreneurs in 2013. She is known for her professionalism, and her skin tips find relevance even in newspapers like the Tribune.


What is her specialization?

First, the doctor specializes in providing topical medications. She favors the use of techniques like patch testing and skin biopsy for understanding skin problems. Then, she likes moving forward with laser therapies, mostly fractional laser therapy. Mainly, this therapy aid in anti-aging treatment.

 Alongside, she is expertise in removing ear lobes, dark circles, tattoos, and blemishes. In the same way, she holds specialization in enhancing hair growth. Thus, if you search for a doctor specializing in topical medication and fractional laser therapy over surgeries, she is the right one! 

How to reach out to her?

You can give a call at 9872612554/0172-277-54-54/0172-507-9318

Or, you can visit SCF-6, Sector 18C, Chandigarh-160018 (opposite of Tagore Theatre) 

Final thoughts:

Yeah, that was a long one, and you certainly want to sign off. You can choose either of the doctors for consulting as per your criteria and whenever necessary. Corollary, get your skin problems resolved, and let the most incredible organ on your body bloom! 

FAQs about the best dermatologist in Chandigarh

Q.1. How do the dermatologist test skin?

Ans. The methods differ from one dermatologist to another. The basic ones are biopsies and skin smears. But, tests also include blood samples to identify skin infections.

Q.2. Do all the best dermatologists do surgeries?

Ans. It depends on the skin problems, though all dermatologists do not perform surgeries. Mostly, the kinds of surgeries they do are laser surgery, liposuction, vein surgery, etc. But, dermatologists who are also known as dermato-surgeons carry out surgeries. The ones who deal with the treatment of skin cancer or other acute skin problems perform so.

Q.3. Do the best dermatologists check our privates?

Ans. Yes, they do, depending on your symptoms. A thorough skin check-up is required to understand skin problems. However, if confidentiality is what bothers you, you can anytime rely on their professionalism.   

Best Dermatologist
  • Dr. Geeta Garg
  • Dr. Suruchi Garg
  • Dr. Ashima Goel
  • Dr. Harmandeep Sidhu
  • Dr. Maleeka Sachdev


To all the people residing in Chandigarh can  go for Best dermatologists In Chandigarh,

Tell me, what sort of skin problems is getting on your nerves. Is it the continuous itching that’s bothering you? Or, is it the redness on your skin that is turning unbearable?

Do you have blackheads, whiteheads, or pimples? Undoubtedly, they are a hitch to your appearance. On top of that, the permanent scars that they may leave become intolerable!

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