Dexa Scan In Chandigarh : Bone Density Test

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Dexa Scan In Chandigarh : Bone Density Test

A DEXA scan is an imaging test that measures bone density (strength). DEXA scan results can provide helpful details about your risk for osteoporosis(bone loss) and fractures(Bone breaks). This test can also measure your body composition, such as body fat and muscle mass.

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DEXA stands for dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry. It sends two X-rays at different peak energy frequencies to target the bone.

One peak is absorbed by soft tissue and the other by bone. When the soft tissue absorption amount is subtracted from the total absorption, the remainder is your bone mineral density.

DEXA is also known as DXA or bone densitometry. The test determines both health and your risk of fracture due to osteoporosis.

DEXA scanning focuses on two main areas- the hip and the spine. If you can’t test those, you can get a DXA scan on your forearm. These areas can give your doctor a good idea of whether you’re likely to get fractures in other bones in your body.

Will a dexa scan show a fracture?

A DEXA scan detects weak or brittle bones to help predict the odds of a future fracture and, sometimes, to determine if someone should be taking medication to slow bone loss. A bone density test, DEXA, measures the mineral content of the bone in certain areas of the skeleton. It’s a way to measure bone loss as you age.

How bone density scan (dexa scan ) is performed?

A bone density scan is a quick and painless procedure that involves lying on your back on an x-ray table so an area of your body can be scanned. DEXA  cans are usually outpatient procedures. There aren’t any special preparations needed, except to stop taking any calcium supplements for 24 hours before the test.

Wear comfortable clothing. Depending on the body area being scanned, you may have to take off any clothes with metal fasteners, zippers, or hooks. The technician may ask you to remove any jewellery or other items such as keys, that may contain metal. You may be given a hospital gown to wear during the exam.

Let your doctor know in advance if you’ve had a CT scan requiring the use of contrast material or had a barium exam. They may ask you to wait a few days before scheduling a DEXA scan.

You should let the doctor know if you’re pregnant or suspect you might be pregnant. They may defer the DEXA scan until after you have the baby or take special precautions.

The technician will position you on the table. They may place a wedge under your knees to help flatten your spine for the image, or to position your hip. They may also position your arm for scanning.

The technician will ask you to hold very still while the imaging arm above slowly moves across your body.

The whole process takes a few minutes.

What do the results mean?

Your DEXA results will be read by a radiologist and given to you and your doctor in a few days.

The scoring system for the scan measures your bone loss against that of a healthy young adult. This is called your T score.

  • A score of -1 or above is considered normal.
  • A score between -1.1 and -2.4 is considered as osteopenia, increased risk for fracture.
  • A score of -2.5 and below is considered as osteoporosis, high risk for fracture
  • your results may also give you a Z score, which compares your bone loss to that of others in your age group.

Purpose of dexa scan test?

A DEXA scan detects weak or brittle bones to help predict the odds of a future fracture and sometimes, to determine if someone should be taking medication to slow down bone loss. After an initial DEXA scan, subsequent scans can be done to compare the progression of bone loss.

Dexa scan also can be used to assess how well osteoporosis treatment is working. and after a fracture, a DEXA scan assesses if the break was likely due to osteoporosis.

Others reasons to have dexa scan include:

  • A break or bone loss in your spine showed up in an X-ray
  • You have back pain that could be caused by a spine fracture
  • You’ve lost a half-inch or more o height within one year.
  • You’ve had a total height loss of an inch and a half
  • women who’ve reached menopause and are not taking estrogen
  • people with a personal or maternal history of hip fracture
  • smokers or people whose mother smoked while pregnant
  • post-menopausal women who are tall or thin
  • men with clinical conditions associated with bone loss, such as rheumatoid arthritis or chronic kidney disease
  • people who take medications known to cause bone loss, including corticosteroids such as prednisone, various anti-seizure medications such as Dilantin and certain barbiturates, and high dose thyroid replacement drugs
  • People with type 1 insulin, diabetes, liver disease.kidney disease or family history of osteoporosis
  • people who have a thyroid condition
  • Transplant patients, who are at increased risk of osteoporosis due to anti-rejection medication

What are the risks of the dexa scan?

By and large, a DEXA scan is a very safe test. Although it does involve exposure to radiation, which always carries a slight risk of cancer, the level of radiation you are exposed to during a DEXA scan is about the same amount as would encounter while on a transcontinental airline flight, or a tenth of the amount of radiation emitted during a chest x-ray

All in all, the potential benefits of having a DEXA  scan far outweigh the risk for most people.

How should i prepare for a dexa scan?

Before your test, please do the following:

  • stop taking calcium supplements 24 hours before your test, this includes multivitamins as well as antacids.
  • wear loose-fitting clothes with no metal
  • tell your doctor if you might be pregnant

How long does a dexa scan take?

A DEXA scan usually takes no more than 25 minutes.

Is a dexa scan painful?

Not at all. You won’t feel a thing as the X-ray beams pass through your body.

You may feel slightly uncomfortable lying on the table, depending on how you’re positioned for a few minutes.

Where can i get the scan?

You can consult an online appointment for dexa scan in chandigarh at healthfinder. Call us at 77400-33771

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