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Dr. B.S. Bhatia

Specializes in adult cardiology and invasive cardiology

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About Dr. B.S. Bhatia

Dr. B.S. Bhatia Cardiologist is One of the best cardiologists in Chandigarh, offering patient-focused care for about 33 years

What is his credibility?

The doctor is an MBBS, MD (in general medicine) from the AIIMS, New Delhi.  Currently, he serves as a general physician and cardiologist at Magnum Multi Speciality Hospital in Chandigarh and Bhatia Heart and Diabetes Centre.

Besides, he has acquired an award from Health Soul for excellent patient experience. He is one of the finest cardiologists to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases associated with the cardiovascular system. Certainly, it is because his commitment lies in providing a superior standard of patient care.

What is his specialty?

Dr. B.S. Bhatia specializes in adult cardiology and invasive cardiology to provide a remedy when you have structural heart diseases or hypertension. Even when you have disease in the heart muscles (referred to as cardiomyopathy), the doctor shall render help.

Moreover, with the treatment of coronary artery diseases, the doctor can alter the conditions of reduced blood flow, the condition happening because of the narrowing of arteries.

Here, the doctor prefers techniques like echocardiography and cardiac catheterization. These techniques help in the accurate assessment of cardiovascular conditions. On the same note, these techniques are risk-free.

As a result, the doctor ensures patient safety while boosting the effectiveness of the treatment.  As far as the remedy is concerned, studies have already shown that catheterization can decrease heart attacks.

How to communicate?

You can call him at 0172-260-0931/ 0172-266-1931

Or, you may give a visit to House No. 2103, Near Congress Bhavan, Sector 35C, Chandigarh-160036


Perhaps, the best cardiologist in Chandigarh is the one to stand firm against cardiovascular diseases. Precisely, by diagnosing and treating those conditions with different techniques like:

1. Cardiac imaging, to see the images of the blood vessels, the heart structure, and the surrounding areas.

2. Electrocardiograms (ECG) and/or ambulatory ECG. On one hand, regular ECG serves in recording the electrical activity of your heart. Whereas on the other, ambulatory ECG is the technique of recording heart rhythms while pursuing activities like exercises.

3. Nuclear cardiology, the process of nuclear imaging by using radioactive materials. Such a process aid in studying cardiovascular disorders.

4. Echocardiograms and echocardiography to learn how well the heart is pumping the blood. Simultaneously, echocardiography can detect inflammation in the surrounding areas of the heart (known as Pericarditis). It is exactly where tools like echocardiograms become vital. These devices show the structure of the heart and the nearby areas through ultrasound pictures. Thus, helping in the identification of structural abnormalities or infections on the valves, if any.

5. Cardiac electrophysiology that serves in understanding whether a patient is likely to face accelerated heartbeat. In turn, aids in recognizing whether the patient requires a pacemaker.

6. Interventional cardiology, a technique of using thin tubes in the blood vessels (regarded as catheters) for treating structural heart diseases.


Undoubtedly there are myriad other techniques used by the cardiologists in Chandigarh. And the expert ones certainly hold some specialization. How about learning their details?

Hence, whenever you come across any of the symptoms mentioned in the starting, you can very easily proceed to consult the best cardiologist in Chandigarh.  The reason why we are here! Conversing about some health facts and learning to call for action! All for better health!

Consult the best cardiologist in Chandigarh and help him/her to help you. Expert tips: Don’t be reluctant to consult a cardiologist due to the COVID pandemic.

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