How I Cured My Follicular Lymphoma?

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How I Cured My Follicular Lymphoma?

How I Cured My Follicular Lymphoma? – From A Survivor’s Account!

Hi. Here I’m back with another survivor’s story, that of Shivani, a 29-years Bengali Woman diagnosed with follicular lymphoma, i.e., a type of cancer affecting your white blood cells (WBCs) known as lymphocytes. With sheer determination and proactive measures, Shivani has combated the deadly disease.

“I diligently researched the latest treatments, consulted with top medical experts, and embraced a holistic approach to healing. I took up rigorous exercise routines and a meticulously tailored nutrition plan. I harnessed the power of my support system, drawing strength from loved ones who stood firmly by my side. I prioritized self-care, nurturing my mind, body, and spirit through meditation, mindfulness, and positive affirmations. That’s how I cured my lymphoma,” said Shivani.

Although you cannot eliminate this cancer type completely, they are slow risers, and patients tend to live long with it. Some patients do not need treatments, and even those who do, can easily combat this disease and defy the odds with their inner strength and the limitless possibilities of healing that modern science and healthcare advancement offers us!

What Is A Follicular Lymphoma and What Causes It: An Overview!

Well, a follicular lymphoma, also known as on-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, is the cancer of your infection-fighting lymphocytes (a type of WBC). When you have this health condition, the cancerous blood cells may travel to your different body parts, whether to an organ, lymph nodes, or bone marrow, subsequently forming tumors in these locations.

Although the main cause of this disease is yet; unknown to medical science, researchers, medical experts, and oncology doctors state that they are not genetic like other cancers but rather; may arise from excessive radiation exposure or certain chemicals, aging, and sometimes infections.

Do you have an autoimmune disease such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, celiac disease, or HIV? If so, you are more vulnerable to having this cancer type.

What Symptoms Have I Experienced Before Diagnosed With Follicular Lymphoma?

While talking to Shivani, I was able to find out what symptoms showed up in her case before she was diagnosed with this medical condition; follicular lymphoma! They are as follows.

  • Excess night sweats,
  • Random chills,
  • High fever,
  • Unintended and absurd weight loss in only six months,
  • Shortness of breath,
  • Extreme tiredness (or fatigue),
  • Abdominal Pain, and
  • Painless swelling in the groin.

How I Cured My Follicular Lymphoma With Radiation Therapy?

After diagnosing Shivani’s health condition, her doctor went ahead with radiation therapy to treat the early-stage follicular lymphoma or the stage where cancer has not spread even to the nearby locale. Perhaps, Shivani is among the ten to fifteen percent of people whose follicular lymphoma got diagnosed in its initial phase.

As Shivani exclaimed, “The radiation was straightway given to the affected area, where the lump stays, which in my case, was my groin. In other words, the therapy I undertook was a localized one!” Then, she also; added, “This therapy went on for twelve days, although my doctor told me initially that; it is likely to take about seventeen days with some rest during the weekends.”

Shivani told me that she did not have to get admitted to the hospital as the treatment used to take place on an outpatient basis. All she had to do was reach the hospital in due time, early morning, each day! After twelve days, her doctors gave another scan with which they confirmed that; no more cancerous lymphoma cells existed in her body. They are dead! Therefore she did not require any further treatment or alternatives thereafter!

How I Cured My Follicular Lymphoma With Nutrition Plan?

Then, Shivani even revealed how a proper nutrition plan that her dietician drafted helped her naturally fight the disease while she went through the treatment process. She said, “My dietician asked me to have a well-balanced diet that includes sixty to seventy percent complex carbs, ten percent lean proteins, and twenty to thirty percent healthy fats.”

Shivani explained her nutrition plan precisely to me! She stated, “My dietician strictly asked me to eliminate processed and frozen foods from my dietary habits and instead opt for healthy foods, such as –

  • Salmon or tuna, which are fatty fishes containing omega-3 fatty acids,
  • More walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds,
  • Luscious leafy greens like kale, cabbage, spinach, etc.,
  • Fruits like berries and apples that are rich in anti-oxidants,
  • Cruciferous vegetables, like broccoli, cauliflower, and so forth!”

Besides, she emphasized how her nutrition plan even constituted the amount of food she could have. Shivani said her doctor asked her to take small meals frequently throughout the day. This helped her manage the side effects of the ongoing radiation therapy, like nausea and loss of appetite. Green tea was one of her go-to drinks during the treatment phase!

While boasting about this dietary plan, as, “That’s how I cured my follicular lymphoma,” she also mentioned consulting a dietician to identify and fulfill individual dietary needs depending on the specific condition and treatment regimen.

Exercises Routine I Followed To Cure My Follicular Lymphoma

Above all, Shivani spoke about up-taking an active and consistent exercise routine to cure follicular lymphoma with natural hacks alongside her medical treatment. It was something her doctor recommended, too, for improving her overall fitness while such intensive therapy is on, uplifting her mood, and enhancing her energy levels.

Shivani remarked, “My doctor asked me to pursue simple cardio, or cardiovascular exercises, to be precise, such as cycling, swimming, walking, and so on. I don’t know how to swim or cycle, so walking and jogging for about thirty minutes a day became a part of my daily exercise routine.”

Shivani sometimes used to experience discomfort after the exercises. So, her doctor told her to listen to her body and adjust the intensity and timing of exercising accordingly. She also had to make sure that there was no overexertion.

Final Words:

From Shivani’s unwavering optimism and impeccable perseverance, here we learn that even monstrous diseases like cancers can be overthrown and eradicated. Radiation therapy combined with proper diet and exercise was her cure. Your doctor may even opt for chemotherapy, maintenance therapy, or a mere wait-and-watch policy. It depends on your specific health condition!

Whatsoever it be, you cannot lose hope; you cannot give up! Trust me; you can also be another Shivani!

For more posts on follicular lymphoma, stay tuned to our website,, and for your queries, feel free to email us at [email protected].

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