Mammography In Chandigarh – Why its done, Average Price?

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Mammography In Chandigarh – Why its done, Average Price?

Minds are often filled with misconception, illusions, and oversight when it comes to an understanding of the importance of a mammogram.

People usually end up deciding not to have a mammogram because their doubts outweigh the reality and the relevance of mammography.

A mammogram may not be your idea of fun, but it could mean the difference between life and death.

October is national mammography day. Since the advent of the covid 19 pandemics, much of our day–to–day lives have changed significantly. And the same goes for clinical environments.

While it may be tempting to skip routine screening to avoid covid exposure, forgoing preventative care like annual mammography can be far more detrimental to your health.

Here we provide an annual mammography service. Mammography screening at the age of 40 will save the most lives.

being a woman gives us the unique opportunity to relate to our patients.

We all should know what it feels like to have a mammography and the associated fears of potential diagnosis of Breast cancer.


Communication should be correct, concise, and caring. Sometimes over-explaining things only complicates the situation. Keep it simple and use terminology the patient understands. Never off the personal opinion of augmentation, surgeons, healthcare provider, or what you have seen on mammography.

Here are few things, that women should know about receiving a mammography during the covid 19 pandemics.

Having a mammography annually can help catch cancer earlier.

One of the major benefits of having screening done each year is the ability to compare breasts images over time to detect small changes.” comparison exams are our best friend- it allows us to detect subtle changes.

3D mammograms allow radiologists to see more

With 3d mammography, physicians get a more complete picture of the breast tissue, making it easier to detect smaller cancers within the breast.”2D Mammography is like looking at the cover of the book, but a 3D is like flipping through the pages – it’s telling a story.”

Mammograms are a relatively quick and easy procedure

The average screening mammogram takes about 15 minutes from start to finish, and the actual exam itself is two to three minutes with the woman in is a short amount of discomfort for a potentially long–term gain of detection early breast cancer.

Radiation exposure during s mammogram is minimal.

“Mammograms do use radiation, but the dose is minimal – it’s the fraction of what a chest x-ray would be. They’re incredibly safe.”

Covid – 19 prevention protocols are in place to keep patients safe.

Workflow is modified so it’s safe for patients and staff.

Safe practices are required like:

  • symptom checking
  • social distancing
  • masks
  • obesity
  • alcohol use
  • physical inactivity
  • family history

When caught early, breast cancer is 99% curable. Your risk of developing breast cancer increases as you age- even if no one else in your family has it. While being a woman and advancing age is the most significant risk factors, there are others, including:

Objectives of Mammography

The objective of mammography is the early discovery of breast cancers, ordinarily through recognition of trademark masses or micro calcifications.

Why mammography is done?

Mammography can be utilised either for screening or for diagnostic purposes in assessing a breast irregulatory.

Screening Mammography

Screening mammography is utilised to identify breast changes in ladies who have no signs or side effects or new breast variation from the norm. The objective is to recognise cancer before clinical signs are perceptible.

Diagnostic Mammography

Diagnostic mammography is utilised to research breast cancer changes.For example,

  • Another breast regulatory,
  • Breast torment,
  • An unusual skin appearance
  • Nipple thickening or areola release
  • A diagnostic mammogram incorporates extra mammogram pictures

How is a Mammogram Done?

  • An individual will stand before an x-ray machine.
  • A technologist will put the breast on a reasonable plastic plate.
  • another plate will solidly press breast from above,
  • The plates will level the breast. keeping it still while the X-beam is being taken.
  • An individual will feel some weight.
  • The means are rehashed to make a side perspective on the breast
  • The other breast will be X- rayed similarly.
  • An individual will at that point pause while the technologist checks the four X- beams to ensure the photos don’t should be re-done.

Which age women should start doing her mammogram test?

  • Women at normal risk for breast cancer ought to get yearly mammograms beginning at age 45, at that point each other year beginning at age 55.
  • The specialists additionally recommend women could decide to have mammograms as ahead of schedule as at the age of 40.

Advantages of Mammography

  • Reduces the danger of passing on from breast cancer. Of 1,000 ladies who have a mammogram like 2 years for 20 years,7 death are prevented.
  • reduces the danger of experiencing chemotherapy.
  • allows women to know the health of their breasts.

Significant things individuals should know about Mammograms-

  • Mammograms can save individual life: Discovering breast cancer early, decrease women’s danger of dying from sickness by 25-30% or more.
  • Try not to be apprehensive: Mammography is a quick methodology for around 20 minutes, and distress is insignificant for most ladies. The technique is protected, there is just a small measure of radiation presentation from a mammogram.
  • Try not to wear antiperspirant to your mammogram since these can appear in the film and meddle with the test outcomes.
  • Mammography is the most remarkable breast cancer recognition instrument.
  • Other significant devices, for example:
  • Breast self-test
  • clinical breast exam,
  • And potentially  ultrasound
  • MRI can and ought to be utilised as reciprocal devices, however, there is no substitute or swaps for the mammogram. 
  • To be sure soon mammography is indeed a gold standard for early detection.

Explore our service for a new treatment, mediation, and tests as an intention to prevent, identify, treat or deal with this infection.

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