What is the Fastest Way To Heal A Broken Pelvis?

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What is the Fastest Way To Heal A Broken Pelvis?

What is the Fastest Way To Heal A Broken Pelvis? Did you ever suffer from a broken pelvis? Perhaps, you must know how painful a broken pelvis seems and how difficult it is to recover from such a  situation.


Some remedies, of course, exist to help you recover your pain from the broken pelvis with much ease. If and when you have a broken pelvis, doctors suggest different exercises to increase the blood flow to your pelvis. This helps deliver more nutrients and oxygen to the injured pelvic parts and bones, subsequently, helping you recover fast!

What is the Fastest-Way To Heal A Broken Pelvis

Now, are you wondering; what is the fastest way to heal a broken pelvis?

Apart from suggestions from doctors, monthly check-ups, proper bed rest, and prescribed painkillers, you need to take care of yourself naturally at home. That’s an appropriate method to heal a broken pelvis faster, indeed!

How to Treat a broken pelvis Naturally at Home?

  • First and foremost, you must put an ice pack on the injured area for approximately 10 to 20 minutes at each time. You have to up-take this self-care hack every three days by maintaining almost one to two hours before you sleep. Remember to put a cloth or a cover to maintain a gap between your skin and the ice.
  • Then, you must consume medicines safely. Make sure; you only consume those painkillers prescribed by doctors. Try to avoid too much intake of over-the-counter medicines unnecessarily.
  • Don’t stress your legs with much pressure. You can use crutches, a walker, or a cane. No doubt, they can help you walk comfortably without any pressure on your legs.
  • It is also required to avoid constipation during that time. So intake sufficient fruits and include vegetables in your regular diet along with those products which are rich in fiber.
  • It is required to drink plenty of water and any other health drinks that would help your kidney, heart, and liver to function smoothly.
  • If necessary, you must take supplements that are rich in fiber. For example, Metamucil and Benefiber are supplements rich in fibers, and intaking them by following proper instructions serves great in fixing your broken pelvis.
  • Always schedule a time for a bowel movement every day. For this reason, maintaining a routine can be beneficial in restricting you from straining the bowel movement.

Do you know that sometimes a broken pelvis becomes threatening for life?

The major risk involves instant blood loss before the medical treatment starts properly. There also includes a chance of spreading infections, clotting of blood, and even damage to the internal body part. Hence it needs to be taken care of with all the immediate measures to keep everything neat and clean.

Hence, you must contact emergency aid to restrict or limit the instant hemorrhage without damage to the internal organs. Meanwhile, you need to keep yourself warm with either; a blanket or a jacket.

Sometimes the treatment depends on the severity of the injury. While you lay badly injured due to multiple wear and tear, you are likely to experience massive shock, internal bleeding, and damage to several organs. The fastest objective at that time is to suppress the bleeding to bring back the injured in a stable condition!

Have you ever thought about the surgical ways of healing a fractured pelvis?

When the injury is deep, surgeries are considered one of the fastest methods to heal the broken pelvis effectively.

There are various kinds of surgeries related to the pelvic fracture, which involve:

  • External fixation: Healthcare professionals use this technique primarily to stabilize your pelvic area. In this case, inserting screws or metal pins into your bones act as a frame which would help and support your broken bones to remain in their perfect position until your fracture becomes alright. It helps in healing the fractured and injured part easily.
  • Skeletal traction: This surgical approach mainly acts as a pulley system; used to realign the broken part of bones and thereby allocate relief to the injured. The surgeon aims to implant pins made of metal in your thigh bone that would stick out of the skin to ensure your legs gets the proper position. Herein, the pins’ weight got designed in such a manner that; the broken part can remain comfortable and in a normal position!
  • Internal fixation along with open reduction: During this kind of surgery, the very first thing the doctor does is; reposition the bones of the injured into the usual alignment. Hence the fragments get supported and held together strongly with the help of metal plates that lay linked to the outer region of the bones. This way, the surgery turns successful, and you may take almost six weeks to recover fully.

If you expect your broken or fractured pelvis bones to get perfect immediately or within one week, that stands a bit difficult. Even the doctors find it tough! It is because the bones themselves take a certain time to get back in their right position.  Many people look for – How to sit with Fractured Pelvis?

Final Thoughts:

Nowadays, there’s an advent of new technologies to ace these treatments smoothly and flexibly. The nerve group known as the PENG block used to detail the sensory innervation of the pelvic bone takes immediate action to cure with its additional advantage of preserving the function of motors. It also helps in anesthetic situations playing a vital role in the Emergency Department.

From the above discussion, were you able to grasp what is the fastest way to heal your broken pelvis? Well, all the measures stated are crucial for you to follow and maintain at the injured time. That’s what can help you bring the broken pelvis back to its normal part and also normalize its functionalities.

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