8 Best Neurologists in Chandigarh

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8 Best Neurologists in Chandigarh

Are you looking for consultation from a medical practitioner that specializes in neurophysiological or neuromuscular issues and pains? If these are things that are bothering you then neurology is the way to go! Given the importance of the nervous system in the overall functioning of our body, neurology is an important branch of medicinal practice that has helped us deal with many different medical conditions.

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You can expertly divide the type of nervous disorder on the basis of origin and the mode of treatment under the umbrella of Neurology.  The type of issues that neurologists can help you deal with include – cerebral pain, neurocritical conditions, neuro-oncology, geriatric neurological diseases and autonomic conditions. Your lifestyle mannerisms, exposure to infections.

Nutritional recesses, environmental influences and other physical injuries can all contribute to the emergence of Neurological symptoms and can lead to the further development of neurological disorders. Other symptoms that get associated with neurological disorders include muscle weaknesses, seizures, cognitive difficulties and partial/complete loss of sensation. 

Best Neurologists in Chandigarh

Are you experiencing these symptoms and want to get information about the Best Neurologists In Chandigarh to help you with their treatments? Don’t fret! We have compiled a list of the Best Neurologists in Chandigarh sorted by our five-Fold Scrutiny to List Specialized Doctors of Specific Domains below – 

Dr. Gourav Jain

Dr. Gaurav Jain

Dr. Gourav Jain is one of the Best Neurologists in Chandigarh. He has experience which amounts to a total of 14 years in the field and has had a long history of treating his patients with ease and care. He practices medicine at the Amcare Hospital in Chandigarh.

Dr. Gaurav Jain completed his MBBS from the University of Baba Farid in the year 2007 and went on to complete his MD in the year 2009 from the same university. He has an advanced level of expertise and work experience across all areas of neurological treatments.

In his time of practice, he has  expertly treated people with nerve-muscle weaknesses, memory loss, seizures and epilepsy as well as paralysis and dementia. He is undoubtedly one of the best Brain, Nerve and Spine specialists in Chandigarh and his skills make it to the our list of Best Neurologists in Chandigarh. 

Address : Amcare Hospital adjacent to Amcare Plaza, Zirakpur, Chandigarh 

Contact Number : 099157 58752

Charges : ₹500+

Dr. Loveleen Aggarwal 

Dr. Lovleen Aggarwal

Dr. Loveleen Aggarwal is one of the most Best neurologists In Chandigarh today. He has been in neurological service and practice for over 26 years, which is a testament of his knowledge and specialized understanding of nervous disorders.

He completed his MBBS in the year 1992 from the Government Medical College and Hospital, Nagpur and went on to complete his DM from Maharshi Dayanand University in Rohtak. He has also been involved in postgraduate programs from the Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh.

Dr. Loveleen specializes in the treatment and management of migraine, neuralgia, headache-inducing symptoms and has also administered successful medical help to patients with epilepsy. Given his expertise in providing expert rehabilitation to all his patients, he is undoubtedly one of the Best Neurologists in Chandigarh.

Address : Plot 115, Landmark: Near Autopace Maruti Suzuki Showroom Industrial Area Phase I Chandigarh 

Contact Number: 092164 02474

Charges : ₹800+

Dr. J.P Singhvi 

Dr. J.P Singhvi

Dr. J.P Singhvi has had a long year spanning 22 years, and has successfully administered medical treatment to hundreds of patients, making him one of the Best Neurologist in Chandigarh.

Dr. Singhvi completed his MBBS and went on to do his DM in Neurology from Post Graduate Institute of Medical Research, Chandigarh. He has exceptional knowledge and experience in the field, which can be easily testified due to the leadership and managerial positions he undertook in the treatment of Neurological cases in different hospitals which include PGI as well as Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai. On a personal level, his areas of expertise include acute stroke management, epilepsy and headaches.

Apart from his medical practice, he has also ventured into academia and has written different books and articles for the Indian Journal of Neurology. He currently practices at Healing Hospital, Chandigarh. 

Address: Healing Hospital, SCO 18-19, Sector 34-A, Chandigarh

Contact Number : 0172 469 2250

Charges: ₹800+

Dr. Virender Kumar Khosla 

Dr. Virender Kumar Khosla

Next on our list is Dr. Virendar Kumar Khosla. With a career spanning 38 years, Dr. Khosla is undoubtedly one of the Best Neurologists in Chandigarh. He also serves as the Director of Neurosurgery and Neurology in the Fortis Hospital, Mohali.

His professional qualifications include an MBBS, MS (General Surgery) (Neurosurgery), Fellow of International College of Surgeons and Fellow at the National Academy of Medical Sciences. His area of expertise is dealing with posterior fossa with valuable contributions made in the field of cerebrovascular surgery, spinal surgery, brain tumors, service surgery, and CV junction Surgery.

He has also served as a Professor and Head of Department across medical colleges in India, most notably PGIMER, Chandigarh. With over 120 publications and textbooks to his name, he is undoubtedly one of the Best Neurologists in Chandigarh today.  

Address: Sector 62, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Chandigarh 160062

Contact Number: 91 8080802665

Charges: ₹1450+

Dr. Sudesh Prabhakar 

Dr. Suresh Prabhakar

Dr. Suresh Prabhakar is one of the most experienced neurologists in Chandigarh, currently practicing in Fortis Hospital, Mohali. With a career that is estimated to 47 long years, filled with numerous awards and accolades, he is one of the Best Neurologists in Chandigarh.

He has worked as a neuro physician and administered treatment to over thousands of patients. He pursued a degree in MBBS from Maharshi Dayanand University in Rohtak and went on to pursue a DM in Neurology from PGIMER. He also completed his MD from the same institution, making him an all-rounder when it comes to this area of expertise.

He is also a well-renowned member of the Indian Medical Association and the Indian Academy of Neurology. His long years of experience and dedication have undoubtedly made him one of the Best Neurologists in Chandigarh. 

Address : Fortis Hospital Sector 62, Sector 62, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Chandigarh 160062 

Contact Number: 0172 469 2250 

Charges : ₹750+

Dr. Ashis Pathak 

Dr. Ashis Pathak

Dr. Ashis Pathik has a medicine practice career of over 30 years, making him exceptionally understanding of issues surrounding neurological treatments. He completed his DM in Neurology from the GB Pant Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and has also successfully worked in Paediatric Neurology. He also completed his residency in Sanjay Gandhi postgraduate Institute, specialising in Neurology and receiving expert training in Headache oriented disorders. He has also received special training in areas that deal with headache disorders and thrombolysis.He has also readily been involved in publication journals and reviews such as the Journal of Neurology and the Epidemiology Journal of Immunology. He currently practices as an Associate Consultant at Fortis Medcentre. 

Address : Room no 119, 1st Floor opp. to PUDA Bhawan, Sector 62, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Chandigarh 160062 

Contact Number : 098778 85409

Charges : ₹1050+

Dr. Harpreet Singh Mann 

Dr. Harpreet Singh Mann

Dr Harpreet Singh Mann is a resident doctor and the additional director at fortis medcentre Chandigarh. With a career spanning 19 years, he is one of the Best Neurologists in Chandigarh. Dr. Singh completed his MBBS from Christian Medical College Ludhiana and went on to complete his MD in Medicine from Government Medical College, Patiala. He further went on to pursue a DM in Neurology from KEM Mumbai. He also has experience working in the Stroke Care Unit and is closely associated with the Epilepsy Surgery programme. His area of specialization lies in Electrophysiological Study, Epilepsy, Stroke and Neuromuscular Disorders. He has been a part of several National and International Conferences owing to his expertise in the subject and hence is a good choice for future in our list of Best Neurologists In Chandigarh.

Address: S.C.O. 655, Cabin no.2, Health Square, Sector 70, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 160071 

Phone: 070879 90907 

Charges: ₹1050+

Dr. Rahul Mahajan 

Dr. Rahul Mahajan

Dr. Rahul Mahajan is one of the Best Neurologists in Chandigarh. He started his journey in medicine by pursuing an MBBS from Government Medical College, Amritsar. He went on to pursue his MD in Internal Medicine from Rajendra Hospital in Patiala. He strengthened his hold on the subject by further pursuing a DM in Neurology from Dr.; RML Hospital in New Delhi. His area of expertise lies in treating patients who suffer from headaches and Migraines, stroke as well as Epilepsy. He has also administered treatment to patients showing signs of Parkinson’s disease, memory loss, and neuromuscular disorders. He has completed overall 8 years of experience and has shown remarkable improvement through his patients’ testimonies. He indeed is one of the Best Neurologists in Chandigarh. 

Address: Dr. Rahul Mahajan (MD, DM-Neurology), Cabin no-2, SCO-66, 20C, Market, Chandigarh, 160020 

Contact Number: 7986002687 

Charges : ₹400 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Does The First Visit To A Neurologist Entail? 

Your first Neurologist visit can seem a little daunting, given the nature of the treatment and the concerns surrounding nerve disorders. However it is of utmost importance that you assuage your feelings of anxiety and discomfort and seek professional help with a calm and open mind. During the first interaction, the neurologist is likely going to make you participate in a series of preliminary physical, emotional and neurological screenings in order to measure your strength levels and the degree of your perceptive, sensory, reflex and coordinative abilities. The nervous system is complex and thus it is important to gauge the interplay and cooperation of different bodily functions. After your first medical screening, you might be required to participate in subsequent screenings in order to have a thorough understanding of the patient’s problems. This is important for neurologists for administering the right kind of treatment to the patients.   

What Medical Conditions Come Under The Purview Of A Neurologist?

The damage you incur on the nervous system can be highly devastating. The nervous system is complex in its constitution and requires a thorough understanding of its organs and features while administering professional treatment.


Neurologists who undergo the study of the nervous system then become equipped with relevant knowledge to treat medical conditions ranging from headaches to disorders such as epilepsy, migraine, brain tumours, strokes, tourette’s syndrome and sclerosis to name a few.


These practitioners may also be involved in providing treatment for bacterial, viral and fungal infections such as benign and malignant cancers. Neurological conditions are also defined by their ability to develop and worsen over time, making them relatively more serious in nature than other counterparts.  It is important to pay heed to signs of neurological diseases and prevent them from worsening through proper care and concern. 

What Are The Steps You Should Consider Before Making A Visit To Your Neurologist? 

As mentioned, visiting a neurologist can be scary and daunting. There are some things you should consider before paying a visit to your respective medical expert. It is very important that you write down the symptoms you are experiencing along with other relevant information about your health history such as medications, allergies, illnesses, familial medical concerns etc. It is also advised that you take note of the symptoms you are experiencing along with the questions you wish to ask the neurologist you are seeing regarding health concerns. Make sure that you also have the relevant copies of your previous medica and health test results in order to understand past exposure to illnesses and diseases. Try to send them across to your Neurologist beforehand or take them over with you!

When Symptoms Should Prompt You To Go See A Neurologist? 

Many times the common symptoms that are indicative of a nervous disorder might not be visible to you as a layperson, however, they can be spotted easily by experts. If you or someone you know is experiencing unexplained symptoms it is advised that they go see a neurologist as soon as possible. Some of the most commonly experienced symptoms that occur among the contractors of Nervous Disorders include Chronic or Severe Headaches, Chronic Pains, Unexplainable Dizziness, Numb or Tingling Feeling on one side of the Body, Difficulties in Walking, Shuffling, Experiencing Unintentional jerks and Tremors, Feeling Confused and also Memory related issues. The crux of nervous disorders is their ability to worsen and develop over time so it is important that these symptoms are duly noted in time. 

How Do Neurologists Check For Nerve Damage In Patients? 

Neurologists have different sets of tools that take cognizance of the patient’s conditions and then administer treatment accordingly. Many Neurologists administer non-invasive neurological evaluations such as the Electromyography or the EMG or the Nerve Conduction Velocity (NCV) test in order to check the nerves for any damage This process involves the use of a thin needle called an electrode which is inserted into the muscles of the patient in order to measure the electrical activity to the brain. This helps in understanding the extent and potential cause of damage done to the nerve. It is known that measuring the level of electrical activity makes it easier to determine whether there is nerve damage, the extent of the damage done as well as the potential cause of the damage. 

What Are The 5 Components of a Medical Examination?

The neurological screening administered during your first and then subsequent medical visits can be categorized into a set of 7 categories. These include –

  • 1. Mental status,
  • 2. Cranial nerves,
  • 3. Motor system,
  • 4. Reflexes,
  • 5.Sensory Systems, Coordination, and Station and Gait.

The exam helps in providing a comprehensive understanding of your health status under these different categories, to help the Neurologist administer the most suitable treatment to you for your concerns. The exam should be approached in a systematic manner with proper participation and willingness from the patient’s end. It is also important that the screening is done properly in order to not leave any aspect of concern behind.

Best Neurologists in Chandigarh
  • Dr. Gourav Jain
  • Dr Loveleen Aggarwal
  • Dr. J.P Singhvi
  • Dr. Virender Kumar Khosla
  • Dr. Ashis Pathak
  • Dr. Harpreet Singh Mann
  • Dr. Rahul Mahajan
  • Dr. Sudesh Prabhakar


Are you experiencing these symptoms and want to get information about the Best Neurologists In Chandigarh to help you with their treatments? Don’t fret!

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