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Five-Fold Scrutiny to List Specialized Doctors of Specific Domains!

Perhaps, healthcare is a civil right! Precisely why guaranteeing cost-effective and high-quality health care to the people in need stands as a primary indicator of medical progress. India is undoubtedly advancing in the field of healthcare services. With an acute collaboration of modern technology and clinical expertise, our doctors allocate the best possible treatment.

Amidst the COVID pandemic, people are looking for health care access almost everywhere. Online searches are increasing drastically. And so are online consultations and bookings. But, there again, some crucial questions appear in the picture. What is the proof of credibility and authenticity of the healthcare service? Amongst the multiple healthcare services, which one can exactly suit the needs? What is going to happen in the first consultation?  What kinds of treatments can the doctor offer? Yeah, many more questions are likely to come up!

That is why we are here to guide you through!

Are you wondering what our role is? 

doctors listing hf
How we choose doctors

Well, we list doctors of different domains after rigorous research and scrutiny on the five most crucial facets and further sub-facets like recognitions, service specialization, online reviews, and many more. 

DISCLAIMER:  (1) we do not intend to position some doctors as superior and create a gap between them all. Nor are we trying to judge doctors as first, second, or third. Indeed, that is beyond our capacity!  Every doctor has their healthcare service specification and corollary ways of treatment.  Yet again, all of them have one thing in common. It is complete devotion to the health care and wellness of people.  Thus, unlike some other platforms, we think it is not appropriate to categorize them as first best, second best, and so on. 

(2) All we are trying to do is list some of the specialized doctors of a specific domain with all necessary information and leave the selection process entirely on the clients. It is also because the clients may have a specific requirement which is again improper to generalize. So, we try to put forward the specificity of a healthcare service that the clients can learn and understand which one is suitable for them. 


If you are keen to learn about our five-fold research and scrutiny process, this is the right place for you!  Here, you will find the different facets that hold value for us in listing doctors.

Glance through the listing procedure to understand our service better.         

  1. Experience

We all are familiar with the idiom, “Action speaks louder than words.” That is true!

And when actions are practiced for long, they culminate into significant proficiency.

 Yes, we are talking about the experience!

Experience is the first and foremost criteria of our listing. In our scrutiny, we look for maximum experience of the doctor in the specific medical domain. And validation of the experience is identified through educational qualifications, recognitions, and the reasons for the doctor’s popularity. 

Not to deny, we even list young and vibrant doctors on our platform. However, to note here, experience does not come with age alone, but with continuous practice. As long as the doctors are continuously investing their experience in providing the best healthcare facility, they will find a place in our listing. 

  • Educational Qualification

Education nurtures experience! Hence, identifying the scholarly merits stands requisite for our listing. Besides, recognizing the institution from where the doctors have acquired education reveals their level of mastery. So, we list doctors qualifying from prestigious institutions, respectively.

  • Recognitions

Don’t you think recognitions affirm professional experience? We do! A doctor receiving awards, fellowships, grants, and/or having memberships in different acknowledged associations is likely to have pinpoint experience. Also, a doctor getting featured in newspapers and magazines is plausibly the one with vast experience. Therefore, it stands as another parameter of listing.  

  • Reason for Popularity

Popularity cannot come alone! It comes along with experience and proficiency. Hence, for our listing, we observe the reason for the doctor’s popularity. Such reasons display the experience in terms of a specific niche. Sometimes, it may be a method of treatment. Sometimes, it is the application of a particular technique, or characteristics as a doctor, etc.  

  1. Service Specification

While searching for a doctor, what is a must thing that you check for? Isn’t it the service specification? So do us for our listing! 

We note specifications concerning three different facets of the healthcare service. They are the area of specialization, the particular methods the doctors use in treating a patient for a particular disorder, and the various disorders that they can treat.

 As a result, it helps us to list doctors with different service specifications within the same domain. In turn, the list serves the clients to choose whom to consult with, as per their need.   

  • Acquired  Training and Specialization

Every doctor receives specialized training that they apply in the clinical practices with some improvisation. Thereupon, the specialization that the doctors bear reflects the specific disorders that they can treat the best. At Health Finder, we list doctors accordingly. 

  • Techniques and methods of treatment

Not that all doctors apply the same techniques or method of treatment for curing a particular disorder. Instead, they vary in their treatment procedure. And that is what it is meant to be! Even though their basics are common, the overall process is different. While some doctors prefer regenerative medicines over technological therapies, others may find the latter more effective and secure. We pick up the doctors practicing different treatment procedures in a definite domain to offer the clients a scope of selecting from the variety.

  • Treatment of various health conditions within the specific domain

As we all know, specific health conditions can involve diverse signs and symptoms. Likewise, a specific medical domain includes different health conditions. When one health condition may be life-threatening, the other may be extremely painful to go through. Irrespective of the diversity, it is essential for a doctor to provide an appropriate remedy. Henceforth, we notice the variety of health conditions that the doctors treat before listing them.

  1. Online Reputation

In the era of digitalization, online reputation is a salient aspect to scrutinize. It exhibits the effort that the doctors render in building a relationship with their clients. Mainly since the clients are looking up medical consultations on the web and simultaneously providing their testimonials further on the online platforms.

Of course, what gets posted online speaks a volume on the medical service facility. We pay attention to all of it! 

  • Official website

A website is a medium for delivering information. For this reason, it also reveals how accurate the information is, and how exactly are the service providers using the platform to help the client. Before listing a doctor, we go through their official websites and investigate whether the website is completely functioning in assisting the clients.

Here is a note! We do list doctors without an official website. In that case, the investigation covers the website of the institute where they work at.

  • Detailed Information

The first thing that we check is whether detailed information is present on the official website or if vital points are missing.  

  • Online Appointment  Facility

As already discussed before, our website scrutiny includes the online provisions that the service provider offers. One of the notable provisions that seek place here is the online appointment facility. 

  • Images 

Do you think images can bluff? Not really! When we inspect a healthcare provider for listing, we examine the images uploaded on the official website minutely. In this process, we can even detect the ones that are real and the other way round. Subsequently, the list follows! 

  • Social Media profiles

Almost everyone in the 21st-century world has a social media profile. Without going into a negative-positive debate, let us realize that social media profiles can help trace the healthcare provider’s background and service. 

By exploring the doctors’ profiles on various social media channels, we can crosscheck the information we receive. Similarly, we can see how they grow a relationship with their clients on these channels. 

  • Update Frequency

The initial inquiry is vested to the frequency of their updates on these channels. When the frequency is more, it marks their nature of service and efforts to help the clients, and vice-versa.

  • Response Rate 

Health and wellness are one of the primary needs of life! Thus, medical attention is an area of emergency service. When people come up with medical issues and queries online to the doctors, they ought to respond (of course, after making time from their hectic schedule). We measure the response rate of the healthcare service providers in their social media profiles to understand their service provisions better.         

  • Other online platforms

In recent times, myriad online platforms are listing and talking about various doctors of different domains. Why not check them out to revisit the doctors’ information? What comes as a bonus are the testimonials of multiple clients! Alongside, we can check for the contact accuracy here.  

  • Client Testimonials 

Ratings and reviews have become a common way of measuring things out! Not for things alone, it happens similarly for a particular service as well. So, when the listing websites assist the clients online, they leave a space for crafting out the testimonials. We inquire about these testimonials before listing out the doctors in Health Finder. Yet again, we can see through the fake reviews and the real ones, by checking out the reviewer’s background, in detail. 

  • Contact Accuracy

It is a matter of fact that all the listing websites render contact details of the service providers. If the contact details are constant across all of these WebPages, we tend to list the doctors and not otherwise. 

  1. Expertise and Ownership Authenticity, and Lawsuit

We try to find out the ownership authenticity and the business lawsuit through the process of risk analysis. It is because we aspire to ensure the utmost safety of our clients. Nonetheless, it falls under our responsibility to continuously verify the authenticity of the healthcare service that we refer our clients to. 

  • Background of Ownership

We analyze whether the healthcare business is individually owned or in partnership. We see if it falls under the category of LLC or is affiliated with a corporation. Or, is the doctor working just like a professional in a definite institute and do not owe an institute. 

  • Proofs of ownership/ medical expertise 

We look for valid licenses, permits, and other documents that can assure the ownership of the business or the medical expertise of the professionals in healthcare service. 

  • Lawsuit 

Alert! We do not entertain any controversy from the doctors we refer to. For this reason, we always check through the lawsuit background. Or if there are any ongoing cases against the doctors or their business.

  1. Fundamental  Provisions

Apart from the above-quoted parameters, there are few fundamental facets that we acknowledge while listing a doctor.  By keeping in mind the client’s convenience, we visit these facets in our scrutiny. Indeed, because of the unfavorable backdrop of the COVID pandemic. 

  • Location Proximity

First, we look for the location proximity of the healthcare center and whether it has continuous access to the transportation facility. 

  • Price Range 

Second, we see if the price ranges are reasonable. When the doctors provide discounts remembering the economic downturn caused by the COVID pandemic, we list them specially.

  • Operating Hours  

What do you think can benefit clients seeking medical attention? It is MAXIMUM OPERATING HOURS! Healthcare centers or doctors who limit the operating hours to a short period cannot help everyone fetch medical attention. Therefore, a maximum Operating Hour is a fundamental facet for us in the listing. 

  • Emergency Facility 

Also, we see if the doctor offers emergency service to the patients in need. If yes, it resembles the doctor’s prioritization of his service for health and wellness. Following it, we list the doctors.

About Health Finder:

Hello! We are healthcare service providers, connecting patients to hospitals and doctors. Patients can acquire diagnosis facilities, therapies or surgeries, and other healthcare necessities at a discounted price, nevertheless with enhanced service quality. We even offer to pick and drop provisions for patients, online consultations, and much more. 

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