CT Angiography in Chandigarh

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CT Angiography in Chandigarh

An overview on CT Angiography in Chandigarh: 

Examine the blood circulation passages in your body!

CT Angiography – Your heart has the capacity to receive blood on its own, the oxygen-rick ones coming from the lungs, and pass the nutrition-rich oxygenated blood to the different parts of your body. Such a process stands incomplete and unsuccessful with the coronary arteries in the role. This blood circulation is what makes you stand on feet, toes, or anyway, you can balance with, simply through energy supply to your bones, muscles, and organs. 

So, when any interruption occurs in the process, the heart and the coronary arteries are the key parts of observation, the ones seeking medical help. Yet again, blood circulation, not restricting to the heart only, seeks observation of other organs or systems as well, depending on the signs and symptoms of the defect. 

Medical science has come up with the opportunity of computed tomography scan in combination with angiography, the method to hunt for the source and extent of damages in your blood vessels or the interruptions in blood circulation. This opportunity enables you to learn your health deficit, if any, through lesser invasion than the standard angiography.

Blood Circulation


Precisely, it is because no tubes are going inside your body, here, in a CT angiography in Chandigarh. And the examination of blood supply to your heart and other parts of the body shall not give rise to a series of side effects. 

Isn’t that something you would like to opt for when seeking medical help? If yes, then you have come to the right place! This article is framed to render a wide overview of what CT Angiography enlists and how it shall help you diagnose your health condition. Corollary, opening up the route of treatment.

 Remember, your insight in this particular medical practice shall not only take you to the accurate call-to-action but also assist you in identifying when it is high time to up-take the test. So, sit back and learn with me.

When do you need a CT Cardiac Angiography? 

As the name suggests already, it is the imaging test that looks for the blood supply to your heart; the one that involves a two-way process. What process? It is either the passage of oxygenated blood outpouring from the heart. Or, the passage of oxygen-poor blood to the pulmonary system for its revival thy be!

CT Angiography

Yes, this biological process within our body, occurring at 60 to 100 times a minute, that too 24*7, requires a health check-up that stands significant. And what is better than Computed image testing that does not let your food crawl back out of your mouth or give the sensation of it with a long invasive tube into your body? 

A CT Cardiac Angiography checks your heart for various plausible defects. But, primarily, in search of the narrowing of your arteries or a blockage in the heart! Of course, the diagnosis shall take place on the basis of the signs and symptoms that catch our eyesight. Hence, you require a CT Cardiac Angiography when – 

  1. You witness frequent and chronic pain in your chest or a certain unexplainable discomfort that feels like nearly choking you to death.
  2. Or maybe, your heartbeat goes stronger and irregular, making you palpitate every now and then.
  3. In fact, if you suffer from persistent shortness of breath, especially after a heavy exertion like exercises, it may be a sign of heart defect that seeks CT Cardiac Angiography.
  4. When you encounter explained tiredness all the time that bothers your work schedule and regular activities, the red flag waves high up. In other words, if Fatigue wraps you up mentally and physically, moving into the world of laziness, it is time to consult a doctor who can perform CT Cardiac Angiography.
  5. Envision yourself to faint off at sudden intervals and feel dizzy the rest of the time, alongside, wanting to vomit the content of your stomach due to some internal pressure. Even though you do not really vomit and only come across the precursor Nausea, the good news you are expecting can turn into a bad one, alas!

That is particularly why and when you need a CT Cardiac Angiography to evaluate the condition of blood supply and your heart; the organ to take the leadership role in the process of blood circulation. 

Thus, if even your mind rings the alert following the above-mentioned conditions, do not hesitate to consult with the doctors who practice CT Angiography in Chandigarh. And also when your heart is okay, but not your arteries and blood vessels. But, the question is – how can you understand that the coronary arteries are in vulnerable positions? 

Halt! I shall explain it to you, right now, down the line.

When do you need a CT Coronary angiography? 

CT Angiography, like already discussed before, helps in evaluating how well your blood vessels are performing or whether they can, at all, function in-between hindrances and obstruction. Perhaps, your coronary arteries, supplying the nutritious blood to the muscles and different body organs, can be the victim of diverse mal-conditions. Such as, 

  • When the Blood vessels get enlarged over time and are on the verge of rupture.
  • Blood vessels turn narrow by some fatty materials, subsequently forming plaques in the walls of the arteries.
  • Abnormal formations of blood vessels inside your brain.
  • Blood vessels get tormented because of massive injuries.
  • Clots in the blood vessels specifically take shapes in the leg veins and then travel to your lungs.
  • Or, a tumor popping up right in the blood vessels. 

That is when you face imbalances in the normal body functioning and meet with abnormal conditions in your daily life. 

  1. If peripheral artery diseases resulting from the narrowed blood vessels take the stage, you shall find numerous signs like numbness in the legs, a change in the skin color of your legs, brittle or ulcers, and others. It is time to consult a doctor and get a CT Coronary Angiography done!
  2. Likewise, if your arteries get blocked, pain in the arms, thighs, buttocks, or chest is a common sign that shows up. Identify the signs and straightway approach your doctor.
  3. When Angiosarcoma that is a tumor in the blood vessels emerges in the picture, you are likely to bump into a continuously growing lesion. And that, if scratched, can start to bleed. Besides, the accompanied swells surrounding the purplish lesion shall give you a hint of the need for CT Angiography.
  4. Aortic aneurysms or enlarged arteries, though growing without initial symptoms, are inevitable to show signs at some point in time. Tenderness in the chest, acute back pain, chronic cough, and hoarseness are some of them, telling you to get ready for the call-to-action – the CT Angiography in Chandigarh.
  5. Similarly, Brain Arteriovenous Malformations, or in other words, abnormal formations of blood vessels, when affecting your normal body functioning, shall show signs of severe headache, loss of vision, difficulty in speaking, and many others. It’s on you to either ignore such signs and face the perils or consult a CT Angiography doctor. 

Indeed, the unending list of unexpected health deficits that arise from coronary arterial problems can be examined through the technique of CT Angiography. Consequently, overcoming the problems or at least minimizing them! 

However, for understanding the details of its clinical uses, you have to keep patience and continue reading with me. 

CT Angiography in Chandigarh:  The Clinical Uses!

Well, do you know that CT Angiography in Chandigarh can help you eliminate the possibilities of stroke or cardiac arrest by determining the course of treatment? That’s right! Not just casting out the chances of cardiac arrest, the method of CT Angiography entails numerous clinical uses in the healthcare domain. They are –

1. The investigation of conditions like coronary arteries diseases, in-stent restenosis, claudication, ventricular fibrillation, and so forth, when abnormal anatomy of the coronary arteries is suspected. The investigation with this particular image acquisition puts forward a detailed sketch of inside your neck, head, body, legs, and arms, more accurately than that of an MRI. 

2. CT Angiography also holds credit in the clinical application of diagnosis when test results of other procedures like a stress test or ECG come unclear and often inconclusive. 

3. On the same note, the technique enhances your doctor’s plan for cancer treatment or kidney transplant as and when necessary. 

4. The method of CT Angiogram, or Angiography, whatever you find suitable calling so, stands crucial even before or during surgery. It constantly showcases the blood vessels inside your body that are being treated or shall be repaired soon. 

5. The clinical use of a CT Coronary Angiography simultaneously includes the evaluation of the blood vessels after a surgery or treatment. For instance, the three-dimensional images reformatted on multiple planes in a CT Angiogram can help observe the condition of your heart and blood vessels after a stent or graft placement, implantation of artificial valves or occluders, and others. 

6. Moreover, a cardiac patient seeking emergency care cannot be diagnosed within a setting that encourages the potential life threats to establish their final mark. Clinical application of CT Angiography, of course, being a non-invasive technique, can rescue the patient at that time. Especially, when the variability of heart rate in an ECG-triggered technique and temporal resolution of a single-source angiogram limits the prospective of emergency treatment, CT cardiac Angiography arises as a more viable option of clinical trials. 

Therefore, standing tall against the different health complications that pose potential threats to your survival, CT Angiography in Chandigarh thy be! The primary step towards a health treatment that revolves around your cardiovascular dysfunction!

Now that you have partially filled your knowledge gaps about the uses and application of CT angiography in Chandigarh, let us unveil the procedure from its preparation to post-diagnosis care stands requisite. And that is, exactly, where we can further guide you. 

So, kindly hold on and proceed with the article.

Unveiling the procedure in steps! 

A Coronary Computed Tomography Angiogram is a simple image testing method that offers cross-section pictures of your internal organs, particularly the heart and blood vessels. With the development of technological applications in medical science, this method has become a gold standard of diagnosis for myriads of cardiovascular and, to some extent, pulmonary health issues. 

Knock, knock! If your doctor has prescribed a CT Angiography, let’s start preparing for it. 

Step 1

Being cautious about your health condition is essential before up-taking the test. If you are pregnant or get any signs of it, inform your doctor before scheduling the image testing. You also have to inform your doctor about the allergies you have. And the medications or supplements you consume. 

Step 2

 Follow whatever your doctor says. When your healthcare provider asks you to stop medication or supplement intake, do not pursue it any other way. Make sure your doctor knows about the health conditions you have, like asthma, diabetes, or thyroid, so that you are allocated with a proper alternative solution when the medications shall pause. 

Step 3

 Get your referral letter, prescription, and other test reports ready in a file. And make sure not to wear any jewelry as they may interrupt while bringing out accurate reports. Keep all mental objects with someone who shall go with you for the image testing. 

Step 4

Your doctor may ask you to stop eating and drinking at least three hours before your diagnosis. Or, your doctor can even ask you to have something light in your breakfast or lunch, depending on the three hours time gap. Please do not take it easy and instead abide by it. 

Now that you are ready, let’s hit the radiology center at right time. And quickly get the test done! The CT Angiography shall take thirty to sixty minutes. And all the steps during the process need to be taken into consideration. 

CT Angiography Process

Step 1

You may be asked to wear a gown for the health check-up. Please do so, as and when asked for it! 

Step 2

 Once you enter the radiology lab, you shall see an examination table where the radiologist will ask you to lie down. Please be still during the process and do not move your body here and there, as it may create problems in the imaging. 

Step 3

Your doctor shall insert an IV line into your arms or hand to inject the special contrast dye that produces the pictures automatically through radio-iodine. It is true that you may feel a warm sensation at that moment and experience a metallic taste for a brief span but do not panic. Your healthcare providers aren’t putting any metals inside your body. It is just the dye that makes you feel that way. 

Step 4

Now, the radiologist shall place the examination table to move through the scanner and observe you, along with the images appearing in the computer, from an adjacent room. At this time, you shall face a buzzing sound from the scanner, but the process of scanning shall leave no pain. If you are asked to hold your breath for some time, relax and do so. Such a move is only for deriving an accurate result and nothing else.

Step 5

Once the acceptable images are at the forefront to carry forward the treatment, the scanning shall stop. And you will be asked to wait for some time in case any side effects come up. Then, you are free to leave for your work or other activities that you may have. 

While waiting for the results, there may be some instructions listing up for you to follow in the aftermath period. Let’s not leave the procedure halfway and take up the final steps for healthy living. 

Step 1 –

You will be asked to drink plenty of water to pass the dye out of your body through your urine. So, make sure to drink at least eight to ten glasses of water for the next few days. 

Step 2 –

 See if any rashes or infections are emerging on your skin, and inform your doctor immediately when you notice. 

Step 3 –

Regardless of the test results, it is always better to make a few lifestyle modifications now. Try to exercise regularly to burn out the extra fat that bothers your cardiovascular functioning. Frame a healthy dietary habit in consultation with your doctor and get involved in stress management programs that shall soothe you from the anxiety of encountering a deadly test report. 

That is how you can utilize the vast benefits that the process of CT Angiography allocates. In turn, shrugging off of the littlest probabilities of side effects! 


The article is not over yet! Since we are talking about the utilization of the benefits of CT Angiography, why not shed some light on it vividly? 

What are the benefits of CT Angiography? 

Yes, CT Angiography in Chandigarh and anywhere else arrives with certain perks. Don’t you want to know what they are? If yes, I shall be obliged to present them to you. 

  • Even though pain is a subjective connotation and varies from person to person, the technique of scanning is usually painless neither during the process nor after it. It is, certainly, because there is no existing course of invasion in the process.
  • Being a non-invasive technique, this diagnostic method does not encourage any infection, blood clots, internal injury, or other severe complications like myocardial infarction, kidney problems, etc. A safe process of evaluating your cardiovascular functioning, indeed!
  • As compared with other diagnostic practices, CT Angiography is a much more efficient method of locating the exact cause of chest pain or other symptoms. The three-dimensional images that it offers show accurate results.
  • On the very same page, it is quick and can help you return to your normal activities soon after the examination stands complete.
  • Moreover, a CT Angiography in Chandigarh casts out the need for surgery. If at all a surgery stands requisite, the execution of it shall be more precise. How? With the help of these three-dimensional images!
  • Since there is no requirement of sedation or anesthesia for a CT Angiogram, you shall not feel any dizziness or weakness after the test is over. Meanwhile, you shall be spared from the setbacks of sedation.
  • In fact, the cost of CT Angiography in Chandigarh is much lesser than the conventional Angiography method.
  • Also, this technique helps the doctor to modify the treatment program as and when necessary.
  • On top of that, CT Angiography acts as a twin-fold technique of diagnosis. Yeah, a diagnostic method that not only gives accurate information of the blood circulation process, but also crafts out the structural lining of your cardiovascular organs. 

Herein you fetch an idea about how CT Angiography leaves room for accumulating multiple perks. Therefore, quitting without learning the risk factors shall discredit the entire pursuit of it. So, how about a glance through them? 

Are there any risk factors? 

Yes, it is true that risk factors in the case of CT Angiography are minimal, but that cannot imply it doesn’t count. While you shall be asked to sign for your consent before the medical test, it is on you to know the risks and then proceed with it. However, I shall help you learn about them by listing them out right below. 

  • The contrast dye may create slight adversities like irritation in the skin that feels like itching, frequent sneeze, nausea, and hives, that are likely to go away on their own.
  • If the exposure to radioactive rays tends to cross the bar, cancerous lumps can grow. However, the process performed in an accredited lab shall not hold such odd consequences.
  • Allergic reactions are somewhat inevitable setbacks to such diagnostic methods, but a well-equipped radiology lab shall always prepare for its remedy.
  • Furthermore, this method is not suitable for a breastfeeding mother. Why so? Simply because there is a chance for the infant to absorb an amount of radio-iodine. In turn, deteriorating health.
  • By chance, if a large amount of contrast material leaks out from the veins where the IV needle goes inside, your skin shall be prone to damages. So are your nerves and blood vessels! 

That is why we always suggest patients in need of CT Angiography in Chandigarh – to avail themselves of the services from a recognized, well-equipped radiology center where the slightest negligence is also out of their functioning dictionary. 


By now, you are ready with all answers to your intriguing questions and probably waiting for your call-to-action. Well, that’s the end of our overview on CT Angiography in Chandigarh, and we shall now show you the path of action. I hope the article served its purpose. Still, if there are any extra queries that are bothering you, feel free to leave a message for us. We shall get back to you with the appropriate answer. 

After so many we(s), it is disgraceful not to reveal who we are. Here we sign off with our identity as an online healthcare and wellness marketplace, connecting patients to the specialized doctors, diagnostic centers, hospitals, and clinics in Chandigarh and elsewhere in Tricity.

 Health Finder is our name! And serving patients with accurate leads at an affordable price is our pursuit of endeavor! 

FAQs on CT Angiography in Chandigarh


Q.1. What is the Cost of CT Angiography in Chandigarh?

Ans. The standard cost of CT Angiography in Chandigarh is approximately Rs.10000. However, if you avail of our service at Health Finder, you can come across enormously discounted quotations, sometimes even at half the price. 


Q.2. How to get the best coronary angiography in Chandigarh? 

Ans. Though one must up-take a coronary angiography test from a radiology center that suits the needs, in terms of prices, expertise, and other criteria, the best ones are those that do not leave with a long waiting list. Perhaps, the government hospitals are the first choices. But, when they are crumbling under the rush of patients, thereupon providing diagnostic services in a queue, it is better to opt for a radiology lab that offers immediate assistance. The diagnostic labs that we are partnered with can provide you the same.  And that too at your schedule. Besides, these labs are NABL accredited and use the latest equipment in place. 


Q.3. Can you schedule a booking for CT Angiography beforehand?

Ans. Why not? That is the major point for us, Health Finder, to aid you with. On our website, you can schedule a booking for CT Angiography in Chandigarh beforehand and come back and pay later, after the test reports reach you. It is specially done not to leave any scope of further health deterioration when you have a rigid work schedule to make time from.  

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