Depression Types, Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

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Depression Types, Causes, Symptoms,  Treatment

Everyone is busy in their hectic schedule and they sometimes feel sad or blue, this occasionally happens as they are short-lived and it can be controlled or handled by the person with respect to time. But when it comes to depression, it becomes the problem who have this disease along with the person who cares for us. As usual, it is a very common yet severe disease that gives rise to other neurological disorders.

Nowadays depression is very common among teens. So, that is only due to overthinking it may be due to genes as it can be inherited or social and family history. If we talk about the youth, they are the ones who easily get prone to this. Personally, how a person reacts according to the situation is a matter of concern whether they think positive or they didn’t bother ultimately hormonal changes makes the person depressed.

Life is full of ups and down, every phase includes struggles, stress, and hassles, how we react to those conditions is the core. A person’s behavior and their thinking ability showcase the depression symptoms.

According to research, a positive attitude is protection against depression whether it is in genes but nowadays everyone is in the contemporary era where competition makes them stressed in order to earn bread and butter due to this their mental health suffers.

What is depression?

According to the world health organization, depression is a mood disorder that emerges out the felling of sadness in a person. Individuals face a lot of problem in their day-to-day life and feeling of inferiority to others always comes first in order to appear in any task.

It is a depressive disorder or clinical disorder. Depression is not short-lived, so, it is better not to avoid it and regular checkups will help the person to diagnose any disease in their body. As ‘’prevention is better than cure’’. By taking long-term treatments or with medication can be controlled but yes, certain activities should be avoiding


in order to get relief as a negative attitude, overthinking, and certain assumptions. There is no actual link to why depression is caused but it can be caused due to personal factors and immediate issues where the reaction was resulting into following the wrong path.

Losing a job, unemployment is the major reason that cannot be snap out easily as it hit directly onto the, focusing on mental health is the bet to prevent the disease at an earlier stage. If person pays attention on their health, then these types of severe diseases can be minimized.

Signs and symptoms of depression

There are several symptoms that can be observed in daily life in order to diagnose the disease but a hectic schedule, as well as a pressurizing job, are the main factors that distract the person from their mental health.

What Is Depression

So, what should be observed while there is a case of depression episode in the person: –

  • There is always the case when quite sit alone in any of the places and overthink and that overthinking reflects to the sadness as various emotions burst into one category and which leads to tearfulness ultimately losing hope from the entire world plus any of the tasks where maybe we are capable loosen.

  • Sudden anger outlooks are the case when the person is not satisfied with anything but anger if outbursts for small or zero matters are the cause of depression as it is not only showing the sign in the person but their behavioral changes are also observed.

  • Loss of interest whatever the task is, mind deactivates from the work and start relating every perspective in a negative way which is the concern and their way to handle any activities like hobbies like their favorite sport game faded with respect to time.

  • Sleep disturbances as the person needs 7-8 hours of healthy sleep in order to make the mind fresh in order to generate creative ideas but if the person stuck only onto the pastime activities. If they need most of sleep and still wake up with tiredness.

  • Reduced appetite means their cravings toward food start giving the less priority as depression causing everything in a disturb manner then this causes reduced weight and anxiety plus restlessness can be observed.

  • So, if sleep is disturbed then mind capability of thinking will decline and the concentration power on making decisions and remembering things will certainly decrease that is beginning where mind gets diverted from their actual goal and follow the thoughts related to death and their process will give them encouragement to blame themselves due to their past failures.

Depression symptoms in children and teens

As the usual backbone of the nation is becoming the prey of depression so there are similar signs and symptoms that can be observed in the case of depression these are:-

  • In young ones, depression gives the child a sad outlook whether they have good sores in their academic yet their way of expecting extra from themselves will turn into irritation and is the time when child feels pains and their refusing to go to school leads them to underweight or overweight.

  • In case of teens as symptoms are same sadness, irritability but their feeling of misunderstood by others and becoming extra sensitive is quite seen than young child, as they are in the age of puberty as well especially girls so, it creates social interest in normal activities.

How depression is diagnosed?

Brain imaging is very important for clinical use in order to check the sensitivity, variability of the brain afire the disease and before the disease. So, it is important for every person to customize their therapy itself by the way to understand the treatment and early detections results into better treatment.

According to the study, MRI, PET scan is considered as best in brain imaging and it can identify the better understanding of depression 

What Does the Depressed Brain Look Like?

It is same like the normal person because sometimes the person is facing static depression which appears to be same in a structural way in frontal cortex or in hippocampus. But sometimes it can be seen that a cyst or any other tumour is observed which can be only visible by the imaging scan. So, it is important to understand the depth of depression and pay attention on it.

With brain scans person outlook towards their life and their attention towards comprising everything due to money will give rise to understand their body well and what they need as well.

MRI Scan

Magnetic resonance imaging is based on brain imaging with respect to advanced technology for the usage of early detection, diagnosis, and treatment. To get the MRI scan person needs to be placed inside the magnet and they have to still in order to get the image. As it is one of the expensive then x-rays yet everything is done for the health, as we earn money only to enjoy life.

Mri  For Depression

It contains two magnets that are the most important part of the equipment as the human body is largely made up of water molecules, so each atom in the body serves as a magnet and those water molecules are arranged where the first water molecule align to the direction and another magnet causes a serious sense of pulses according to the alignment

Treatment of depression

As it is a serious disease yet there are several treatments that can be given in order to treat this disease. There are two types of treatment which can be helpful for the person to get relieve from this these are surgical and non-surgical methods.

Non-surgical method


It is the best method to improve the depression disorder where proper exercise, regular intake of balanced diet, having healthy sleep is only comes from the willingness and this willingness will improve the mental condition of the person and depression will be reduced.

Counseling or psychotherapy

It is another method as we know that by sharing our problems, we get relief same by the counselor helps to get the advice along with the relaxation that is better for the mental health.

Alternative and complementary treatments

Acupuncture, yoga and meditation along with mindful mediation can be the best method to reduce the depression and it is scientifically proven that alternative method along with nutritional diet helps to cure the disease.

Antidepressants are another treatment that can be used in treating depression which changes the chemistry of the brain. There are different medications. 

Surgical method


is an electroconvulsive treatment which is effective in the treatment of depression. But it is only be treated in severe cases. So, it may cause certain benefits yet it is helpful in controlling the balance of hormones plus memory problems can be improved.

Deep brain stimulation

Deep brain stimulation or DBA is another method that helps in the treatment of depression which includes multiple steps which alleviate the mood and decrease the level of dopamine in the brain. So, it is not to be scary, yes, it can make a person calm and anxiety is only for some hours but it can be cured with time.

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