What Health Issues Can An Ultrasound Scan Detect?

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What Health Issues Can An Ultrasound Scan Detect?

Whenever we hear about the term ultrasound, we generally think of the ultrasound done during pregnancy to produce the unborn child’s images. Ultrasound scans have so many purposes, they can detect plenty of health issues. In comparison to other scans, they are highly safe as ultrasounds use sound waves or echoes to create images of the internal body parts. These waves don’t cause any harm to the human body.

Besides, examining the progress of fetal development, they are used to detect a number of medical problems related to the heart, liver, thyroid glands, abdomen, ovaries, pancreas, bones, and kidney. It can also identify tumors in certain parts of the body. Some tumors are not easily detected by X-rays. The images created by an ultrasound scan is interpreted by a doctor who is specialized in a specific area of medicine. Ultrasound Scans are recommended by a doctor and they use the images to detect the cause of diseases.

Ultrasound Scan

Ultrasounds are effective in finding out whether a lump is a tumor or not. They can also find if your liver has hepatic fatty infiltration. There are various ultrasound scan centers, but when you have to choose a center, prefer a reputed and trusted diagnostic center with ISO Certification.

People are not aware of the health issues an ultrasound can detect, here is a list of health issues detected by ultrasound scan:

Used for detecting musculoskeletal conditions

It can diagnose problems related to soft tissues, nerves, blood vessels, and joints, which are not easily detected by X-rays. Mainly, it helps in detecting muscle diseases. For instance, all kinds of muscle strains can be detected.

Conditions associated with the circulatory system

There is a category of doppler ultrasound which is intended for evaluating the flow of blood vessels. It can detect blockages and narrowing of arteries, blood clots, and, plaques in the vessels.

Abdomen related problems

An ultrasound scan can detect several digestive and abdomen-related issues including cysts in the liver, pancreas, or spleen, gallstones, fatty liver, abnormal enlargement of the spleen, and liver cancer.

Breast lumps

With Ultrasound scans, breast examination is also done. It is intended to screen breast abnormalities and breast lumps. Doctors use ultrasound scans for assessing the breast lump, it makes them understand whether a lump is a cyst or a solid tumor. It also helps in determining the size of the lump.

For thyroid examining

When your thyroid function test is abnormal, ultrasound scans are used to check an underactive and overactive thyroid gland.

To know about more health problems diagnosed by ultrasound scans, you can visit the website of HealthFinder which showcases all the problems an ultrasound can detect on their ultrasound scan section. If you are searching for the best “ultrasounds near me”, then you should choose a center that is ISO-certified and should be a trusted brand.

HealthFinder is a trusted diagnostic center that is ISO-certified and offers top services regarding ultrasound scans in Chandigarh.

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